Stickman Readers' Submissions October 30th, 2002

The Price Of Love

Anonymous Submission

The toughest task I've had in my life has been trying to find someone who wanted me first, as opposed to the package. In fact I had given up on this life long mission in the West, and it soon became apparent on my arrival here that my task would be far easier if anything, simply for the fact that you can see where they're coming from. Asians have to be commended for the fact that there is a lot of honesty in their dishonesty.

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The boundaries here for services rendered are far more blurred than they are in the West. The whole hearted acceptance of prostitution by Thai society, really begs the question where do honest relationships end, and where do subliminal contractual services begin? I would love to be able to discuss this point with educated Thais, but it has not been the language problem that has inhibited this, it's been a cultural one, as for a nation that's not prepared to give you an opinion on the weather something like this is out of the question. Personally I feel that everybody uses sex as a form of currency here, to be traded at the best rate of exchange they can get.

From my experience of Thai women there are two major facts of life when it comes to money. First of all whatever you give them is not enough, and secondly regardless of how much this is, they will always think that they can find someone who will offer them more.

Bearing this in mind, your lady has to accept you for who you are as a person, or seek greener grass, this has at least brought the whole process to a head a lot earlier, whereas if she felt that you only met her demands half way, you could well be reviewing this current state of affairs in the light of a divorce and child maintenance.

Due to the fact that I feel that my mother was strongly influenced over my father's wealth, I have not only gone out of my way to hide it, but further more I have also gone out my way not to spend it. For what it's worth here are some of my current details that have lead to a successful relationship of 4 years. The adage of "You have to keep them mean to keep them keen", I feel really holds true. One has to try, at least in theory, as to ascertain exactly what one's prospective is looking for in a relationship.

You wouldn't believe how many times I asked my lady what was she wanted, and as she could barely speak English I was even coming with examples, you want Honda Dream or Mercedes. Some may say tactics like this are purely academic, as whatever a girl wants today will be different tomorrow, but at least it establishes right from the outset, that you are very conscious over this aspect of money.

Next I told her if she was looking for money, any other man would offer her more than me.
Secondly you have to start as you mean to go on, drawing lines in the sand as to what exactly you are prepared to commit yourself to, I appreciate that this must be much harder to agree in a so called good girl relationship. But when you consider that she will at
some in the future she give up working, are you going to step in with the shortfall from her past employer? As far as ladies of the night are concerned, I suggest a low flat weekly sum. I refer to this as Happy Monday. A monthly stipend is added to support the family, and children.

On top of this of course you are also going to have to pick up the tab on food, restaurants, holidays, clothes, shelter and utility bills – but NOT her mobile phone.

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Giving, making over large monthly sums is not the answer, as a) they don't feel that they should have to spend their money on necessities, and b) this money will never last the allocated period. Last but not least, to sweeten the pill, you state that you will cover the health of her parents. This kills two birds with one stone, as not only will she think that maybe you're not so mean after all, but as it happens you'd be fully expected to pick up the tab in any case.

Chewing this over I wonder what the difference is in multiples over non relationship sex, 2, 3, or 4 times the rate? The price of love as you say doesn't come cheap. But the good news is things could be so much worse back in Farangland, as just how many bar fines do you have to fuck your way through for it to be the equivalent of half a house?

Stickman says:

You or the package? I hate it when you ask yourself that question about your new teeruk because it shows that you are unsure about her intentions, and when there is a dent in the trust, it is usually all downhill. And that is the problem with Thai girls. If you are adverse to throwing a bit of money at your teeruk, or simply don't have a lot, then you have problems…and you'll end up with the leftovers!

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