Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2017

Final Thoughts and Anecdotes

It is with sad heart that I write this piece. Sad because the Stick site will soon be no more (but hopefully rise like the phoenix as another site). Sad that that I discovered your site and Thailand a little too late in life (ohhh to be 20 again and be able to shag like no tomorrow). Sad because I enjoyed immensely reading people’s stories, and that they will soon finish. Some good, some bad, some interesting, some boring, some prolific yet tedious, and yet as Stick Reader mentioned in his recent post, ALL were given their say. And to that I can only humbly commend and thank you, Stick.

My personal favorite writer was “The Pretender”.

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You are a survivor. You lasted all these years. Your website was simple yet deep in its observations. You weathered a crazy psychopath, and survived. Accolades? Unfortunately no literary awards for you or your readers. Although a mention in Lonely Planet, for what its worth, was a good measure of your thoroughness and insight on Thailand. But who needs awards, the knowledge of having so many loyal and faithful followers is more than enough compensation.

A few columns ago you had a story about photographing prostitutes in India and weather you had dodged a bullet or not.

In my opinion, you definitely dodged a bullet, Stick. Although I have never been to India, I do recall watching a TV series called “Ross Kemp Extreme World”. It was about the presenter Ross Kemp traveling to countries and searching out their dark / hidden side. One particular episode was about India.

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I must admit I cannot watch it again. It was harrowing to see the treatment of prostitutes there. To see Ross visibly shaken and emotionally distraught by what he saw highlighted to me that this was not a good place at all. You dodged a bullet, not in that you would have been in any physical danger, but more from a psychological point of view. What you would have seen may have scarred you mentally.

I did sense that your weekly was losing its edge. When you started talking about New Zealand etc, I could sense that you really were done. Writing articles about why Falangs are attracted to Asian women, I mean hasn’t that been done to death already…. kinda boring really, and a clear sign to me that something was up.

But really, what an amazing resource your website is. What a fascinating almost anthropological view of a country in general. What an incredible insight into the human pyche. All our successes, fears, triumphs, and deep inner feelings exposed for all who cared to read. Has anyone from Academia ever contacted you for an interview or research purposes? <Yep, many timesStick> I doubt it, but the material is a doctoral thesis in itself. Dr. Stick !! I can’t think of any other website as unique yours.

I’m sure Bangkok was once as it is described “The Big Mango”. But after my recent visit, it is more like “The Giant Durian”. Big, smelly and prickly, yet people still buy it and love the flavour.

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In my recent trip, I stayed at Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phi Phi and a quick 2 weeks in Cambodia. I must say I had a ball. I don’t know where all these negative stories were coming from. Walking Street was packed, Pattaya in general was full of people. Ok, mostly Indians and Chinese, but it was probably the busiest I’ve ever seen it. The nightclubs were full, the go-go bars half empty as usual – too expensive now – 4,000 baht all up just to take a girl long time. Seriously ??? Beach Road was full of girls, it was wonderful !!! The soapies were full of punters, with few girls to choose from .. drats, only leftovers !!

Thanks to the many reader stories, I got to know about and “visit”, Nana plaza, Eden in Bangkok, Bar Bar in Patpong and no I won’t tell you what happened there, “The Devils Den” and M Cub Pattaya. And yes I got it right, they are Infinity not the figure 8 !!.

I also visited the Sukhawadee House palace. Thanks to Bangkok Barry for the info. Let me tell you it was weird being the only westerner amongst gazillions of Asians, mostly Chinese. The palace is well worth a look, just for its sheer size and opulence. And there is also a little piece of Australia there. Up to you to find it.

I had a great chat with the air stewardess on my return flight from Cambodia. I had a great chat with the doctor from the “Maximum Performance Wellness Centre” in Pattaya. My 15-minute free consultation turning into an hour-long conversation. I had a great chat with a Chinese girl on the bus to the airport who gave me snacks to eat for my flight home. I had so many smiles and words of “good luck, good luck”. Gosh I love this place …..

All this thanks to your website and its many contributors.

On my return, my close friend said “ You’ve been four times now. You must be bored of the place ?”

“Are you kidding, bored of Pattaya ? Bored of Thailand.. No way.”

I left as always, wanting to return. Finding more places that I wanted to visit, but didn’t have the time to.

And yes where you catch the train at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) there are two places that give a great exchange rate. One either side of the entrance to the train station.

I never thought I could write articles so long. I used to struggle writing a couple of hundred word assignments at school. And here I am writing thousand word stories … wow I can do it.

So I return to sadness. Goodbye, Stick.

I hope all your future endeavors turn out to be as successful and prolific as your website.

Regards Transformed.

Happy 🙂 and Sad 🙁

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