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The Difference Between How Western And Thai Women Love

Maybe I’m cynical, maybe because I have a female perspective of things I feel that I have an understanding of why western men have issues with falling in love with a Thai woman and why the relationships don’t work out a lot of the time.

I’m a very sexual person so wanted to visit one of the most sexual places on earth, Thailand! I had the opportunity to speak to many Thai women about love and their experiences with western men and what they wanted out of a relationship. Not just women working in girly bars, but women in general.

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Obviously when generalising about “Thai women” or “western men” there can be some issues because not everyone is the same but I think there’s some fairly significant differences in the way western men and Thai women view love. In this article I hope to show that Thai women and western women aren’t as different as they appear to be.

In the west we’re shown fairy tales from a young age, it’s all about finding your soul mate, finding that special someone who you’ll spend the rest of your life with no matter what. Once you find that special someone that you fall in love with, money, status, race, religion and all that other stuff shouldn’t matter because you’re in love and love conquers all. The prince can marry a pauper, a commoner and everybody lives happily ever after because love conquers all. Things like money are an afterthought.

How Thai women view love and marriage:

In basic terms, the man is there to provide for the woman and the woman is there to satisfy the man and bring up the children. The more money a man has, the better. They don’t view love as something magical, it’s not about soul mates, rather they view marriage as more of a business relationship for lack of a better term. When a Thai woman meets a western man she will want to extract as many resources from him as possible because that’s his duty. This might seem like it’s cold and calculated by western standards but is it really so cold and calculated?

What western women say they want:

Read any dating site and women will tell you they are after someone with a good sense of humour, someone kind and generous, a nice guy and that things like money and status don’t matter. However, when you look at the behaviour of western women, who do they want to be with? Football players, high-flying lawyers, doctors, people with money or status are who they go after. I think western women are fooling themselves by thinking all they want is a nice guy with a sense of humour. One of the top things they say they are after in a man is ‘ambition’ and that’s an aphrodisiac to them. What do they mean by ambition? Ambition is simple code for someone who will hopefully make a lot of money so that they can live comfortably.

Western women chase men with status and money whether they admit it or not. Power is an aphrodisiac. How many imbecile, unattractive footballers have you seen with a very desirable woman on his arm? How many times do you hear of a man’s business going bust or he loses his high paying job and then magically his wife decides she doesn’t love him anymore? Sure, there are cases where the wife stands by her man but the same happens in Thailand as well.

If you’ve lived in poverty and have all these farangs who even if they’re not rich in their own country, they’re most likely rich by Thailand standards and there’s a great discrepancy in the level of wealth of the farang and the Thai women, of course when they see a foreigner spending money with careless abandon they view him as a honey pot.

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How many western women are there that date or are married to someone wealthy won’t try to spend a lot of his money? Once dating a rich western man, a western woman will want expensive jewellery, clothes, holidays, to go to the best restaurants, to buy a nice house and drive a nice car and if the rich man doesn’t spend cash like this on his partner he doesn’t really love her, right, and isn’t paying her enough attention? This is how it works in the west and why I believe that Western women are similar to Thai women. Just like Thai men are similar to western men, they want sex and lots of it!

This is a guest post by Vikki. She can be reached at

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