Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2004

Language Of The Bar

Anonymous Submission

There are many guides for farang guys to learn Bargirl language ("This is my brother" = "This is my boyfriend"). However, to be fair, the customers of such bars also have their own language and any new girl would be wise to learn some of the basics……….

He Clinic Bangkok

1 This is my first time in a gogo bar – This is my first time in YOUR gogo bar.

2 I'm American – I want you to think I'm rich and grope me.

3 I'm English – I want you to think I'm poor and give me a discount.

CBD bangkok

4 I'm on business – I'm a teacher.

5 I like brown skin – I'm different to the other guys (I REALLY want a discount)

6 I'm 35 – I'm 42

7 I'll buy another beer when I've finished this one – I'm broke and I'm spinning this one out.

wonderland clinic

8 You're beautiful – You're pretty and I want sex with you.

9 You're pretty – You're OK and I want to have sex with you.

10 You're a nice person – You're ugly, but I'll have sex with you if it's cheap enough.

11 You're cuddly – You have HOW MANY kids?!!

12 I'm single – I've got a girlfriend.

13 I've got a girlfriend – I'm married.

14 I'm married – You're ugly and I want an excuse to get rid of you.

15 Do you like working here? – I'm different, I can help you, can I PLEASE have a discount?

16 I'll meet you later – If I don't see anyone better.

17 I'll meet you later (part 2) – I can't afford a barfine.

18 Do you want to go somewhere else? – Let's go back to my place.

19 I'm not hungry – I'm starving, but I don't want to buy you and your friends a meal.

20 I'm tired – I'm horny.

21 I have to go soon. – Start touching my crotch or I'll go next door.

22 I'm meeting my friend – I think I can find someone better looking.

23 I'll come back tomorrow – You'll never see me again.

24 You go and have a shower – While I hide all my valuables and remove 80% of your tip from my wallet.

25 That was great – That was disappointing and expensive, but I want to feel better about it.

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