Stickman Readers' Submissions July 11th, 2002

Stranger’s Angel

There seems to be two types of Thailand GO-GO bar / beer bar tales :

1. Thailand visitor tales : Mostly stories of an elated dreamy nature.
2. Thailand residents epic sagas : Mostly stories of shattered dreams and empty hearts.

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Oh Well , here's a visitor's tale.

Evening falls upon Bangkok, time to search for the hidden treasure in the dark. Gems in the rough to be found throughout the mystical city with little effort. How could I possibly meet a lady from Thai daily life and establish a relationship in one week? An impossible task, so plan "B" lures me to the SOIs OF SIN (SOS, The true international distress call). The blind spot in my morals will have to suffice for my overwhelming desire for the stranger's angel will win in the end. The first one for thirst, the second one for taste and the rest for effect.

The plot differs wildly for each of us and no book or advice prepares the naive soul for what is destined to unfold? Short of disaster or injury, a hidden wish to voluntarily be swept away by Thailand's charms and sins alike.

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I have no misconceptions, when in Bangkok I am just a lost ball in high weeds. I turn a blind eye to the fair warnings and enter into the fantasy of the bar girls' menagerie with full intentions of dunking my head into a bucket of Singha. For the next week, I throw caution to the wind and feel possessed to relive the pleasures of previous Thailand trips and pray to the GO-GO BAR GOD for prosperity and mercy. Every man has a chance to make a fool out of himself and usually makes good on it. Perhaps tonight is is one of those times, only the morning will tell.

Hidden comfortably in a cozy GO-GO bar corner, I wonder how many passing ladies will it take before the background fades away and I see only my chosen one Many introductions did pass and as hoped, pressing firmly against me she asks "Where you from?" My Reply "America". With a wrinkled face she dramatically replies "Too far too far, you go somewhere closer for holiday". I smile but then have to laugh heartily. How do I explain to her what she possibly couldn't understand? Instead I say "I don't know you but you make me happy". In an instant, she makes me feel as if I have known and desired her for such a long time. Just as common sense cannot be taught in school, the nature of the Thai is something that should be envied by all.

Her long black hair is flowing over my shoulder and down my arm onto my leg. Her silky hair manages to shine through the darkness of the shanty bar highlighted by the changing colored lights. Gazing deep into her eyes surely invites a weakening soul. Sooner or later the legendary question "PAY BAR?" would arise but until then her company is pure innocence. Up until now she is a gorgeous divine young lady with a gentle manner and the question "PAY BAR?" would cruelly turn her into a prostitute. Perhaps the word "prostitute" should be redefined when and only when used in Thailand where mental satisfaction can equal and often surpass the pleasures of the flesh. The stranger's angel, not likely to fade away with time like so many other memories in life.

The next evening as I sat at the bar, from behind, a warm body pressed against me and squeezed me with hugging arms. I knew who I wished it to be and it was her. Our paths crossed once again and of course neither remembered each others' names. To spend the evening together as if long lost lovers was totally unrealistic but part of the Thailand intrigue. Each of us recklessly enjoying each others company then going our separate ways.

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A point of view never brought to mind is the whole concept of "SHORT TIME", "LONG TIME". Words tossed about in Thailand like "TIME FOR DINNER" or "ANOTHER BEER PLEASE". SHORT TIME is easy, you pay your baht and the next day ponder whether you wasted your money. Taken for granted, "SHORT TIME" is world wide, no big deal. But "LONG TIME", stop and think. The reason for "LONG TIME" is enjoying someone's company (prostitute) enough to make such a agreement. The total cost of "LONG TIME" in the end far exceeds the agreed price in the bar. The price being baht plus the part of your soul you leave behind when traveling home. The reason someone would "LONG TIME" for days or weeks is a tribute to Thai beauty and personality. I assure you "LONG TIME" is far from a common term in America.

The people of Thailand (men and women) invisibly penetrate my soul and as each day passed made the background of lung choking pollution, hopeless traffic, penetrating heat, dilapidated houses and buildings seem unimportant. Lazy trips down the river seeing people living in houses broken by time smiling and waving from shore as if they haven't seen me in ages. The same people placed in an ultra modern, squeaky clean Singapore environment just wouldn't be the same. On two Thailand trips toward the end of the trips, I forgot what day it was and had to look at my airline ticket to remember the date I was supposed to leave. What a joy to have lost track of time. Back home people saying "Oh, back from your trip. Where are you going next year?". My answer "Oh, I don't know". Bullshit, I know!

If you are rich, handsome, confident, laugh at viagara and have a crystal clear direction in life – STOP HERE AND PROCEED TO THE NEXT READERS SUBMISSION STORY. If you are the average joe like me, here is my worthless opinion. Have you ever had a dream so real with exotic babes tickling your every fantasy only to be awoken by the screeching alarm clock that sends you at that ungodly hour to that job that you've hated for years? Well let me tell you my friends, Thailand is real – no dream. Enjoy Thailand for what it offers today for Thailand changes by the day and holds no guarantees for tomorrow. Reading the "READERS SUBMISSION" stories can heighten your awareness for the good and bad but traveling to Thailand with a psychiatrist, lawyer and two body guards sort of defeats the whole purpose. Instead travel to Thailand with a keen eye, common sense and an ample supply of sturdy condoms. Trying to analyze and apply the endless stories and you will end up like a dog chasing its tail, not sure if its the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end.

Stickman says:

There is more to Thailand than prostitution, so much more.

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