Stickman Readers' Submissions January 13th, 2004

The Nordevil

By Nordevil

Unlike many of you who have written in to this fantastic page my story is a little different. I am different. After having gone through 3 brutal break-ups (twice married) I thought life was finished. I was sick and tired of just about everything and went to a friend to talk. He had been married to a Thai for many years. I really never liked his wife and never spoke to her or her to me. When they heard my story my friend's wife said fine you could marry my cousin. I thought she was only joking but boy should I have listened more carefully. To make a long story short before I knew it I was presented to my “wife“ funnily enough I fell in love at once.

He Clinic Bangkok

I lived on a small pension and coming from a dark and very cold country in the North I got the bright idea to try and move to Thailand to learn more about my wife, her family and culture. I never had to pay any money to her family when we got married. We got married after we arrived her in Thailand and it was before reading letters from other people on Stickman’s pages that I heard about paying money for the bride to her parents.

We rented a small house close to her family and friends and life moved on slowly. I had many things to learn. We can read many letters about driving, corrupt police and the Thai way of thinking. Now I have been told that I am an angry person, they say I look angry and mean and if that had been true I should have gotten into plenty of trouble but I must be lucky. I have ripped off at Patpong buying crappy DVDs but I got my money back, no hassle. Reading the newspaper and other articles I found on the Internet I was a bit scared to go out by myself but in the end I had to force myself to do something.

My biggest trouble in this country is that I like to talk to people and what do I find out? No one speaks English. I mean this is supposed to be a tourist magnet and no one seems to speak English. I use Bangkok Bank at the airport because I was stupid enough to think they spoke English.. But no. Our neighbours only know a few words and even if I live close to the airport there are not any other Europeans around. Solution ­ read Stickman’s guide to Bangkok and take one step at a time.

CBD bangkok

I use the B. T. S as often as I can because I have never driven the same twice from my house and to Nana Plaza in the year that I have been her, and of course in 1 year I have found 3 taxi drivers who speak English. I checked out Nana Plaza first and did like it very much. The girls were not pushy and left me alone when I told them I had a Thai wife. They would come and talk and the ones I liked and could talk to I did buy drinks for. I had 2 favourites. My biggest favourite was “Cascade“ this was before the police got tough with the dress code or should one say the lack of . . . and then there was “Hollywood”. I went to these 2 bars the few times I went to town. My main goal was to get to talk to other English speaking people and nothing else.

Now looking at some nice girls was not a drawback. Next came my trips to Patpong. I got my directions and tips from Stickman’s and off I went. Every place I came to I was told “no cover charge“ but as soon as they gave me my coke they wanted Bht 300, – . I told them some of the words my loving wife had told me and for some reason they just looked a little shocked and let me go. I never paid that price and never had any problems, must have been whatever I told them in Thai. When I came back home my friends thought this was very funny. My wife translated for me. Having looked through your pages I did not feel much like going to Soi Cowboy because I did not find many nice words about the place on your website but in the end off I went. I can only say that things have changed like some other writers also have found out.

Now I will take my so-called hat off to the bargirls of Bangkok for they have given me some very good times. The only place that I dislike is the Patpong area. The girls are very pushy and ask to be barfined within 2 minutes of me sitting down. This along with all the ladyboys really turned me off the area. I went back to the cold north for a month and came back to Bangkok.

I was happy to be back but soon found out that my trips to the bars made my wife sad as our friendly neighbours made jokes and told her that I had a mia noi. I got mad and unlike the Thai I went right over to where they used to sit and drink at night and really chewed them up. I told them what they could do with their Thai customs and that they made me sick. Shocked they asked me what was wrong. Why I did not get beaten I do not know but we had talked many times before about how differently Thais and Europeans think. At this time my best friend was there and he speaks good English. When I said that friends do not hurt other friends they slowly started to understand and we reached an agreement. They can make jokes as much as they whant to but not anything that can hurt my wife. I must have some really nice friends because they all said they were sorry both to my wife and me.

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The next time I headed off to Nana Plaza they said they would look after my wife for me and when I came home she told me they had all been fantastic. Staying in a house with nearly no one to talk to forced me out of the house 3-4 times each month so it was not long before I was away on my next trip. Every time I go to a bar I talk to some of the girls and normally both buy them drinks and give them a tip. I always started at Hollywood but this time I was surprised to see all the girls from the Cascade working there. I asked what had happened and they told me that Cascade now was a ladyboy bar so that saved me from a nasty surprise.

Now is when I start to fall for the dreadful illness that can hit anyone doing the bar scene. I found me a new bar which I will NOT name. After going there a few times I did barfine a girl and off we went. Sad story. She was all business. Now in this bar there was this woman that served drinks. Not as young as the others but very nice to talk to. Every time I came she would sit with me and massage my hands, arms, neck and legs. I bought her drinks and she gave me a damn good massage. By now mamasan had started to notice me. I was soon told that she was a he but I did not care. I only talked to the mamasan and we had a really good time.

After a few more trips to the same bar and the same serving girl I asked if she ever went with the customer. She looked at me sadly and told me she was too old. I am normally shy but I really liked this girl so I asked if she would like to go with me. She thought I was joking but soon said yes. Mamasan smiled and I sat down to wait. Now what happened next really made me embarrassed because as the girl came back to me in her normal clothes the whole bar stopped what they were doing and started clapping and cheering and whistling. I have never experienced or heard of anything like this before and on the way out everyone of the girls smiled at us and waved. When we came back just before closing time it all happened again and for a minute I felt especially lucky.

The girl although 44 looked great and we had a really good time. I still see her but now as soon I start getting near the door to the bar I have 2 or 3 girls grab my hand and lead me right to my special friend that always seems happy to see me. One day I sort of fell into the bar on Soi Cowboy and I got myself a new hangout. Name secret. Now the girls in this place are great. One or two that have seen better days but rest….WOW. The girls in this bar seems to have fun. They laugh and play around to some very good music and the prices are not to bad. I went with a girl I liked but she soon got a little pushy. I have gotten to know a man who work there very well so I asked him to help me find a nice girl that I could talk to. He introduced me to a girl that was serving drinks and not dancing. Had done that before but suddenly she felt she was to fat and took a big pay cut and starting serving drinks. Before long I ended up paying her barfine and we went off for some fun. When it came time to pay I could not split a 1000 baht note so she gave me 500. And off we went. Happy as can be I came home and had a good nights sleep until the phone woke me. I had given my mobile number to her just so that I could check if she would be at work next time I went to the bar. It was her on the phone. I had forgotten to give her the 1000 baht note that she so-called split for me. Full of quilt I went back the next day and gave her the money. We sat and talked and had a good time. I told her I could not come for some time as I did not have any more money and the next check would come in about 14 days. Now I got even more surprised because she asked if I would like to borrow some money from her so that I could get home? I told her “Thank You“ but explained that I had money to live on till my next check arrived but that I did not have enough money to go with her. She then went on to tell me we could go to the hotel and I could pay her the next time I came to see her.

One can meet good or bad people everywhere but so far I have been more than lucky. It seems as I have now many good friends that do not rip me off but instead help me out. So to the many people out reading this be careful but do remember that there is many people with a heart of gold so try to be nice because it will get you a lot longer than if you think everyone is there to rip you off. So for me the best place to go now today is Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. Have a good time and be nice.

Stickman says:

Not too many bars with women that age in Cowboy so it must be……

nana plaza