Stickman Readers' Submissions January 22nd, 2004

When The Tables Are Turned Part 3

Well the story concludes after my visit a few months ago, as the avid readers of this site will know the history (When the tables are turned Part 1 & 2)

I went over with an open mind and spent a few days in Bangkok looking forward to a few days in Pattaya and then onto the islands. The reason for my visit was pleasure as I work hard and like to get away when ever possible!

He Clinic Bangkok

I also had to visit Kit and her friend, as you can remember I was asked to send money to help out with the setting up of the “New Business” (please read the first two submissions as this will all make sense if you do)

I’ll spare you the travel details as we all know it’s long and hard and only really bearable if you constantly remind yourself its all worth the ball ache when you get there!

So there I am in Pattaya. The girls have no idea I’m in town and as such when I call Kit is very keen to tell me how things are going with the new business, all sounds well and good. I then drop the bombshell I am actually in town! Now it’s at this point I was half expecting the line to go very quiet but instead she erupts in Thai over the phone, so much so I have to take my mobile away from my ear! After she calms down we arrange to meet at the bottom of Walking Street or top depending on how you look at it, in 10 mins.

CBD bangkok

It’s at this point I smile and look forward to seeing what they have achieved with the money they were sent and also how they have changed now they’re not servicing the Pattaya farang population. I was thinking they would dress better, have more confidence and probably have an air of importance about themselves.

We meet, she’s on time but looks tired, dressed regrettably in the same old BG uniform, still she is very pleased to see me. We get on her bike and I drive, can’t stand being driven but that’s just me. We arrive at the business and there it is, I see it for the very first time with my own eyes. They were telling the truth, small but busy, clean and tastefully decorated. Kit shows me around, what they had to buy, telling me what my money was spent on, very proud indeed of what they have done! I must have looked like the father who was there to give his approval……I’m only 2 years older than Kit, but it was more the situation that made me feel that way.

They have a few girls working for them but at least one of them is there all the time because as Kit said “we only trust each other” That’s why they look tired, they must have been working long hours to make sure all the money goes in the till.

It’s not to difficult to work out what sort of business they have, however, I’m not about to spill the beans on them and let you lot know where or who they are…..hell some of you living there might just pop in and say hello. Jesus I’d die if they knew I was writing this and posting it on a web site!

wonderland clinic

It’s really hard to put into words how I feel writing this report now, needless to say I am over the moon for them and what they have done with their HARD earned cash, saving for years. There is one point I will touch on at the end that made me laugh and to be quite honest I couldn’t really see the point of it but will let you all know at the end, as I suspect you will laugh as well!

So that night I took Kit out for a meal. We liked to go to the restaurant by the jetty, you know the one with all the fish tanks as you walk in to the back where you sit down looking out to sea with all the pretty lights, you could almost forget you’re in Pattaya sitting there. We order and start talking about what I’ve been doing the past few months, I could tell at this point she wanted to tell me something but couldn’t find the right words or moment and in the end I couldn’t bare it any longer and told her to spit it out and tell me. She laughed and then said she was very sorry but she now has a boyfriend….shock, horror…..why I nearly dropped my spring roll! Top news I thought, she really was getting her life back together. For me this was a natural progression for her and I could tell that she was worrying about breaking the news to me, I saved her the embarrassment of telling her it was ok and to be quite honest the thought of me marrying a bar girl and walking down the local high street in Farangland with her was not something I was looking forward to, instead I looked suitably gutted and carried on with the meal.

Don’t get me wrong there was a crazy time whilst sitting on Ko Samet with my friend having a break from the girls that we discussed the possibility of taking the two of them back to Farangland. As you can imagine we sobered up in the morning and it was never spoken about again, possibly the closest I’ve come to being mad! I don’t make the rules. I just live by them. I know many of you reading will disagree and have Thai wives. I don’t mean any disrespect at all, but come on, do the disapproving looks and glances do your head in? The whispered voices and nudge in the husband’s side at the check out?

It’s bad enough over here without all the extra hassle, its such a shame as well because the Thai girls are with out doubt the best looking in the world, such a shame to have so much stigma attached to them.

Anyway I digress, the point is I have at some point toyed with the idea of such a situation.

So there I was with my one time girl for the week, enjoying the meal the climate and of course the company.

What next?

We went our separate ways, I promised to stop by in the morning to say hello. This all went to plan except she tried to get me together with one of her friends who still worked in a gogo bar, not a looker but sweet enough all the same. I think at the time I had a moment of grandeur, like I was above all of that sort of thing, stupid really…as that evening I was out on the town ringing loads of bells and getting myself into all sorts of bother with the third sex??!! NO!! Not like Dana does, far more innocent than that chap. You see I had stopped at a bar, don’t asked where cos to be honest I was far to drunk to know! Anyway I sat down, rang the bell and was suitably massaged by every girl around the bar, played some pool, very badly as the tables are too big and the drink was taking its toll and then got talking to a fellow country man who was on his own, nice chap from what I remember. We talked until the wee hours during which as I have said I was massaged by all the girls taking it in turns to be either sat on my lap or hanging off an arm or even both at some point…..I have to say I was loving the attention. It was at that point the chap I had been speaking to leaned in close to me to say something he obviously didn’t want anyone else to hear………..

Chap: I didn’t think you were into that sort of thing mate?

Me: What sort of thing is that then?

Chap: There’s proper bars on Walking Street for that.

Me: Eh???? What you on about?

It was at this point he went to explain that two of the girls who had been rubbing me all over were actually ladyboys and that there were better looking ones on Walking Street if that’s what I was into!! It’s funny now but at the time I was sick as a pig! This is how bad I was, I had to get him to point them out??!! I prided myself during my last visit of being able to spot one of theses creatures of the night from five hundred yards away with a skin full inside me, but not this evening, I had lost the gift!!

I left the bar in a hurry with cheers of “Come back hansum man” from the girls / boys and “turn left for Walking Street” and “The bar on the left of the escalators has the best looking ones” from the not so nice chap by now!!!

Not quite up to Dana’s standards but close enough for me thank you!!

So there you have it I followed the story to the very end, didn’t know how it was going to pan out but very glad it went the right way. The great thing about Thailand is that you don’t have a holiday, you have an adventure. It’s always going to be different each time you come back, I came over for a few more different reasons than the first time and as such the holiday was completely different.

I have one last thing to say, I mentioned earlier on in the story something I would tell you at the end of the story, well here it is….

You see the girls sent out many emails to old punters with reference to their need for extra money to get the ball rolling, such was their response they ended up with much more than they had hoped for as such they decided to……….and this is the best part, have boob jobs done! WTF I tried to work this one out, ex bar girls wanting boob jobs?? Maybe they were worried about not having anything to fall back on if the business went down the pan? Maybe it was a self-esteem problem after having many farang customers telling them there western counterparts had huge boobs?? I don’t really know, all I know is that my share of the business is not in equipment, paint, and signs but is bouncing about on a young Thai girls chest!! And I will always have fond memories of it / them?!

Stickman says:

My interest is piqued…just what could they be doing?

nana plaza