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Dating in the Philippines Part 3

These are just my observations based on my experiences as a younger guy living in the Philippines. I have already mentioned your employment, age and looks will obviously affect the different experiences we all have. I will describe a number of common ways foreign men will interact with women here.


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As many a seasoned traveller and expat in the Philippines often knows is that whores have their uses too. If a guy is any way half decent, especially young and handsome the necessity of using a whore is not very often. There are of course many guys that won’t, especially the backpackers staying in dorms with that type of crowd. Using a hooker is on an each to their own basis I think.

Then again a night on the piss at bars or discos might change that if the girl is hot, you want an easy fxxk, and alcohol is involved. Remember hookers will often be present around nightlife areas of the Philippines, as well as in the malls, and quite often online too.

I remember the old nightclub in Mango square Cebu called J Ave. It was a great place to party, lots of hookers and quite a few normal girls too. As a younger guy you could pull whores for free there, as the girls motive was the long-term relationship coupled with support for her and her family. There was a lot of girls with low paying day jobs moonlighting there at night, looking to supplement their income or snag a sponsor as such.

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They would come home and Bang you and not ask for money, but occasionally you got a sob story or tales of woe, which were ignored of course, if you were feeling generous you would sometimes give them a cab fare in the morning and move them along.

I once took a hottie home with me and the story went something like this….I was drinking with her and her friend at a table, and they had a bottle of Tequila, and were shouting me shots, I thought great, free piss, a pleasant change from the Thailand scene. I took the hottie back home that night, free of charge. I thought they were certainly part-time whores.

The next night I met them again, got given a few free shots again, and the hottie says to me, last night you fxxked for free, now this time you pay….I looked at her friend who was also keen and took her home instead and banged her for free apart from a $5 cab fare I was nice enough to provide.

I later learnt the hotties tactic was to get the foreign drunk on shots, and then bang them for money…except with me the plan failed miserably….hehe. Ah the good old days of J Ave….which is still there but under a different name with nowhere near as many girls as before.

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The price of whores, part-time and online whores varies in the Philippines. It depends on location etc, your age, your looks, street, nightclub, online etc. Recently as in most places the price of girls has risen in the Philippines, but not really anything to do with supply, demand or inflation. In the Philippines the price rise for whores in certain places are due to dumb fuck Foreigners over paying by far too much, through lack of knowledge of the country and culture, drunkenness, and being weak as piss willed.

I remember the price around 2013 in Angeles city being 1500 peso all night, and maybe with a tip, tip being unnecessary as 1500 is more than enough anyway. Subic Bay was the same from a Bikini bar and probably negotiable down to 1000 peso. I can’t comment on the prices now as I don’t go there, I actually disliked Angeles City completely…its like a poor mans Pattaya!

A recent stint living in the Philippines had me a little surprised at the money certain guys were throwing at whores and good girls. I will write about online next time. In my opinion the good old days in the Philippines are long gone too, especially in the major cities where lots of foreigners frequent.

I was once drinking in a Boracay bar with a young American guy who gave a girl her asking price of 4000 peso, which was double the going rate there, which was still double what the price should have been for a short time. The American lad was back in the bar 45 minutes later, I did mention that 4 k was way too high, but he just said it was still around $ 80 US, so didn’t matter.

To me it mattered as there is no way a general doctor in the Phils makes $80 an hour! That kind of money to a poor girl from the province with maybe a grade 8 education is absurd! If the same girl worked a sales job in a mall, she would most likely get 40 peso an hour if she was lucky, 80 cents US. See the difference, Dumb tourists are out of control and the girls are laughing all the way to the bank!

I have met girls online that ask 2000 short time…way too much indeed…they only roll the dice because the last fat old dumb fxxk felt like being generous…without knowing a damn thing about the country or the minimum wage. Of course your age and looks, manners etc will have a bearing on price too.

If you are a fat grunting pig of a man then expect to pay more or at least the inflated going rate.

So shortly I will mention current fair whore prices in the Philippines in my opinion only, and the two-week millionaires need to take heed of this, as its you that has made the average girl in the Philippines think her little province pussy leaks gold, and I assure you that the local guys equivalent to her, most definitely do not think Filipina pussy is anything special at all, let alone worth throwing stupid money at.

In 2019 the  expensive part of Manila I have no idea about, nor Angeles City, as I have no interest in it. The last time in Cebu Mango Square it was still happening a little bit, but is more low-key than years previous. If you are a decent sort you can still pull for free in the old J Ave with a different name on the building, but it aint no pussy heaven like before.

Still whores in the nightclub and lots hanging around outside trying their luck, some hardcore and some part-time looking to feed their hungry babies. I met a few prissy stuck up cxxxs in the nightclub who thought their pussies leaked gold, that asked me for $ 100 US, and I just laughed, not that I was interested anyway. They will try their luck and hope to God you are fresh off the boat!

Girls hanging around outside are asking 2000 peso short time, which is ridiculous also, just don’t pay it, you will find the right one at a better price. In the bikini bars they want a whopping 5000 peso for a barfine which you would hope they would stay all night for that, again far too much for the Philippines.

Online girls off the dating sites will moonlight as good girls, but are whores, but will deny it, also online there are many hard-core whores. They usually ask for 1500 short time, but again its delusional, unless you like to give away money.

So fair prices…..Expect Boracay to be a little dearer as well as Manila…but who goes there  as both places are shitholes anyway. At a Cebu nightclub all night should be 1000 peso, 1500 maximum if she is hot, but no more. Give a polite fuck off at 2000 short time.

A Bikini bar..well just drink and look, don’t waste your time or money barfining as prices have risen too much. Street whores, well 500 short time and 1000 all night is more than fair, but if you are where lots of drunk foreigners are ..remember the girls think their pussies leak gold, thanks to the two-week millionaire.

An online girl or a girl that you meet elsewhere and she is a part-time whore then 500 peso is more than enough for an hour fuck, remember if her lazy ass worked a day job she would be lucky to get 50 peso an hour, call centre girls average 50 – 60 peso an hour. On the dating sites there are lots of girls like this…although you will regularly hear the words “I’m not a whore” just brush that rubbish aside anyway…

If you are half decent looking, younger and on a date with a regular girl and you buy her a McDonald’s meal this is often sufficient for you to get laid if she likes you. When you have lived years in the Philippines and know the culture you will often cringe when you see the stupid money guys are throwing at these girls that are literally often struggling to feed the extended family.

It’s ok to be a little generous at times, but anything over the top is plain fucking stupid and just gives the girl a over-inflated sense of self-worth and you just create little overpriced, self entitled monsters. I think a lot of the expats will agree with me to some extent, the two-week millionaire and the white nights feathers will get ruffled hehe.

Stick‘s thoughts:

I get the message that you’re trying to make, but I think you could have done it in a much nicer and frankly, more palatable way. You come across as arrogant, cheap and to be frank, not likeable at all. You are damning of others while holding a very high opinion of yourself.

You’ll do a lot better with ladies and people in general if you’re pleasant to them and show them a bit of respect.

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