Stickman Readers' Submissions July 29th, 2001

The Stalker

I have just returned from a first time trip to Thailand… as you can imagine I fell totally in love with everything, food, way of life, people, attitude etc etc. I went with no intentions on partaking in the dares of the night, but didn't rule it out either. I did some homework before I went, like knowing the basic do's & don't's, had a plan of where to go, even learned some Thai (pronouncing it correctly and all) but I knew very little of how the bargirls (a much preferable name than hookers) operate. Very little of the nightlife in general.

Without sounding bigheaded here I'm considered attractive enough, slim build, short hair (all the characteristics that Thais seem to like) and I'm in my mid-20's. So one bar we went into and I like this girl (I didn't know that bargirls where hookers, just thought they were flirty by nature). So my mates all say she is a hooker and I say "no, she's too kind-hearted!". So I'm with her a couple of nights, never pay for her, she says she is not a hooker, all good. Then the nasty stuff starts happening (its sooo funny reading your definition of butterfly) – she says her friends in the bar say I'm a butterfly (because of my ignorance, and the sheer beauty of butterflies in Thailand, I take it as a compliment).
Why? Because they see me in other bars talking to other women… which I was! As you do!

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So one day she turns up at my hut in the morning (checking to see if I was with someone else I reckon). She finds I'm alone, we sit and have lunch (I told her I had no wallet, and she offered to pay for me!?). She spoke very little English so our commutation was limited to my few Thai phrases and Connect 4. At one point the boredom was so tedious that I started to make little stories in Thai with the (limited) knowledge I had of the language. (She found this very amusing)

So… more nights on the town and me chatting up (and getting chatted up) more women… she turns up again while I'm chatting to some more ladies. This happened once or twice, but when it happened the third time I got pissed off (I'm in Thailand getting stalked on holiday for crying out loud!!). This particular night I told her I had a new lady friend (while pointing to my new found friend) and not to follow me anymore. She wouldn't take no as an answer, she dragged me outside of the club, wouldn't allow me go back in to the other girl etc etc. I eventually broke free of her and made my way back into the club. I went looking for the other girl and then she found me. When I get outside the club with the
hooker (intentions of getting home quick came to mind, I was quite horny!) I spot the stalker girl again. Now don't get me wrong here, I was always very polite to her in how I explained things (but I was starting to get really annoyed). She comes over and starts to speak Thai to the other girl, I was expecting a cat fight, but they spoke to each other in hushed tones. Meanwhile I spot a taxi and hop in it thinking "I'll go home alone, no problem" and before I can blink the two of them are in sitting beside me.

So… here I am stuck in a taxi with one girl who (apparently) loves me and another who wants to shag me for money. They speak like they are friends the whole way home while occasionally the hooker would put the stalkers hand on my lap saying "she loves you, she loves you". At this point I'm saying to the both of them that they are crazy. So journey home completed, I pay the taxi guy who was constantly amused by what was going on (no doubt the conversation they had was amusing for those who could understand it).

I'm walking towards bed now… the two of them, still talking, trail behind. I'm thinking what do they want? The one who loves me won't let me shag the other one & they certainly aren't going to have a twosome! So they follow me up to my doorstep. Never once did I spot friction between them (in my country there would be blood I tells ya!). The stalker proceeds to wake up my friend next door (she knew where we all lived since she had visited during the day) by kicking his hut. He opens the door in shock to see her complaining about me being with the other lady. He tells her (politely) to just go home, and that I'm like that (I have many lady was his words). While this is happening the hooker goes off in a hump. I was bitterly disappointed to see her go first, the other way around means I still could have got a shag in…anyway.

When the stalker sees the hooker storm off, she after another rant at me (the only thing I understood was butterfly) walks off too. I go into my hut, turn on my walkman, laugh it off (although still horny) and try and sleep. About 2 hours later I hear someone knocking on my door. I shout "who is it?" and I hear the voice of the stalker call my name. I was VERY annoyed because a) I was asleep b) she prevented me from having fun the previous few hours. So I take a deep breath, open the door and get ready to… well just tell her off. Then to my surprise…

I open the door and… it was the hooker!! I get to have the shag, the next morning I pay her (480 baht), I notice she wants to hang around, I tell her that the stalker may come back today (that scared her to go, to be honest it was a possibility!). And that was it. The night was such an insight in how Thai's behave (well bargirls anyway). What I want to know is… towards the end of the holiday I had some more girls… and okay I did buy them drinks (not a lot, and never alcoholic) but they all slept with me for nothing. Sure they were hookers, but they seemed to be interested in me. On the last day of my holiday
I spent the whole day in a pub on the Kao San Road with this stunning hooker, and she tells me she really liked me, I never paid for her, and she was sad to see me go etc etc… She has sent me e-mails saying she misses me so much etc etc oh and she cried when I left for the airport.

I'm asking you, is this genuine? Or are they planning something more sinister? (the want for security etc etc) I know for a fact that the last one (the stunning one) enjoyed the sex, so maybe I did her a favour? I don't know. What do you think? The thing is, I was more than willing to pay them, but because they never asked – I never did!

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Stickman says:

Both the hooker and the stalker were bar girls, no question about it. Not paying bargirls can become very dangerous very quickly. They will not give you an invoice the next morning for services rendered, rather prefer you to offer them some money. While freebies are available, one needs to be careful with them. Sounds like you had a great time though!

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