Stickman Readers' Submissions September 1st, 2017

My Exploits In The Land Of Smiles

It has been some time since my last submission and I would like to support the Stickman site with a long overdue contribution. To bring everyone up to date, I have been living off and on in Thailand for the past twenty years. The last nine years have been primarily in the Middle East where I have established a graphic design company. Almost two years ago, I set up a Thai office to work on projects at a lower cost basis than what I’m presently doing in the Middle East.

As an American it was easy to set up a company where I am 100% owner and using the services of Sunbelt Asia made everything so much easier. They took care of everything including getting us visas for two foreign nationals. I spend about a week to two weeks every month working out of my Bangkok office and it’s been an interesting experience.

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About 17 years ago, I married my Thai wife and we have three delightful children who live with me in the Middle East. Even though I love her very much I could not help but enjoy the ladies of Thailand who are at your beck and call. Let’ be honest, even though my wife is 18 years younger than me and takes very good care of herself, sex becomes boring and does not compare to the services of a new, hot, young lady. I am not in to the go-go bar scene but I find a never-ending supply of freelancers in the various bars and discos around the Sukhumvit area.

If I’m looking for a more sophisticated woman with better English language skills, I’ll go to places like Spasso or Oscar. This is where I found a beautiful lady who was 29 years old and we had a relationship for over a year. She checked all the boxes for me in looks, conversational ability plus I could take her anywhere and she fit in. She was an extremely confident and strong woman who could hold her own in any conversation with business associates or friends. We had an understanding that I would not divorce my wife and she was only going to be number two. I believe these type of relationships have a limited shelf life because most women want more. This one in particular wanted a family and commitment. Even though I took care of her financially she still wanted more. So it ended about 6 months ago and we are still friends even though I have moved on to someone new.

Another great hunting ground for me was Climax on Soi 11 where you would find a never-ending stream of mostly Isarn woman who wanted to party plus get taken care of by a Farang. When Climax closed, I found out that a lot of the ladies could be now found at Hillary 2 on Soi Nana. Hillary 2 is a similar type of bar with a live band but on smaller scale. This is where I found my new tilac who is the complete opposite of my other girlfriend.

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The new one is 28 years old and extremely hot with a body that rocks plus she has a face of an angel. She is sweet too and has only recently started augmenting her salary of a department store sales girl. Totally unsophisticated, lots of tattoos and average English skills. She is really not my type but for some reason it’s been a little bit of heaven. Where the last one had lots of drama and fights this one just wants to please. The last one was very experienced in bed and this one wants to learn and just take care of me. While I am in town, she will move in with me and is happy to just stay in the room and cook plus watch TV. The last girl wanted to go out every night to the most popular restaurants and clubs while this one is happy to just hang out. After a long day of work I prefer to hang out and make love all night.

“Oh what a lucky man he was” is the lyrics of a song that I believe a man of my age feels when he is in bed with a beautiful young lady who takes such good care of him. Every year, I go back to the States to visit family and spend time with friends from high school. What a different life they lead. Most are led by the nose (like a water buffalo) by their fat ugly bitching wives and are constantly nitpicked. They haven’t had sex for years and deep down I can see the jealously written all over their faces when I tell them of my exploits and show them pictures of my tilac.  On top of that the United States has become so politically correct and the woman are now exploiting the men.

I’ll give you an example. After dinner, I get up and go to the living room to chat with my Dad. My sister and my Dad’s girlfriend will tell my wife why are you cleaning up after dinner and doing the dishes. Instead they are used to the man doing most of the work of cleaning up. That’s what my Sister’s husband does and my sister barely lifts a finger. Maybe I’m old fashion but when I take care of the family for all financial matters and my wife stays home and takes care of the kids. It’s her responsibility to take care of the home which means cleaning up after meals. I actually loved my wife’s response to the two ladies when she said the she actually likes taking care of her husband. They just looked dumbfounded. Maybe that is why men of all ages are finding out a much better way of life out of the United States.

Stick‘s thoughts:

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Cheating on a partner is seriously uncool in my mind.

I get it that some people genuinely make a mistake and might succumb to temptation especially if alcohol is part of the equation.  That one-off liaison at a work Christmas party scenario comes to mind.  It’s not good, but you can kind of understand how it happened.

Your case is different.  You are systematically seeking the services of other women while you have a wife and 3 children at home.  Most wives would be mortified if they found out about this – and how would the kids react?  I don’t want to seem like a bore or someone who is puritanical, but spare a thought for your wife and family.

The author cannot be contacted.

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