Stickman Readers' Submissions May 19th, 2020

Still Locked Down In The Philippines

Hi readers, a follow up to my last piece. Well as the title suggests, I am still locked down here. There has been a few changes here recently. As I mentioned last time, I’m not sure it’s actually the Philippines making all of these rules or are they just following the agendas of their western or eastern exploiters? They were due to end the ECQ ( enhanced community quarantine….they like to use all these professional exaggerated terms and I’m sure its related to self-importance ), on the 15 May, but in Manila and Cebu city they have extended it, as I knew they would, even though it appears a lot of Filipinos believed it would end ( believing what they are told again ).

In the two cities they have now introduced a modified ECQ which is basically the same, but with more industry and stores apparently open ( even though shutting down has achieved absolutely nothing, but the decision makers believe their own lies and that they are the saviours ). Wow but get this, you are now allowed to go out jogging or walking for exercise…sorry, but I never stopped doing that you clowns ! Only one person from each household is allowed out at a time ( again, keep the people socially separated ).

He Clinic Bangkok

In the provinces they have now made it a GCQ ( general community quarantine ),apparently more work, and transport are some of the features. I don’t know all of it and exactly all the locations but you get my point.

All the insane bullshit social distancing ( keep the people isolated and apart to lessen their power) still applies as well as wearing the absolutely pointless face muzzle ( face mask ), to stop social interaction, smiling and general friendliness. Of course this is all apparently in place because of a common cold or flu….?

I have witnessed and read some more interesting examples of madness and insanity that I would like to share that might make you smile or shake your head in disbelief. Just for the record nothing here is exaggerated at all, and there is no fiction involved, and my opinions on the plandemic are just that, opinions, oops I mean pandemic…

CBD bangkok

I saw some profiles of Filipinas internet dating with the profile headings ” Lord please protect us from the virus”, I found this truly disturbing…almost lost for words actually regarding the fear and stupidity.

I was walking the other day past a checkpoint and happened to see a hand painted sign at the entrance to a community. It read, ” Born free, RIP, died of covid 19″. My first thought was an insane scare tactic ( I would bet the dumb ass that wrote the sign hadn’t done any alternative research on covid ) ??

I read a news article stating that 48 people or thereabouts were saved from covid 19 because they wore face masks! They had come into contact with an apparently infected person but the masks had saved them from the virus. I’m not quite sure where they got their evidence from, but I suspect the person or persons divulging this information had an IQ of 40 at best.

Another clown journalist wrote an article titled ” Imagine a world without a covid 19 vaccine”, my initial thought on that one was that they should inject the writer, but not to vaccinate, but euthanize, and in the comment section some brainless girl commented that without a covid vaccination the world’s population will be wiped out. I’m not sure where she got that info from, but it appears it came from her seriously unhinged brain, euthanize x 2 I say.

wonderland clinic

Another recent article was from a councillor I think, calling for all public transport to have plastic sheeting erected around the seating and to separate individuals, I kid you not. They had a picture of a jeepney with the plastic erected, ( a jeepney is like a songthaew basically, and mainly the poorer masses use them ). Can you imagine sitting in one of those tin hot boxes with a plastic sheet in front of you, sheets either side of you and in peak hour gridlock traffic? Forget deaths from covid 19, the people will fry in there and die of heat exhaustion ! More madness to add to the list…

A main airport is being prepared for when things reopen, with all its new social distancing adaptions, the wearing of face muzzles ( face masks ), and people having to sit one seat apart. I wonder if the people implementing these insane rules actually consider how crazy the rules are or that they genuinely believe it’s all necessary and beneficial ? I am no scientist, but virus or no virus, are people really stupid enough to believe that sitting an extra 60 cm away from another individual is going to make a blind bit of difference? Oh my….I hear Bill Gates has spoken about culling some of the world population…well it might be an idea to start with the panic stricken numbskulls that are believing all the bullshit that is being fed to them…nah people have a right to life…but hey you get my point.

Here in the city the authorities seem to be mass testing the poor and more strictly locking down their communities, its seems to be the normal in general here, the poorer cop all the shit, while people with money live a lot more free and don’t get bothered. The war on drugs seemed to be focused on the poor whist those with money recreationally use drugs as they please, so I am told from various sources.

Hey and it’s not just the Philippines where all of this madness is happening either, its world-wide. There are moronic cretins in every world-wide society, it’s just that here the level of insanity was higher prior to the plandemic ( pandemic ), so its amplified now.

Some more crazy implementations I didn’t mention in my last piece…plastic sheeting dividers at counter fronts in quite a few stores, if I go to a food outlet and it has a big plastic divider, I walk out, its fucking stupidity. My fucking hands are so dry from the daily bouts of alcohol spray I get bombarded with every time I return to my residence, go into a bank, buy takeaway…I think you get the picture…and those fucking temperature guns !

I saw guys stopping motorbikes and spraying some kind of disinfectant all over the bike and rider ! I have walked into establishments and at the door I am made to step into this tray like contraption with towels in it and it filled with some kind of alcohol or disinfectant chemical which really pisses me off as all I worry about it doing is dissolving the glue on the soles of my expensive running shoes !

I went out to buy takeaway the other day, on the way I saw two respectable looking women coming my way eating their takeaway, and she just blatantly tosses the rubbish on the ground without a second thought…hang on euthanize x 3 hehe.

I get to the fast food outlet, there is no guard at the door so a young grab delivery driver waiting at the door for some reason decides to take my temperature with the electronic gun, spray my hands with chemicals, of course the temp gun was totally inaccurate as I was apparently freezing, I would guess at least half of the temp guns are totally inaccurate, but I also guess that at least half or more of the people operating the guns wouldn’t even know the normal human body temp anyway!

Anyway, I order my food and am waiting, a Foreigner walks in and the grab guy attempts to take the guys temp, and the foreigner just brushes him off basically and mumbled something, I mean it was a bit rude, but all the spraying and temp taking is fucking annoying. The Foreigner grabs his phone order food and is out quickly and the grab kid mumbles something. The grab guy then turns to me and says, “Is he your friend” ? I’m thinking, what the ? I say no, I don’t know the guy in a tone that was firm, and then I ask the guy, is he your friend, and have a friendly laugh.

I mean, how dumb to ask me if the foreigner was my friend, when clearly I had nothing to do with the guy. It’s this kind of dumb ass shit that is super common in this country, and I will write a piece soon describing some insane behaviour I have witnessed over the years.

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