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Private Dancer

  • Author: Steve Leather
  • Review by Stick
Book cover Private Dancer by Steve Leather

Private Dancer is the cult classic Thailand bargirl novel. Originally published online and offered for free download, Steve Leather published it in late 2005 / early 2005 and it is believed that it is now the top selling English language novel in Thailand.

Steve has spent much time in Bangkok and Private Dancer is based on the stories that he has heard during his time in the Kingdom. Written completely in the first person with several main characters, the story is seen through each character's eyes as the plot follows the main character Pete, an expat working in Thailand who falls in love with a girl called Joy, a gogo bar dancer and finds himself on a rollercoaster ride as he discovers that everything he thought about his new darling is not what it may first have seemed.

What I liked: Its a wonderful depiction of the life of a bargirl, and the life of the Bangkok expat who loses the plot. For me, Steve Leather had been my favourite author ever since I read Solitary Man and for me to read a book set in Thailand's naughty nightlife AND written by my favourite author, is something special.

What I didn't like: The recipes!

Overall: It could be argued that this is the best non fiction full length novel written about Thai bargirls and their wicked ways. It is a must read for anyone who has spent time in the addictive Thai bar environment, especially those who have entertained thoughts of taking the girl out of the bar…

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