Stickman Readers' Submissions October 14th, 2002

Immigration Patterns

By S in P

That was an interesting comment the other week about the Thai National Anthem. Yet I think it says more about the Westerner than the Thai. Why is it so surprising for a people to believe their culture is best? We built the modern world, reduced suffering world wide, and for the first time in human history developed science, a system that focuses on what is true and works as opposed to lying to ourselves about the way we wished things to be. (Curiously, are there any 3rd world authors out there who write science fiction in their own language, for their own people? Not that I know of.) Our culture is the engine that generates technological advancement. Why should we delude ourselves into believing things like the savages in pre-Columbian America who practiced human sacrifice and hadn't even invented the wheel had a culture no better or no worse than our own. It is perfectly natural for Thais to believe their ways are best whether that view is correct or not. We
have been sold a false view of Human Nature by leftists who are motivated by a deep seated self-hatred and nihilism.

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What is more important is how Thais (or anyone for that matter) puts their beliefs into practice and the surest way to get a people to act negatively on their natural ethnocentrism is to threaten to overwhelm them by numbers in their own country and erase their culture. In your last column you implied how your way of thinking has gone
"Thai", and yet you grumble that Thailand doesn't take on the immigration policies of the west. The reason they don't should be obvious to anyone, If they let all the European refugees from feminism set up shop in Thailand, Thailand wouldn't be Thai anymore. Sure it would be great for us, but not for the Thai and as long as they are in charge and their heads are working properly they will keep it that way.

In America we are gambling our entire future on the assumption that extremely optimistic views on human nature are true. America traditionally forced its Anglo culture on newcomers and their descendants; that, not "diversity", made us strong. Yet now we are allowing vast numbers of Mexicans and others to set up shop here and refusing to make them assimilate because "multi culturalism makes us strong!" (does that sound Bolshevik or what.) In the near future at this rate Americans will become a minority in their own country.

Add to this mix the centuries old Black problem. Whether we want to admit it or not, most Blacks hate America and would have joined with the Soviets if they had ever invaded. Case in point, today in 2002 more than a few American Blacks are going out and converting to Islam! Anyone with a brain cell can tell what that means they think about America; rightly or not Islam is now perceived as America's mortal enemy by the public. Who knows how long, if ever, it will take to assimilate the blacks. And the ineffectual climate right now allows everyone to blame Westerners for everyone else's problem. Their solution: reparations. If this mix takes the majority they will vote themselves all of our money and their government won't protect our life and property. America (or England, Holland, Canada, etc) will disappear as we know it. All this unless a highly suspect and extremely optimistic view of human nature it correct. However uncomfortable to mention, the example of what is going on in post-apartheid South Africa doesn't forebode well. That is why Thais don't want to let non-Thais emigrate en-masse to their country. One of my former history professors has studied minority assimilation and believes that 4% is the magic number anything over that and the group doesn't assimilate and troubles begin. Thailand could become a case study to see if this is true.

It is simply that it was one thing to have 5 or 10 or maybe even 15 percent minorities in a country, but as the process goes on unabated no one asks any questions as to what a non European majority population in a western country will really be like? Will it be a Democracy? Will we keep our prosperity? Our Civilization? I would hope that it would but
what I observe is that they bring their standard of living with them. It's just that now with the economy in bad shape in the US and a 30% minority population I see a real trouble spot on the horizon. The demographic time bomb is ticking whether we like it or not.

Stickman says:

This was originally an email sent to me, not intended as a reader's submission as such. I enjoyed it so much that I asked the writer for his permission to post it as a submission and he kindly agreed. He raises many good points, some I had never considered.

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