Stickman Readers' Submissions September 3rd, 2003

Vicious Vixens

By Bangkok John

Found the reader submission on Thai girls in Cardiff highly amusing. come from there and know the scene well. By my estimate, about ninety percent of the Thai women married to farang are f..king around and at least half of them are on the game (mostly escorts when hard working hubby is at work but also one notorious restaurant where the Thai boss acts as a pimp).

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The girls seem to pick the most mediocre of guys who have not a clue about looking after the only things in their life that isn’t ordinary, other than handing over all their money to she who must be obeyed. Even gals who are apparently happily married and have kids are still doing the dirty ­ they can’t believe they can earn a hundred quid for fifteen minutes of lying on their back!

Myself, I picked up one lady in the (Cardiff) market and had my wicked way with her and got friendly with the other gals. The classic con is talking down other Thai women, telling hubby all about their deeds when in fact it is she herself who is doing the dirty. Being young and handsome I have often had to fend the women off and have even had a few free holidays to Thailand, all paid unknowingly by hubbie.

Unbelievably, one of the gals also had a Thai man on the go (husband but not on paper) whilst she was shooting around Bangkok with me, as well as the poor sap back in Cardiff who thought her trips back home were just to see her family. In three years in the UK she had made more than a 100k (UK pounds!) on the game, all stashed in the Bangkok Bank.

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My favourite, though, is the Jogger. You couldn’t say her husband was old and ugly, about 47 and in reasonable shape, but so mired in blandness you’d be hard pressed to pick him out in a crowd. The Jogger is the only gal who got me so horny that I came in each hole in turn without any break for recovery ­ no Viagra in sight I am pleased to say. She even managed to take all eight inches right up the backside. She used to go three up with well hung Thai maengdas who she reckoned could twitch their members with exquisite precision. Right off her head but poor old hubby hasn’t a clue and doesn’t realize that he ain’t even the father of their kid.

Don’t really know why I stayed on in Bangkok, the action in Cardiff was a lot hotter and cheaper than here but the city has gotten into my blood somehow.

BTW, the nastiest thing about the Thai gals in Cardiff is that they are really keen to set farang up with their family and friends back in LOS, but given that they don’t want their secrets broadcast you can bet they ain’t going to let any of the nice gals back in their villages into their vicious and vile circle; the last thing they want is shocked newbies broadcasting all their secrets. So lots of guys thought they were being clever bypassing the bar scene but ended up with really vicious vixens (some of them even ex-brothel!).

Anyway, fantastic sex but I’d rather cut my member off than marry any of these Oriental gals, they seem absolutely desperate to make sure that their husbands have zero face.

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Stickman says:

One of the things I am looking forward to about returning to NZ for a holiday is seeing just what sort of carry on is going on in the Thai community. I doubt Cardiff is much different to Auckland, Sydney, London or New York.

You gotta feel sorry for the guys who marry these girls. Although some of the guys sound like right plonkers, they generally mean well, and in my book that counts for a lot. These girls seem to have ill intentions from the outset.

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