Stickman Readers' Submissions November 18th, 2003

Who Is The Loan Shark?

Last Fall, I was a total LOS rookie, although after reading some of Stickman's site I decided to explore Sukhumvit. It was raining and I had to pee like a race horse, so I ducked into a little bar in Soi Sip. After finding the john, a little Thai shower / toilet combination, off the single bedroom in the back of the bar, I sat down to order a beer and meet the handful of BGs in the place. The monsoon exploded into solid sheets of water in the blackness on the other side of the glass walls of the bar. I was the only customer so I was surrounded on my bar stool by the 4 or 5 girls in the place. They were pretty enough, but some seemed to have a lot of hard miles on them. Still, they were fun, alive, smiling, and happy girls. The beer was cheap and the monsoon had me locked up there for a while, so I let myself relax and enjoy the scene.

A couple of the girls spoke some English. I could say sawadee kahp. By this time, one of them always had here hand in my crotch, so it was a fun little party we were having. Now, I noticed, at the edge of the pack a very pretty, shy smile directed my way by a woman we'll call Nom Yai (Ny). I could see she had what I realized just then, I was looking for, large, warm breasts. She was also darker than here companions. (Sutrup Pm, si dam sooay). I was getting drunker by the minute and the subject had come around to "how to barfine" one of them. I turned and pointed to Ny and said I'd bar fine her. Much laughter and giggles. Ny giggling runs with a couple of friends to the afore mentioned back room. Happy, but puzzled, I am told, "She doesn't go with man." But, in a minute, Ny's back in street clothes and ready to go! The rain has stopped and off we go to a nearby hotel. I worry about picking up my key at the desk with her in tow, but she already understands and will wait outside my room for me to show up with the key.

He Clinic Bangkok

I had a wonderful night. One bit of confusion occurred when I showered in the morning. I saw a dark, purple-ish spot on the tip of my penis. Major panic!!! Ahh, what kind of Asian jungle disease is eating away at my tool. On closer inspection, I see it's a hickey, a love bite. I now remember Ny telling me she couldn't give blow job. Didn't know how!!! I told her to try anyways and got my souvenir as a result. All told, the time in the sack with her was superb.

Morning. … Now what do I do with her. I want to look around the City of Angels. She asks please, please, please can she go too. I could use a local guide so what the hell. What the hell??? We've pretty much been together ever since, thru thick and thin and all kinds of marvellous adventures. A couple of times, she saved my bacon and that makes it very difficult for me to think about walking away. Every now and then over the past year, I've sampled what other woman have to offer, but nothing feels as sweet as Ny. At first, I was concerned that she might rob me, she is so poor. Over time, I realized, despite all the BG horror stories I'd heard, Ny cannot steal and cannot even lie. What a dream come true. After a while, she got more and more agitated about AIDS, (because as she puts it in her limited English, 'you f*ck around'.) So finally, I paid a few bucks for the two of us to get checked. As expected, results were negative, but she got on an ecstatic high over the results that she still hasn't come down from. She was away with me in another part of LOS when Soi Sip came down. Now she really had nothing. So, I paid off the loan shark that had her farm in Issan. I send some money and gifts to her, her parents and her 2 kids.

I'm on my way back soon. Her-in-doors in Farangland doesn't have all the details, but doesn't seem to mind.

CBD bangkok

Now, I'm left wondering what am I going to do? Where is this going??

Stickman says:

Loan shark that had her farm in Isaan? That was her bloody brother!

nana plaza