Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2004

Where To Start?

I am a 38 year old American who married a good girl from Laos. She came to America as a young child. My wife was a virgin when we met, so she is the epitome of GG. We have a beautiful little daughter, new house, the whole shebang, the only problem with our marriage is that all I can think about is shagging her young sister and Asian friends who cockteased me the whole time we went out. If it was not for the kid, I would definitely become single again, since I have discovered this insatiable passion for Asian women. As usual in life, I am a little late on the uptake. I think it is because I never had a big brother telling me what was up, or something. It was nice reading some of the articles on Stickman’s site, since I do think it is true I might be able to reconcile the whole thing and have my family and have my fun, as long as I don’t talk about it. With you guys I feel like I finally have some good brotherly advice!

For me, I don’t want to get all involved with these girls, I just need to work out some fantasies. My wife has huge DD breasts and is fairly small, but her sister is just one of those tiny girls, and she has a real spunky personality. I guess variety is the spice of life. I am in search of some small, spunky girls with big buck tooth over bites, that’s right I said buck tooth. Teeth like that drive me absolutely bonkers! These girls come to America and they want to fix their teeth, not knowing they are taking away so much of their character and charm, in my opinion.

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Why I am mainly posting this on the site is to first thank everybody for the useful info., I feel I definitely know more of what’s up over there. I just want to describe what I am after, and maybe somebody has some insight into where I should go.

I like really tiny gals with over bites, but I also like the older gals with kind of chunky thighs and big shaky rears, (along with the buck teeth, and thin shoulder frame). I feel when I see the pics on the net, that the older gals are nicer, and even genuinely horny. You know, older women can be so appreciative. I also have some fantasies to work out with older relatives and friends of my wife’s, since they have cock teased me worse than some of the young girls. You know in one glance what they are thinking. Sometimes at a party we look at each other, these 30-40 year old gals, and we just silently acknowledge in an instant, that the sex would be good. Something tells me that these older gals are some of the horniest women in the world! Who knows, I think some of them were probably BG’s before they came over, and nobody talks about it. I have hooked up with 2 hmong women prostitutes in America, and would have the best time with them. I really had good fun with them, and sometimes they did not even charge me. I have since moved so I don’t see them, and they were a bit too skanky anyway, but they were really nice, and about 34-36 years old. If I met women like that in LOS, I cant imagine where I would have a problem.

My main thought I want to put out there, is that I am thinking I could go over to Thailand or Laos and hook up with some of these older women and have some good hot sex. And I even have a theory that they might not have as much incidence of STDs. I maybe assume they work less, and that they are old enough to have survived for some reason, maybe they are safer or smarter. I feel like there might be less scams and more of a GF thing with the older women.

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Lately, I have been considering going to Phnom Penh, just because I see so many woman on the net there that fit my above physical descriptions. They all seem like they are so wet and horny in Cambodia. And they seem pretty hairy, which turns me on. I am also considering Vientiane, just because I hear the women there are so nice, and I speak better Laos than Thai. Lately I have been hearing that the place to go is Tibet, with thousands of low cost brothels in places like Lhasa. I am also a Buddhist of 15 years, so I would also like to tour Buddhist sites, which I would like to incorporate into my adventures. My email username is drukpakunly which is actually a reference to an ancient Tibetan Lama who was a bit unorthodox and would travel along the countryside looking for good beer and tight maidens to lay. This may seem wrong, but there are actually reasons in Tantric training to find young women who can ‘lose themselves’ in rapture, and who are otherwise tight and horny. Now I am not trying to say I want to be this guy, but I have my own take on what he was doing, and in a fairly obvious sense I too am looking for some really uninhibited horny tight ladies to lose my self and have mind blowing sex with. Buddhist practice has to do with loss of self, and this is kind of the idea associated with Tantric sex. But don’t get me wrong, I am really just a horny son of a bitch, but I would like to fancy myself as a guy who is a practicing Buddhist, visiting temples, drinking good beer, and screwing fine women.

So, since I am a college teacher, on my next summer I plan to go for about a month. I just can’t deal with the idea of a short trip. I want to find some cheap hotels and just get lost for a month. Any thoughts of where to start guys?

Stickman says:

Just remember to give one of your mates a call before you go, preferably one who is hung like Mr Ed, and make sure that they give your wife a good servicing while you're away. I'd hate to think that the poor little creature wasn't getting her fair share while you were. If none of your mates are willing, let us know where you are geographically. I'm sure some Stickman readers in your area would be happy to do you a favour and make sure that your wife doesn't miss out.

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