Stickman Readers' Submissions December 18th, 2016

Thailand Quickies – A Newbie In Thailand


Last month I visited Thailand after 28 years. My earlier visits to Thailand were with a former girlfriend who is presently married to someone else. Having read the Stickman Bangkok website for several years I eagerly looked forward to indulging myself to the carnal pleasures of Thailand.

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My first stop in Thailand was in Pattaya, the modern day Babylon by the South China Sea. I was guided by my former classmate of 40 years ago who has now retired and is living with his Thai wife in a condominium in Pattaya. Although still retired, he continues to do consulting work in his special area of expertise. Together we went out to enjoy Pattaya at night.

Our first stop was the roof of the Central Festival Shopping Center for cocktails which left me drunk. Our next stop was the Telephone Club, an out of the way brothel where the hookers wore minimal clothes while waiting for customers to arrive. Within 10 minutes of our arrival a lady sat next to me and dropped her top garment to reveal her breasts. Next she began caressing me to excite me for further action.

These activities took place in a back room within the pub. In spite of her best efforts I failed to get my happy ending since I was wearing a condom thoughtfully provided by the lady. We had to finish the proceedings with a hand job.

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We also visited some bars on Walking Street. In most of the bars young women were dancing on a stage wearing revealing costumes. Punters would watch from below to make their selection. The dancing was often just a shuffle but in some bars they actually did proper dances on stainless steel poles.

One bar stands out in my mind – Baby Dolls. Entering Baby Dolls was like walking into a porn set in which you can participate. All the dancers were naked. I inserted a green banana into one of the dancers’ vagina. It was surprisingly difficult. Another dancer performer enjoyed oral genital contact with a Chinese customer after which she showered herself in a public shower stall. She was naked throughout the proceedings. She seemed to enjoy the experience. After this episode of fruit to genital contact I observed 2 young performers do mock sex with each other.

The next morning I was in need of a refreshing massage. I took the Baht bus to the Yellow Massage Parlor in Jomtien Beach. Perhaps because I was the first customer of the day I was eagerly welcomed into the building by a young slender masseuse named Took. After showering I lay naked on a thin foam mattress for my message. Starting on my back Took messaged me slowly and put pressure on several points on my back, causing some discomfort. Eventually I turned over and discovered to my delight that Took had no panties on. With little reluctance she took off her short skirt and was naked in my arms. The rest of the massage proceeded normally until my happy ending. Unfortunately the Thai condom I was wearing impeded my happy ending.



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My next stop was Nana Hotel in Bangkok. The hotel had seen better days although it was reasonably well maintained and had a swimming pool as well. Connected to the Nana Hotel was a Hooters Restaurant. The waitresses at Hooters appeared to be dressed conservatively compared to their sisters in the neighboring bars.

Walking on Soi 4 one night after dinner a Russian lady named Svetlana called out to me in English. Being that I was lonely that night I invited her to my room. It was nice being able to have a proper conversation with a lady of the night. She requested 1000 Baht ($30) to come with me to my room. She was divorced and lived in Irkutsk, the biggest city in Siberia. She was visiting Bangkok to supplement her income. She was quite short and had short blonde hair as well. After agreeing on the price I purchased a pack of condoms from a convenience store. The sales clerk was a Muslim Thai girl wearing a head covering like the women in Indonesia wear. Very ironic I thought. Svetlana and I engaged in various amorous activities including front and rear entry. Again wearing the tight Thai condom impeded my masculine productivity. On next I visit Thailand I will bring my own condoms.

The next day I had lunch at the Stumble Inn and flirted with several women there. Since I had purchased a Buddhist temple tour that afternoon I did not follow through on their advances. After the tour I returned to Stumble Inn and searched for the 2 ladies I had flirted with earlier. Unfortunately they were otherwise engaged.

After returning from a boat tour of the Chao Phya River I returned to the Stumble Inn to select a lady for the evening. Most of the women were sitting together and did not seem to be interested in me. I would like to mention that I am 65 years old, bald and overweight like so many other American men. However I did see a young, attractive lady sitting by herself at a neighboring table. I joined her and we had a pleasant conversation within the limits of her English speaking ability. She called herself Din. I invited her for dinner at a local Thai restaurant. To get her out of the Stumble Inn I had to pay a 500 Baht bar fine ($15). Once paid she joined me for dinner and was very pleasant. I invited her to my hotel room for further interactions. She requested 2000 Baht ($60) for joining me there. I was reluctant at first but as this was my last night in Bangkok I agreed to her terms.

Upon arrival at my hotel room we talked some more and I suggested we engage in intimate activity. She agreed to my request and proceeded to undress. One thing led to another and I entered her private domain wearing another of these tight Thai condoms. Unfortunately I did not succeed in obtaining my happy end within her body but had to resort again to another hand job. Perhaps it was the condom or perhaps my efforts over the previous week but I did not feel satisfied after Din left my room. In my brief experience quantity does not equal quality. I obtained more satisfaction from my girlfriend in Indonesia. Of course I did not use a condom with her.

If you just want to enter beautiful slim brown Asian women Thailand is your Shangri La. However if you want to get more satisfaction than just a few quickies with strange women you should make the effort to become friends with the woman or women you desire sex with. Satisfaction is not guaranteed in Thailand.

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