Stickman Readers' Submissions February 14th, 2004

It’s A Hard Life

I’ve been spending every other month in Pattaya for the last 6 years.

I profess to be no expert on Pattaya or Thailand but I've played most of the holes in the course, driven round the circuit a few times and jumped most of the fences.

He Clinic Bangkok

I've been through the excesses of the "shag my brains out with as many TG's as is humanly possible including the taxis to and from the airport and the disabled toilet at BKK airport" phase, the "I wait for you tilac till you come back. You heart number one me. Miss you big big and no forget send watch" phase, and all the various routines and situations one so easily falls into (well, I did anyway). I've made my share of mistakes (and probably enough for the rest of you lot) and on more than one occasion was well and truly taken to the cleaners, which, oblivious to all the advice thrown at me, I'm sure I deserved.

I've tried many of the various permutations and combinations of the TG/Farang interplay. The TGs have included some weird specimens, especially on my first trip to LOS. I think they saw me coming a mile off. It must have been my second day in Pattaya that I ran into (literally, I was running to catch a boat and she got in the way) a tall, witch-like non-bar girl who constantly wore black and always carried a clip board with her whenever we were together, pretending to be a tourist guide!! Her actual job was selling tickets for the boat to Ko Lahn. You might even have known her yourself and be cringing as you read this. She also had the usually mutually exclusive traits (but hey, this is Thailand) of jumping six feet in the air and yelling for the tourist police when I tried to hold her hand, while writing me passionate love letters referring to me as her “husband” and making plans for our future together. Weird. I never understood a word she said, because she had some kind of speech impediment and a completely unattractive long face which made it an effort to gather any meaning from her facial expressions. Believe it or not, and I'm ashamed to admit it now, I spent/wasted about 3 days with this psycho. I either felt sorry for her, or was shit-scared of her. Probably both. C'mon, gimme some slack, it was my first trip, and I was determined to meet some ‘normal’ non-bar girls, all right? I bet some of you have spent time with some real slap-heads and won't admit it. What annoyed me was that whenever I was with her in a bar or restaurant or shop, the staff had a tendency to come up to me and say "Ah, beautiful lady. You lucky man!” And I'm looking the Thai Witch Project standing next to me and thinking, “Are they taking the piss or what? Is this that famous Thai sense of humour and good fun I'd heard so much about?” Should my reply have been "Yeah, right, ha ha ha. Just attract her attention and get her to look the other way so I can make a run for it. Here's 500 baht, stick 'er on the next bus to Burma". "Ahh, farang make funny joke!” "No, no joke. Here – 500 Baht. Quick, now! Oh shit, too late". I managed to avoid her one day, and then being the coward I was made my escape by moving into another hotel. Haven't seen her since.

I also had a tendency when surfing the bars in those early days to always end up with the ugliest girl in the joint. This went on for a few days and must be a part of the newbie-syndrome. You can spot the Pattaya novices a mile away. Quite simply they're the ones with the ugly girls. Now you may call me superficial, and it’s possible for these non-attractive girls to have nice personalities and good hearts etc. I mean no offence to these girls and sincerely wish them the very best in life. I personally am not attractive. Some of my best Thai friends are non-attractive, but I wouldn't be seen walking along the street with them. NO, just kidding. That said, come on!! This is Pattaya – Babe City. If you can't find yourself a good-hearted stunner then you've no business being in Pattaya walking around with your troll, unless you make it plainly understood that you’re having an off day.

CBD bangkok

You may be content and your conscience may be clear but you're letting the side down and forcing the rest of us chauvinists to seriously question the hedonism and decadence on which life for so many of us in Pattaya is based. I'm pretty secure in my shallow attitudes, but spare a thought for the weaker souls out there who are so easily corrupted. Shortly after escaping from the Black Widow I went to Lovely-a-go-go in North Pattaya (probably closed down now). Recommended to me by friends in the UK, who apparently were on good terms with the owner/manager – Mr Satit I think his name is/was. If you ever go to Lovely or Happy-A-Go-Go you can try the ol' “I know the manager routine”. Just say Mr. Satit has invited you personally and ask for the best knob-gobbing bum-thumping nymph in the house and make it snappy. It usually works. Unless Mr Satit's not big boss anymore in which case I wouldn't show your face there anymore.

Mr Satit actually joined me when I first arrived at Lovely. Having mentioned my friends' names on the door he came to greet me, found me a seat, got me a drink and proceeded to describe the ins and outs (literally) of the girls dancing on the stage. Pointing them out with a laser pen and giving a running commentary of their various attributes as if we were browsing through a Freeman's catalogue. "That one there, number 23, arrived last week. 18 year, 1 boyfriend before – Thai, so only small dick, ha ha ha ha, no babies, tight pussy, hard arse. But now I try get her smoking.” Smoking?? As a new arrival I hadn't a clue what he was going on about. As if to explain he gestured with a beer bottle in his mouth. "Y'know, smoking, smoking? Chokdi Krup!” “Oh yeah right, smoking, chokdi… whatever!”.

Clink of beer bottle (Bottle in a sheath! Another new concept) I was still none the wiser, really, and my newbie-degraded logic deduced he was gonna teach her how to give a blow job and smoke a cigarette simultaneously – so what's the big deal about that?

That's the gist of the conversation as I remember it, but longer and more detailed and interrupted by various Lovelies who came and sat on his lap and on his command bared their breasts and pulled aside their bikini briefs, displaying their (mostly) shaven wares and me trying to play Mister Cool while thinking this guy's got the best fucking job in the world. He went through the specs of a few more girls on the stage as he scanned them with his laser. The whole thing was so surreal. I'd had a night in Bangkok when I first arrived, but this was more personal and in yer face. I would probably have looked pretty uneasy if it wasn't for the 5 or 6 Singhas already under my belt.

wonderland clinic

Now, ninety-nine percent of the girls were absolutely lovely, the place living up to its name, I thought. But number one hundred just had to come and sit down next to me on the opposite side to the ongoing Satit Show. I'd been put off guard by the sights around me and was still pre-occupied with the vision of a smoking blow job when down she plonks herself. Now, it's quite dark in Lovely and inspection lamps aren't supplied but with her arm creeping around my shoulder and hand rummaging around between my thighs she’d already disengaged my primary defences and I became putty in her hands. Pathetic huh?

For the first few days the novice in Pattaya must have a certain give-away demeanour or smell, or something. In any case they’re easy prey for the bars, who can activate the rarely used artillery, leaving the cavalry to tackle the more discerning clients.

Now I realise that Mister Satit already knew and the rest of the Lovely ensemble must have already sussed out my newly arrived status. My 'catch' that night must have been 30 going on panic-stations, a face like George Bush (snr!) and, I was to later find out, a body that'd dropped 6 kids or more (all simultaneously, judging from the size of her cavity – there were back-packers camped out up there!) – and… she wore supporting TIGHTS for godsake. The type my mum wears. Yeah, bikini and tights with shove in and push up inserts. Now, to be honest I didn't react at the time. It's just that since then I haven't seen one go-go girl wearing supporting tights at work ­ ordinary tights sometimes, stockings maybe, yes. Tight's no. If you've seen one somewhere then it was probably her!

Mr Satit was meanwhile going through what looked like a breast fondling ritual with each of his girls in turn, whilst giving me the thumbs up sign and the dreaded "Ah, beautiful lady! She very good!" routine ­ the number of times I was to hear that phrase over the years. Alarm bells should have been ringing but by now she'd fondled me thoroughly enough to have mentally mapped my whole crotch area, and her tongue had sucked my earlobes to twice their normal size.

I can't remember the logical steps that took me from this moment to lying in bed waiting for her to finish her ab-nam. Nor, probably fortunately, can I remember any of the sex, apart from trying to suss out whether I was in or out most of the time. Either Mr. Dick was totally numb or he was flapping about in the void of a pussy Tardis. The next thing I remember is waking up to the sight of the morning sun penetrating the blinds, lighting up a lunar landscape which the night before I’d mistaken for her face.
You must have been there. Y'know, you just can't wait to get rid of her. A bit like the feeling of being married for more than 5 years. Only more so.

Fortunately she dropped the ab-nam ritual, put her clothes on, collected her dosh (1000B, I think), and I watched the back of her well supported thighs disappear from my life.
I never saw her again until I was in Lovely again around Songkran a year later. She came over to say a friendly hello, as they do, and then continued on her search for the next new arrival sitting somewhere in a dark corner looking amusingly at his beer in a sheath.
I've got a picture of her somewhere, actually dressing and putting her tights on.

So I now jump ahead to a year later and contrast those 2 sad episodes as a novice with the situation I found myself in, further up the learning curve.
I know it's each to his own, but at that time I'd found my own harmony in having 2 'permanent' girls. One,(Noi)a loving, relatively innocent and inexperienced 17 year old little darling of a bar girl who was madly in love with me and took care of the condo when I was away. I trusted her as much as was possible to trust any girl in Pattaya (interpret that as you will). She never, ever asked me for anything and would rather pawn her watch and necklace or borrow from friends than ask me for money. I did take good care of her though and when I did give her cash or gifts she was genuinely grateful.

She said she wasn’t interested in going with other guys anymore. She did once, when she had no money left. But it made her feel so bad, and the poor kid was so distraught when she admitted it to me. She was sure I was going to leave her.

I know you can never be 100% sure, but I thought she was a pearl and I was very fond of her.

The other girl (Yu), I was equally fond of, and lived, conveniently. at the opposite side of town, worked a go-go and was a little older and more experienced than Noi. Once again, she asked for and expected no money, though once again I took care of her. I had no problem about her shagging other guys in my absence ­ “up to her”. All I asked was for exclusivity when I was in Pattaya. Oh, and if she shagged another guy without a condom that would be it. Any sign of a drip, spot, sore, wart, rash, itch, or my name and the words HIV-positive together on a piece of paper, and she'd be history. And so, in the latter case, would I. Condom-free sex means a lot to me. I'm sorry, and many of you will disapprove, but it's the added intimacy of the direct contact and no doubt the extra satisfaction of leaving behind my calling card which gives it that extra edge.

I just reckon shagging your ‘girlfriend’ should be bare-back.

Shagging prostitutes, ST etc – always use protection (cough! cough!)

These two girls complimented each other perfectly. Sex with Noi had the passion to nurture the soul (there was nothing to compare with having her tiny body wrapped around me all night – I'm sure some of you guys know what I'm on about. Sex with Yu was raunchy, no holes barred, hot-and-sweaty-turn-up-the-air-con pure lust.

Noi suspected I short-timed now and again, but seemed to be resigned to the fact and was happy as long as she didn’t know. She spotted me once one night in Pattaya with Yu which upset her, but I told her Yu was just a 'friend' ("no bomsing"), but I'm pretty sure it would have broken her heart if she found out the truth.

Yu had no idea about Noi, but having played the game some time, she more than likely suspected I played the odd away fixture now and again.

Accommodating two regular girlfriends was a daunting task sometimes. But I found the advantages far outweighed the added stress problems.

To prevent Yu coming to the condo when Noi was there, I’d tell her I had friends staying there using my double bed and I was having to use the couch. It was a great excuse with the added bonus of impressing on her my generosity, willing to sacrifice my bed etc. Of course friends can't stay forever, so plan B, plan C and the rest of the alphabet were fully prepared.

I also had a fictitious job in Bangkok which I tell each girl I have to go to when spending the night with the other one or neither of them. It worked well.

To give you some idea of the lengths to which I'd go (or you may say, stoop) to maintain the status quo here's a resume of an eventful day on one trip.

I told Yu one afternoon that I had to work in Bangkok that night and the next day, and couldn't see her until the following evening.

I spent the night at the condo with Noi. Her sexual appetite can be insatiable and I spent the best part of the night in absolute ecstasy and downing about 4 Lipos in the process (Bad idea!). By seven in the morning I was still hyper from the caffeine and other shit in the Lipo. Noi had passed out long before

but I knew there was no way I'd be getting any sleep. For once, the perfect sedative of being entwined with Noi's angelic, honey smelling body was no match for the Lipo, so…., great idea! In case Noi was awake I fake a call on my mobile from 'work' telling me I have to get my arse up to Bangkok straight away. I even start arguing (with myself) for chris'sake! Well, might as well milk the situation for as much fun as I can. So with suitably irritated deportment and with apologies and a 'see you later' to Noi, I leave her lying there with her arms and legs wrapped 'round one of those sausage pillow things (So that's what they're for!). I remember feeling a trace of guilt and reluctance to abandon this cosy warm nest but the next thing I knew I was in the car making a bee-line for Yu and the warm nest waiting for me there.

Knock-knock-knock. Hang on, I think, maybe she's got a guy with her. But no, all clear. She's groggy but surprised to see me, I should be in Bangkok. "Me miss you so much in Bangkok. Me no happy. I drive back Pattaya. Have 2 hours only with you. Later me go back Bangkok again" (Yes that's me talking. Does anyone else speak like this to their Thai women? No wonder they never learn any decent English with the gibberish guys like me dish up!) It had been pissing down with rain that night, and I really laid it on thick – traffic was so bad in Bangkok, exhausted, nearly killed myself, never done a ding-dong thing like this before, etc. I don't think she quite knew what to say or how to react. TG's can be really strange. They can display a numbing nonchalance to the most intense and meaningful gestures, but buy them a 10 baht key ring with an ugly hairy head attached and they'll swing from the ceiling fan and sit on your face all day. I don't know, I guess she was sleepy and a bit overwhelmed. I told her I just wanted to be with her and that we didn't have to have sex (with just a hint of truth, as it happens), and so, naturally, sex was exactly what we did have for the next 2 hours. Absolute dynamite. Real mop and bucket stuff. It was pretty hot and humid and with no air-con we were drowning in sweat and just about every other body fluid. A couple of cool-down ab-nams seemed to make no difference.

We collapsed in a heap of soggy sheets, deformed pillows and surrounded by a whole posse of those fucking stuffed animals, which adorn the bed of just about every TG in Pattaya, kindly donated by various Tilacs. Or maybe all donated by one sad sod who thinks that piling her bed high with stuffed toys will act as deterrent to the likes of me. Quite the contrary, I've found them quite useful tools during many a shag.

Then came the post-shag pillow talk. Now, at some point following the score taking over who had had the most orgasms the last 2 weeks and before being brutally dispatched to yet another ab-nam (it must have been the tenth already that day) she told me she wanted to stop working a go-go and have my baby, presumably in that order. It's been mentioned before. My stock reply: "Yes, later I take care you. Maybe marry. Have many babies". Not really bullshit, 'cos I'd like some kids in Thailand one day, and who knows, she could turn out to be THE ONE.

So a couple of hours sleep (at last!), a goodbye to Yu, and back to Bangkok or, in the real world, down to some obscure cafe on the outskirts of town for breakfast.

Now, I’m no young stallion, but following an operation I had last year when they played around with some nerves in my groin, and combined with the natural stimulation of Pattaya, my libido was 3 or 4 times it’s level was 10 years before. Maybe it happens to most guys in Pattaya, I don't know.

Anyway after breakfast, and thinking through the events of the day so far I felt a (now) far too familiar twinge in Mr. Dick. In 5 minutes flat I was in the Billion bar ordering a cup of coffee. A regular of mine, Nan, joined me at the bar. All she had to do was lick her lips and that was it. Another few minutes and we were showered (again!) and in the room (the one where the air-con doesn't work, for anyone familiar with this place) with her hard at it giving me a gobble as only she could. No bomsing. This was about the third shot in about 10 hours – probably nothing for all you young studs out there, but for me, well, it looked like I was heading for a new milestone. There's no rush at the Billion bar, Nan knew she'd earned enough from me to take the rest of the day off, so I grabbed some more sleep. By the time I woke up it was late afternoon and I did a wide sweep of Pattaya to avoid the town center to head south. I grabbed some dinner – a delicious chunky steak (I was in real-man mode today), and on the way back to the condo stopped off at a place that had been recommended to me, The Harley Bar. Again, honestly, my intentions were just to suss it out, have a coffee maybe, and move on, with a view to returning another day. The Harley is a pleasant bar, a quiet, laid back ambience with a gaggle of girls lounging on seats on the right as you walk in. Bar on the left and restaurant straight on through some doors. Rumour has it that on Friday and Saturday afternoons the place goes wild with some pretty outrageous spontaneous sex shows. It was neither of these days so the atmosphere was pretty subdued and relaxing with 4 or 5 ex-pat Brits seated at the bar, who actually turned and said hello to me, just like they do to me in the bars back in London, I thought (Yeah right!) You can always tell the ex-pats from the tourists (not that I have anything against tourists..). Maybe something to do with composure and body language, I don't know, you can just tell. Anyway, this was definitely an ex-pats bar, and that's more than good enough for me. I ordered a coffee and started chatting to the Mamasan behind the bar. She was 30-ish but still held on to her looks. The girls were giggling and throwing comments my way, most of which went over my head, especially as I didn't understand them! (I must learn Thai). At this particular moment, God's honest truth, I was just happy to get through my coffee, maybe chat to a couple of the girls and get out. Mamasan called one of the girls over to sit with me. I glanced over at the rest of them and saw at least 4 or 5 who more than out-classed this one, but I decided to let her sit and get comfortable no matter what reason Mamasan had for inviting her over. That I was soon to find out. She was about 20 with an average to plumpish body but a really sweet face. I put up my usual pathetic 2 baht of resistance, then caved in and bought her and mamasan a drink. Reasonable prices by the way. Mamasan tells me the girl had only been there a month or so, and needed to learn some more tricks. Mamasan then offered herself and this girl together so that she could demonstrate some new techniques using me as the apparatus, so to speak. Now nothing would give me greater pleasure than to report that I went for it, hook, line and sinker but I'm sorry I didn't. I explained I'd already shagged three or four (hey, it's easy to lose count!) times that day with three different TGs and just wasn't up to it. And for the price she had in mind I also didn't have enough cash on me.(Is there anywhere in Pattaya you can pay for short time with a credit card?)

But there was something about this girl. I couldn't put my finger on it (but, I thought I'd have a bloody good try later!). Maybe her eyes, maybe her smell, but something flipped a switch. Well that was it. I ordered my usual pre-shag tonic – Pernod, Lipo and Sprite on ice in a long glass – and started to cuddle up to whatever-her-name-was. God, I'm hopeless. After about 15 minutes of small talk, sniff kissing and the shall I shan't I flip-flop flashing in my head, the Pernod started getting a grip and I paid the bar fine, but only for the girl. I think it was about 600 baht including room. I don't know why I went for her. For short-time the inexperienced/virginal thing doesn't do much for me. Usually too much like hard work, and I was in no shape to overexert myself so maybe a bad choice considering the circumstances. We made our way out the back of the bar, past some knowing winks of acknowledgement from the Brits who had obviously followed the whole process, and probably taken bets on the outcome, then through a restaurant, past a pool, whoops! sorry wrong way! (“have you done this before darling?”). Back past the pool again, through another bar, out on to the street and having displayed me to every living soul in the area we went into a largish hotel next door to the bar. It was about 20 meters to the hotel from the front entrance of the bar and I'm thinking, why didn't we go that way? I've never been on such an indiscrete bar-to-short-time-room journey. I'm used to the quick hop up the stairs, not round the block three times with a sign on my head flashing: "On our way to short time room". Her inexperience was obvious as soon as we got to the room. She couldn't open the door, for a start. The concept of lock and key were totally alien to her. I could see she was nervous and lacking in confidence.

Once inside she whipped out 3 condoms from her bag and dropped them on the bedside table. Could have been done with a little more finesse, perhaps? With most TGs the condom suddenly magically appears from nowhere, usually from their mouths. And Jesus! , I thought, 3 condoms, what have you got in mind? Either 3 separate sessions, a 3 hole shag or maybe she's totally paranoid and will put all 3 on at once, just to be on the safe side. Well no chance for the first alternative, and she looks far too anxious for the second, and the 3rd, well forget it. Maybe she'd probably broken so many during her training sessions that she always has a back up on hand. After separate showers she wanted total darkness, but I managed to persuade her to have the bathroom door open a fraction of a millimeter, so I had at least a fighting chance of telling up from down and staying in the general vicinity of the bed. She took away her towel and revealed a fairly plump but firm body, as if she'd once been fat, but had been working out. Her breasts were nothing special. All in all an average bar girl. The passion and tenderness of the bar had disappeared, and she seemed just keen to get it over and done with, and to be honest, so was I. We started with a bit of touching, no kissing, not even sniff-kissing. She avoided my crotch like the plague, and for some reason kept scratching my head! I gestured to her to demonstrate her oral talents for me, which she did whilst holding a towel to wipe off the tip every few seconds or so! What was all that about? It was like, suck suck wipe. Suck suck wipe. It occurred to me to ring the Mamasan and ask her to get her arse in here or at least give her some instructions over the phone. At this point I would probably have exchanged her for anyone else in the bar. I persevered but it was hard work. We got down do the athletics. I put her upstairs first to see what she was capable of. Basically, nothing. Mr Dick was struggling to maintain his composure and I was having to conjure up visions of the day's previous sessions to keep him at attention and head things in the right direction. She was all over the place. Quick slow stop quick slow quick – no sense of rhythm – I'm saying cha-cha, she's thinking rock and roll. And she still keeps scratching the top of my head! This was all accompanied by the odd token whimper or two on her part and a humming noise which I couldn't quite fathom and it was really putting me off my stroke. Surely she wasn't humming a song? The sort a maid does when she's cleaning a room, y'know?

I tried directing her hands to various relevant areas, but she just scratched me a few seconds and took her hand away. I told her if I had an itch I'd have told her and to STOP SCRATCHING MY FUCKING HEAD!! I wasn't angry, but it's not like me to swear. She obviously had no idea what I was saying and must have thought I'd told her she was the greatest shag in the world, 'cos she smiled and pulled my head to her breast at an awkward angle, as if to say thank-you and nearly breaking my neck in the process. I said "Ow fuck". And she said "Um ya, fuck fuck! " I said "No, let go of my fucking head!! " I had my hands trapped under her bum making some readjustments at the time and I couldn't move. She was a strong girl and for her size, a heavy girl. I'm thinking, some day some guy is going to benefit from all this. She may have had the best of intentions but she really didn't know what she was doing. She'd been here a month, I thought. What poor bastard had her when she first arrived. From all the scratching I guess he must have had some kind of skin disease! I don't know, maybe I'm spoilt, maybe I expect too much, but I'm paying for this dammit! With her on top and me grabbing her hips and using all my strength to control her spastic motions I finally managed to shoot my load. I still had a couple more groans to go, and then whoosh!.. she disappeared into the bathroom in a blur of brown and white. I thought maybe I'd been dreaming and was still in the Billion Bar, but no, the air-con was working, and there they were, the condoms reserve bench by the bed. And Mister Dick looking at me, still with his suit on saying "Hey , where'd she go ?!". "Don't ask me pal!"

The Scratcher was out of the bathroom and dressed in record time. She hardly looked at me. In fact there was minimal eye contact between us since we left the bar. Reminded me of my second marriage.

I went to have my one hundred and sixth ab-nam of the day, my skin soon resembling a prune, and was horrified at the sight of a bunch of deep red scratch marks on my scalp. Marvel

Back in the room she was doing her makeup and I just wanted to get out and away. I only had a 1000 baht note on me, and I really didn't want to give her more than 500, considering her poor performance and her added pleasure of putting me in a head-lock and scarring my head for a few days. I don't know why, but I have this thing about asking for change from ST’s. It's like I'm asking them to get out a cash register. It's okay just passing a few notes to them, but giving them something and asking for change in return makes me uncomfortable (Yeah, right, analyse that one !!). So she got the full 1000.

I left the room and thought of going to the bar and having a word with Mamasan but thought better of it and just headed for my Condo.

It was now about nine o'oclock in the evening, it had been quite a day. I got the usual passionate welcome back home from Noi. She ran a bath and we had a relaxing, romantic soak together accompanied by a glass of red. Explained away the red marks on my scalp with no problem. Mister Dick was pretty sore by now, but it went unnoticed.

From there to bed and a short snooze followed by a wonderful slow paced, long, quality shag with feeling. That was number 5 for the day, though by now I wasn't out to impress myself anymore. It was just a great feeling to be back with Noi in my arms again.

Now, this was obviously not a "normal" day for me. Though I've spent many days in a similar though not so hectic fashion.

The juggling with Noi and Ju continuesd, with one going to the airport with me, the other meeting me when I came back.
You may ask why I bothered? What’s the point in a place like Pattaya? Most of my friends thought I was mad.

It was stressful, and I knew if I didn't cut out one of them soon, it was highly likely the Pattaya Grapevine would grass on me, and I'd have two upset ladies on my hands, or at my throat, or even worse, at my dick with a knife.

At times I was determined to drop one of them, or even both, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I was looking for the tiniest excuse, but both of them never put a foot out of line and were just such darlings to be with, it was impossible. Okay, I was a coward.

On the other hand I was very happy the way things were. The two complimented each other and each made the time I spend with the other more enjoyable. The extra STs were just the icing on the cake, which I tried to have and eat as long as I could. I've never tried to justify the way I live my life, nor do I look for advice, a pat on the back or criticism. I was and still am content with my life. Circumstances have been constantly changing since I arrived in Pattaya and will continue to do so. Such is the pleasure of life here.

It's very likely that by the time you read this, changes have already occurred and this will all be irrelevant, anyway.

I just offer this as an example of one ex-pats existence in Pattaya to go with the thousands of others out there which I’ve know I’ve found fascinating and enlightening.

Stickman says:

We are all allowed to live the lifestyle that we want, within certain limits. When we start to infringe on the rights of others, or actually potentially harm, or worse still, actually harm others, then things become questionable. There is a line, which is different for all of us, on which one side is ok, the other is not. What side of the line one is varies from person to person.

nana plaza