Stickman Readers' Submissions September 27th, 2003

My Right Of Reply

By Barry

Stick, I was surprised with your comment on my last submission. It seems you did not read it carefully enough. Do you think the opinions of bargirls over the years were reflecting their views about me specifically? It was about others I was asking them about. No bargirl ever explicitly told me she didn’t like to have sex with me. I stay in the best places, I usually take them out to entertain them before we go back to my room. I don’t fuck underage girls, I don’t fuck drug addicts (if I can spot one ) or drunks. And I explain in great detail what I need to get sexually satisfied and they agree to all that. But when we get there I demand sexual services for the money I pay, as previously agreed.

He Clinic Bangkok

And this is borderline rape? You got some pretty fucked – up idea about love, romance, sex and rape, pal. You think they resist and I force them? Hell no! But I don’t believe either their sexual screams or sweet talking or flattering. Instead I try to keep my eyes open and I know what is the difference between fucking prostitutes and women outside the bar scene. Because I do have a sexual life outside Thailand. But I like the quick, easy, no-emotion attached sex that theoretically I can get.

And judging from 15 long time “girlfriends” (more than 3 months by definition) in the past, and currently about 4-5 who send me regularly phone messages and “love and miss you e-mails“ (some demand I send them a message EVERY DAY , yeah they do like me to! Contrary to your quick conclusion. Why? Because of good sex? Because I am good looking and very clean, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs? The major fact is that they make good money out of me. And they hope for more. They’re going for the big prize, the jackpot. I know very well were I stand.

Do you guys really believe your “girlfriends” or ex-bargirl – wives love you? Easy to find out. Cut the money and see for yourselves. If you dare.

CBD bangkok

It seems some guys have a great difficulty to come to grips with the fact that most of what your bargirls-teeruks telling you about your looks, about your good heart, about your sexual abilities is totally bullshit. Its very difficult to face the hard truth isn’t it? Better live in your little dreams where you are all handsome and desirable as Brad Pitt and stallions like an x-rated movie star. Well that’s not bloody true.

Many readers are painting with their stories a rosy picture of prostitution in Thailand. Prostitution is nowhere rosy. Behind the lusty façade there is poverty, extortionist boyfriends and family members, abandoned children, drugs, HIV, alcoholism, parents who sell their teenage daughters to whorehouses. And behind the fake smiles in LOS there is pain, desperation, stress, hate, greed. We know all these but turn a blind eye and keep coming and supporting this sex industry and increase it year by year. Because our sexual-animal instincts are stronger than our hypocritical moral principles to which we turn to whenever it is convenient enough. And you accusing the Thai people of the same crime!
Do you believe that I don’t like bargirls? That I really hate them? Well the fact is I like them very much as most of you do. We all come here and fuck these women because they are young and beautiful, and many to chose from, and affordable. Isn’t this the reason you stayed initially so long in Thailand, dear Stick? Because you felt desirable, a real man at last? Or because of the temples, the sun, the food, the rich culture?

But if the prices here will go up to western standards (say 10,000 baht for all-night, 5,000 short time) then we’ll see how many of us will keep coming. And I can see this coming in the foreseeable future due to the economic improvement this country will inevitably achieve. Prostitution will cease to exist not because of laws or government decrees but when the time comes when people will have enough money to feed themselves and their children. And then we “dirty westerners” we’ll have to go and exploit some other country’s human resources.

Stickman says:

wonderland clinic

A sex tourist speaks. I just hope this guy is not typical of the millions who come to Thailand every year. If he is, the Thais have every reason to have strongly negative feelings towards us.

nana plaza