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  • Author: Christopher G. Moore
  • Review by Stick
Book cover Chairs by Christopher G. Moore

Chris Moore's first book is a collection of short stories that seems to revolve around Chris and his real life friends in Bangkok who meet each weekend in Sogo Tower to discuss life in the East, the West and their tales of debauchery. Some of the stories are set in the naughty nightlife and some aren't. Some of them may well include people that you know, or at least would be able to recognise.

What I liked: Some of the stories are really good, and some of the places are well known to me.

What I didn't like: Plagued with the sort of typos that I wouldn't grumble about if it was his first novel, Chris really should shoot his editor for having missed so many. A couple of the stories were not so interesting, but in any short story collection, that is the norm.

Overall: This work is quite different from a lot of his other books and makes a very nice change. For my money, Chris's best work – and this is coming from someone who usually does not care for short stories.