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Thailand Visa


Thailand’s visa and immigration laws are like so many things in the Kingdom, rather complicated, inconsistently enforced and just plain confusing!

I’ve put together this basic guide on visas and Immigration rules in Thailand to try and simplify things, and to help those who wish to stay in Thailand long-term. This guide is written primarily with Westerners in mind.

This is far from a comprehensive guide to all of the visa laws and regulations but rather a few pointers that should answer most of the questions Westerners have about staying in Thailand long-term. I getannoyed when I see information online about the visa process in Thailand that is just a rehash or worse still, a translation, of the official requirements. I have written this in such a way that I personally find to be useful useful, with analysis and information of how things actually are on the ground – not just the regulations listed!

Should you find any mis-information here, or information that is contrary to your personal experiences, please do let me know so that the pages can be updated and / or the misinformation amended!