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Patpong Bangkok’s Twilight Zone

  • Author: Nick Nostitz
  • Review by Stick
Book cover Patpong Bangkok’s Twilight Zone by Nick Nostitz

An almost macabre look at Bangkok's nightlife as seen through the lens of this ace photographer. Nostitz's collection of photography captures the seedy side of Bangkok's nightlife in a book that would frighten the living daylight out of your mother if she thought you were indulging in this. The book was slowly put together over a long period of time, and by the time that it was finally released, the author had more than a feeling for the industry and hence along with the photography, there is some very well written commentary too.

What I liked: The photography is absolutely first rate, atmospheric, and pulls you in, demonstrating just how horrible Thailand's naughty nightlife really is. You find yourself staring
into the background of pictures, searching for the chance, the smallest chance, that you might see yourself there. Nick captures the feel of the industry beautifully.

What I didn't like: It can be a bit depressing, but then, the more you get to understand prostitution in Thailand, the more you realise that the whole industry is depressing and that losers greatly
outnumber winners, both amongst the guys and the girls.

Overall: An outstanding book that will appeal strongly to the thinking man. Anyone madly in love with the Thai bargirl industry might not like it, in fact they might even take offence at it.

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