Teacher Tim's TEFL International Blog November 20th, 2010

It’s Better Than A Poke in the Eye With A Sharp Stick

warning: adult content – very violent & sexual language.

As a marketing maven for TEFL International I get to run a nifty little program called Tweetdeck. It lets me access and respond to other people’s tweets. I can type in the phrase “teach in Thailand”, and I will get all the tweets that contain that phrase for the past 2 hours – if the tweet is something like “I wish I could teach in Thailand”, I just type in our URL w/a brief invitation and send it to them.

He Clinic Bangkok

I thought I would share, unedited, some of the tweets I’ve seen recently under the headings “I hate my job” and “I hate winter”.

The next time you want to complain about your life as an ESL teacher here in Thailand, just remember what these people tweeted so uninhibitedly! Imagine what their life must be like to make them tweet like this!

· I hate my job. For real :/

CBD bangkok

· I hate my dumb ass job. Someone shoot me…

· Sometimes I really hate my job!!Especially when I'm walking into a room and there's a big turd o/t floor

· I hate when people come to my job going smack.

· I may hate my job more than hitler hated the jews someone entertain me call uptown for the love of god!

wonderland clinic

· I hate it when my finger goes through the toilet paper.Otherwise i love my job as a care assistant for the elderly

· I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.

· It is official and there is no kinda about it; I hate my job

· Haven't complained about work much lately so …. I HATE MY FUCKING JOB!

· Everytime I start to not hate my job, I get checked and remember the bullshit.

· Hate life! Hate my job! Hate facebook! Hate the world! Wish I could go somewhere I don't know anyone and start over.

· Ppl wonder what I hate most about my job. I would say it's 95% of the customers should have been put down on birth they're that retarded

· Ughhh I hate my job , I'm bored as shit , & I'm stuck here for the next 3 hours & 10 minutes .

· Oh how i HATE my job, let me count the ways…

· Damn, walkin into my job kills me, makes me hate ppl,, , mayb I shudnt b a social worker

· FREEEZING … i hate winter, hate it, hate it, hate it ..

· Note to self : I hate winter, I hate snow, I hate ice, I hate the cold. Did I say I hate the snow? the snow is comin down now!

· I love the first snowfall of winter. So light and pretty. Then I slip and fall in it, and I hate it again.


· Dear winter, I hate you. Please go away.

· White shit falling from the sky here. God I hate winter

· I have noooothhhinnngg to wear. I hate winter. Summer clothes are so much easier

· I like the dark nights of winter but I hate the cold mornings. I hope it snows so we don't have to go to school for eight years.

· hate jingle bells, talk of turkey, fake snow, shit movies, christmas cheer, boots adverts. Even red and white are my enemies during winter.

· Brr.. Its chilly! I just hate how their are homeless peeps who have 2 sleep in cold weather!

· I hate cold weather, I'm basically guna be irritated for the next 4-5 months.

· I hate football. And cold weather.

nana plaza