Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2016

I Want to Show Her the Other Side of the Door

You just can’t believe your luck. Several months ago you found HER… this voluptuous goddess of a woman. What a splendid specimen of womanhood she was and still is. And for an average looking guy you feel that “you have done well”. And as Ricky Martin sang in his song “She Bangs” … and my god she bangs well too. Not only that … she wants your company “all the time”.

Several months ago you were flattered and didn’t find it an issue. After all you were proud to walk hand in hand with this real beauty. The looks of envy were tangible with those young Western and Thai guys. Well sucked in fellows (you thought) … She’s mine.

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But over the succeeding months, ever so slowly, the hand holding, monopolizing of all your time, the ever escalating need for gifts … to be wined and dined has started to become an annoyance and a real concern. Coupled with the fact that when you went out together, she dressed (and still dresses) provocatively. The skirts are very short and the top low strung. What is of extreme concern, is that you feel that on occasions the “gorilla” who is giving her the eye is sort of being welcomed by her.

And one day she throws severe tantrums because you just didn’t feel up to going out. She’s said she loves you, and jokingly implied that if you cheat on her she will hurt you.

Alarmingly, the wallet is getting noticeably slimmer and the bank balance isn’t what it once was. So its time to make a large withdrawal from your home bank to replenish the funds.

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Thousands of dollars have evaporated to feed this hungry wench … hungry for food, gifts, wine, expensive meals, trips, and the need to be adored by others around her … plus an occasional financial hand out.

I will digress now to say that as a mature fellow, I think that I have served a long apprenticeship in human nature (by association). And Ned (the fellow above) is in a real bind. Torn between animal lust and the realization that she is milking him dry (financially and otherwise!) and perhaps is emotionally unstable.

One of the big concerns for Ned is the flirting with other men when in his company. He is uncertain if she wants to deliberately incite a fight to test his loyalty to her. Or whether she would want to be protective of him and remove him from an unsafe situation OR maybe her ego would get a boost to witness a couple of men fighting for her affection.

I would suggest that if a woman (any woman) places her man in danger she is not worth keeping. No pussy is worth fighting against a muscle bound gorilla and risk losing teeth, acquiring a broken jaw and perhaps broken ribs (or worse).

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As Mel Gibson stated in him humorous movie “Maverick” when accused of being a coward for no wanting to fight an outlaw… he pondered, then agreed and with his inimitable cheeky grin recounted … ”My pappy once said that he who runs away lives to fight another day”. Point is …It’s just not worth getting beaten up … Period … especially for an unstable Thai bimbo (or any bimbo for that matter).

And when someone even so much as threatens you (even in a joking manner) “Be afraid … be very afraid”… she may be a psycho or at the least a controlling person and won’t take no for an answer.

To most level headed people, a contrite apology to the effect that we are incompatible will suffice. But for some people, especially imbalanced types; they may want to exact revenge as an act of reprisal.

Consider this: So you have discovered your Thai (or Asian) girlfriend, lover, sweetheart, ATM lover really is not the person you thought she was. She has become very clingy, jealous, irrational and sometimes abusive and wants to escalate the relationship. But you don't. Also, she is only happy when you spend heaps of money to make her happy. That’s right: you are her walking ATM. She may be hot stuff BUT…you have concluded she may become dangerous if she is ditched.

After all, there are stories of Thai women doing horrendous things if they conclude you are leaving her for someone else. A face thing you might say. Maybe stabbing you or cutting your cock off while you sleep.

So the idea is not to ditch her … let her ditch you.

You of course must lie through your teeth … Consider the lying as self preservation. Now, for your acting skills.

One day, suddenly become withdrawn and sad. When she asks what the matter is, tell her that you have received this enormous tax bill (or choose something serious over which you have no control) that will take say 2 years to pay … and that you have no money left. You may have to borrow heavily (from her maybe) to survive. Bingo, now turn on you stopwatch and time how long it takes for her to ditch you. Mission accomplished … no tears, drama or violence.

Freedom at last.

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