Stickman Readers' Submissions June 28th, 2002

Maid To Order

Anonymous Submission

I came to the bar scene in a backwards sort of way. I've lived in Thailand a while now and dated a "real" Thai girl for more than a year. Through her I put a lot of work in on the language and tangled with the inter-cultural dating issues. After sorting through the language issues, and then sorting through the cultural issues we discovered that we just

weren't compatible. A bit of work that would have taken two dinners max with a girl from home, but we managed to churn away at it for about a year.

He Clinic Bangkok

I go to Pattaya a couple times a year for business and on those trips spent a lot of time in the bars, but never did the naughty. I would show the girls pictures of my girlfriend, let them know that all that was in it was a few lady drinks for them, and a chance for me to work on my Thai. Some stuck around to chat, some looked for greener (purpler?) pastures.

So, on my first post break up trip to Pattaya I needed a new take on things, did I really want to get more into the scene and BF a few girls after all the time I'd spent as a lurker. In the end I decided what the heck, and took a few girls out for some very mediocre experiences and ended up totally disillusioned with gogo girls, and figuring beer bar girls were maybe a 1 in 10 sort of thing that the sex would be any fun at all.

On the latest trip I got some local advice and tried some of the more loungier places down on Soi Yodsak. There I met a little fire brand who I quickly short timed and had my first quality BG sex. Impressed with this action a few days later I LT'd her out for two days and we went on a bit of a tour of the local environs as I had a day off.

CBD bangkok

The morning after our last night together I had to be in the office early, and of course she was still passed out. I mulled it over for a few minutes and decided screw it, let her sleep, I clearly must have been still groggy.

So, after a long and cranky day at the office I'm walking back to my room, and really getting sort of stressed. What the hell was I thinking leaving a hooker unattended in my room? Christ / Oh My Buddha, what sort of an idiot am I? Sure, there wasn't scads of cash, but there was the phone, a camera, my passport. Who knows what trouble she could have been up to?

So, there I am, key in the lock, afraid to open the door, we had two really fun days together, and it's really the fond memories I'm most afraid of losing.

I push the door open and my jaw hits the floor. Then I burst out laughing, the bitch, she's cleaned the place!

wonderland clinic

Ok, so on the road I'm a total slob, paperwork and clothes scattered everywhere, the maid does just the minimum leaving the dirty / clean piles pretty much where they lie. Nok, had done EVERYTHING. Clothes folded, paper work stacked, she's even cleaned the bathroom and neatly arranged the 12 half used little soap bars! What the F!? Definitely not getting service like that from a girl at home?

Then I sort of looped over it a bit, was it really some sort of search? Her check to see if maybe there was *really* anything worth having to change bard over? But in the end, I don't think so. The drawers (where anything of any real worth was) seemed undisturbed. She'd only done stuff that was visibly out and about, even going so far as stacking all
the loose change from my pockets. And this from a girl I hadn't really given any impression I'd see again?

There was only last thing, a note, "Don't forget me, Nok" and her number.

I flip-flopped between creeped and touched, and settled on touched I really think it was just a nice gesture. Your thoughts?

Of course I called her, and of course I took her out again, and of course I asked her what she was on about, but got no real answer in the way that Thais can avoid questions no matter how well you speak the language.

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