Stickman Readers' Submissions January 9th, 2004

Patpong 2004

Anonymous Submission

Well, its been 2 years since I've been to Patpong. As a resident here in Bangkok, I go to the other areas for entertainment, but now that the Nana Disco entrance fee went up from 160 baht to 200 baht, and I occasionally like to dance there, I decided to give Patpong a try as a change of pace. Before entering Lucifer's in Patpong, I decided to check out the Kings Castle II. Two years ago, when I was there, the girls were pretty fat and ugly… just after the crackdown. So I entered!

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It was pretty much as usual except they had a couple of decent girls there. Kinda hard really to tell under the red lights what they really look like. As soon as I sat down, one of the girls dancing on the stage caught my fancy and she was smiling at me and made some gestures toward me. A few moments later she joined me. Really kinda nice looking with a relatively slim figure. She didn't know I was a local and I immediately noticed how she was playing me. She didn't speak English hardly so she was just using her shy cuteness to attract me to take her. She sat close to me and I put my arm around her but she made no gestures beyond that. She tried to play the shy game with me. Anyway, she was really cute so I bought her a drink. I was surprised that the drinks were of normal price. 90 baht for a Beer Sing not like Nana discos 140 baht for a beer Sing. Her drink was around the same. The drink prices really took me by surprise… I was amazed.

So then the cute shy girl of course didn't waste time and asked me, "You pay bar!" I would take here cause she did have nice body and very cute so I asked, "How much for long time?" What she said almost gave me a heart attack…. 4000 baht! I thought to myself, "Holy Shit!" She said again with a cute playing me face, "You pay bar." I asked her how much is the bar fine, and she replied, 1000 baht. Holy Shit! That is serious money!

I'm a local and therefore not on vacation throwing money around, but that is serious money. I said, and this was now midnight, how long is a long time? She said while rubbing her stomach, I'm hungry…. I want to eat… I stay with you until 6AM…. Pay bar! I asked how much is short time… she replied 2,500 baht! I asked her, can I get a job here dancing on stage? But she didn't get it. I told her nicely, no it was way too much. With that she had to go back and dance on the stage. So, 3500 baht for short time a 5000 baht for long time and either way Id have to buy her a meal and she will only have sex with me one time.

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A farang will pay the bar fine and she will waste time getting dressed and chat with her Tom that had been buzzing around us…. then the farang will have to buy her a meal. By the time the farang gets her to his room it could be 1:30am or near 2, and she will surely waste time taking a shower and getting prepared and the farang will have to do the same. By the time he gets her in the bed it could be about 2:30 or 2:45. Shell play the shy game and try to talk with you and she wont rush the sex. The more time she wastes on the sex the better the excuse for not having to give you a second one. After the sex she will waste time taking another shower and you will have to do the same and then she will either tell you that she has to leave before the stated time or that she is very tired and wants to sleep for awhile. This is when the good story excuses come out. The idea of course in the new Thailand is to get the money and run.

I went to the John and while I was there, another very good looker although slightly fat grabbed me in the John and asked if I would take her. I said how much? She said, 4000 baht. I smile at her while she had her arms wrapped around me as I was raising my zipper, I said, I don't want you for a month, I just want you for a few hours…. she didn't understand but the Thai man in the John explained to her in Thai what I meant. She just smile and said 4000 baht.

Anyway, I returned to my table and noticed that the girl came back and was waiting for me. I was surprised cause I already told her no. I said to her, "What are you doing here? I'm surprised, I all ready told you no that it was way too much." She said, "Pay bar… I'm hungry!" I told her that Ill pay the bar and give her 1,500 for long time and she said no… 4000! We both sat there going no where as I watched the girls on the stage. Then she got up to dance on the stage and that's when it would be a good time to exit the place. She watched me paying my small drink bill of 180 baht, and now I know why the drinks are cheap, and she immediately left the stage and joined me again while I was waiting for my change. She sat there next to me as the change arrived and asked me for a tip. A tip for what! She wouldn't let me touch her and she never even cuddled into me nor make any obviously advances. Then, another girl got taken out and passed in front of my table and she was yelling excitedly to all the girls on stage

Just compare how expensive it is to have a girl in Thailand:

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In America, there no long time or short time but I never paid more than 60 dollars to a prostitute. 4000 baht is $100.00 US. This is near Japan prices and the prices in Thailand are slowly rising thanks to the farang tourists who are shelling out this kinda money. A studio apartment in the US a little similar in size to one here in Thailand is $600.00 24,000 baht. An apartment Thai style in a Thai area for a girl and they usually live with a friend Tom is 2000 baht and her and her friend split it so its 1000 each for the month. Its Thai style and Thais don't require that much…. its normal living conditions to them. Therefore, one night out with a farang if they get 4000 is 4 months rent paid. That's like a girl in the US that lives in a studio apartment with a friend making $1200.00 for one time sex. Wow…. that is serious money! It just goes to show you why the girls in Soi Cowboy around Sukhumvit and in Nana are not aggressive anymore, that is, they don't necessarily approach you so much, but wait for

Stickman says:

Your American prices seem on the light side, though not that I would know, just my feeling. Prices for naughty nightlife in Thailand have crept up and Patpong had always been the most expensive of the farang areas. If you're on a budget, head to Pattaya.

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