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Stickman Readers' Submissions September 4th, 2003

Some Time Off For Bad Behaviour

I had not heard much about the reputed Thai nightlife before going on a rather memorable business trip to BKK towards the end of July this year. Did some surfin and found your amazing web-site so during the weeks leading up to my trip, I explored your site (during my lunch break of course!) and found myself being both a newbie and a seasoned veteran before I started – again a tribute to a truly amazing web-site!

I guess you could put me into the married, 40, mid-life-crisis cum bored with current lifestyle category so I pretty much knew what I wanted and what I did NOT want to get into whilst over there.

He Clinic Bangkok

To cut a long story short, I did NOT want to bring any little additional friends home with me, and I did NOT want to spoil things for the others by splurging silly sums of money. However what I did want was some craziness and uncomplicated encounters and do things I would otherwise just never get a chance to do.

Where were we staying? – Sheraton right slap-bang in the middle of Sukumvit, so for me your site made it sooooo easy, i.e. the Cowboy: Long Gun, Midnite, Sheba's and and everything in between! Won't go into the details but I truly had a whale of a time just being a 'single' guy again.

I must admit however that your description of the Toy Bar absolutely fascinated me, and as I really wanted to experience a touch of getting down and dirty so to speak, it sounded perfect. When I walked in the door (dragged in more like it… but who cares??) was immediately surrounded by 4 lovelies whose hands started exploring before I had even sat down – now that was more like it!!! I ended up staying there for about 3 hours, and in the end …sorry Stickman, I think I let the occasion get the better of me as I did buy more than a few lady drinks for the gals. They obliged with the (im)famous Toy Bar entertainment more times than I ever thought I could do since I was 18. Well, eventually I completely ran out of steam, the evening ended and I went back to the hotel.

Over the entire week, I did not take any girl back to the hotel with me, but I did experience some of the naughtiness that captivates most farangs.

Now I am back in Farangland I am glad I experienced a small sample of naughty BKK, I came (whoa!!!), I saw, I conquered, but then I left with some great memories and nothing else. Nothing serious, no love, no broken hearts or tears – just some really great fun and an escape from stressville farangland.. I can see just how easy it could be to start down that slippery slope and your site certainly prepares even a newbie like me. I sincerely
wish I could join that queue of farangs in lining up to buy you a beer or three. Thanks mate.

I realise my life is not really t h a t boring, I do love my wife and hey…life BEGINS at 40, didn't you know??

Stickman says:

It is nice to see someone is able to keep it all in perspective and see it, and for what it is and enjoy it as such.