UrbanFlowers Ignites Love Lives with Flower Delivery


Long-distance relationships with Thai ladies are never easy. Throw language and culture barriers into the mix and you’re going to run into problems occasionally. Thankfully, there’s UrbanFlowers. 

If you find yourself in hot water with your Thai girlfriend – be she around the world or around the corner – you’re going to fix it. That’s where UrbanFlowers flower delivery Bangkok comes in

Let’s say your girl Nok decides you’re cheating on her. She called you at 2 in the morning and you didn’t answer. It doesn’t matter that you were sleeping (alone). She’s sure you’re stepping out on her. The next day, turning on the charm didn’t work. So it’s time to pull out the big guns. 

Let UrbanFlowers Patch Things Up

One great way – and still unusual in Thailand – to patch things up is with a flower delivery. For that, check out UrbanFlowers. If you’re like me, you probably don’t know anything about flowers, so that could make it hard to choose. But, luckily, the UrbanFlowers website makes it easy to find what you need, and what she’ll love.

You’ll want to select something that has special meaning for your lady. You want to show that you put a bit of thought into it. 

As soon as you land on the website, you’ll see headings at the top. You can search for flowers by occasion and, taking a look through the list, you’ll find a category called “I’m Sorry Flowers”. For this occasion, that’s the perfect fit.

There are loads of different bouquets to choose from, and they all are shown in gorgeous photos. (The bouquets are modelled by Thai ladies, giving you a bit of eye candy too.) 

UrbanFlowers Flower Delivery Bangkok

All of the bouquets look stunning, too, and they come with cool names like “Stairway to Heaven”, “Lava Passion” and “Dirty Dancing”.


Still not sure what to choose? UrbanFlowers flower delivery Bangkok luckily gives you all the info you need. At the bottom of the page is a guide to the meaning of different types of flowers. 

After reading the descriptions, you choose the Pink Lush bouquet. Pink is your girlfriend’s favourite colour, so it was a no-brainer really. The bouquet features Ranunculus flowers, roses, Floribunda roses, pink roses, Scabiosa and wax flowers. It comes with a huge pink bow that makes it look really fancy.

After you choose with bouquet you want, the rest is easy: You can choose the single size for 2,390 baht (a sizable bouquet) , the double for 4,090 baht or the triple for 5,390 baht. If you’re really screwed up, you might want to make a statement by choosing the UrbanFlowers triple bouquet.

There also are other items you can add to give the bouquet an extra special touch. If your lady has a sweet tooth, you can add the Belgian chocolate tray. You get 15 handcrafted chocolates for just 890 baht, which is a great deal, especially as VAT and shipping are included. So you always know exactly what the final cost will be.

Payment is just as easy. UrbanFlowers accepts Linepay, True Money, PromptPay, Allpay and bank transfers.

UrbanFlowers delivers daily between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. all across Bangkok. Delivery is always free and includes a free greeting card. Compare that with other services that slap on as much as 250 baht for delivery and a card.

If you need any help before or after ordering, use the live chat on the website. But you can also email or call +66-(0)62-195-9586.

Once the flowers arrive, expect a call as soon as she puts them in water. Hopefully the call won’t be at 2 a.m.!

For all its modernity, Thailand still doesn’t have a thriving floral-retail industry. Florists can be hard to find, even in Bangkok, with many people resorting to exploring outdoor markets, hoping the flower sellers haven’t packed it in for the day.

Even if they are open, flower wholesaler generally are terrible when it comes to packaging and presentation. And then there’s the matter of pricing.

UrbanFlowers – despite offering larger bouquets and premium presentation – can be 30% or more less expensive than flower shops. It’s not until you shop UrbanFlowers that you realize the ridiculous markup applied to retail flowers, especially roses, in Thailand. 

UrbanFlowers imports large, premium flowers and end-to-end keeps the fresh, bright and smelling sweet. 

Women are super happy with UrbanFlowers bouquet and you’ll hear her excitement over the phone. If she’s nearby, you’ll probably get even better. 

UrbanFlowers pays out massive brownie for guys needing to make nice or impress their significant others be they local in Bangkok or a long-distance relationship.