Stickman Readers' Submissions June 7th, 2016

There’s Nobody More Dangerous than a Free Man


I'm preparing for a new month long trip to Thailand. I will be staying in Pattaya and Bangkok. I leave Australia on June 28th. I'm really looking forward to this trip as I will be meeting up with a few of you as well as a few well-known western expats in Thailand. I expect to also have time available to make a few Pretender submissions about my observations and experiences in the land of smiles.

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Anyway – I wanted to share a few thoughts with you all before I take off from the western world as there have been some things happening in my life recently and the lives of friends and fans of mine who have got in contact with me after reading my submissions here on Stickman's site. I have seen similarities in our lives which I thought I would fill you in on.

I have been a free man now since September 2012. The four year mark is coming up fast! The past four years have been the very best of my life by far but they have not been without problems, that's for damn sure. The biggest problems I have had have been from my social group. The people around me both in the workplace and from my old friends who knew me as the man I was and not the man I am today. There has been some conflict, arguments, stress and problems in my life and most of these issues have come from my workmates, managers above me or from old friends who are living the life of a traditionalist – in debt to the bank for a house, spending all their money on a mortgage, on a woman, on their kids. The men with no free time, no free energy, no peace of mind. The worst treatment I receive is from the hands of the married men in the office who judging by the look in their eyes – have miserable, bitchy, moody, nagging wives. The men who fell hook, line and sinker to the lies they were told from their parents and society at large that happiness was living a life of servitude to others instead of them defining what happiness meant and then living that life for themselves. I represent the living embodiment of freedom and the loss of their freedom.

There are only two honest married men at work who tell the truth to me about their lives of misery. They are the only two who I really respect as they have the guts to tell it like it is and to warn me not to do what they have done – they have told me in no uncertain words that they would love to trade places with me. I have essentially become a hated man to the traditionalists. My actions, the way I talk about freedom and living a life on my own terms, my refusal to comply with those around me – this causes me problems. There is nothing more threatening or dangerous than a truly free, independent man.

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What are the underlying reasons why I am so hated?

Well – I'm an unshackled male. I am unburdened with neither a wife nor children to provide for. I'm not under control in my personal life. I don't give women any of my resources – neither time nor money. I'm not giving any woman emotional or financial security. People who cannot control you will hate you. The people in my workplace who especially hate me the most are the ones who want my compliance and are seeking to gain power over me yet know they will never have it. I am much more widely read than they are and I elicit feelings of fear, envy, insecurity and irritation in them due to who I am and what I represent. I'm a threat for sure.

What has essentially happened over the past 4 years is my values have changed whilst the values of those around me have stayed the same and in most cases have strengthened. Spending significant time in Thailand surrounded by prostitutes, bar owners, western expats and others who are interested in living their lives on their own terms has changed me. My heart and my mind has changed and now I'm stuck between two very different worlds and trying to live my life and adjust to the on the ground reality of both Thai and Australian society. This is the most difficult part of my trips – especially the return to Australia which is the biggest come down ever and is like coming off drugs without any support. Going from high status to servant is not an easy transition. It's really hard and nobody has any sympathy for you. Why would they? After all – how dare you do the things you're doing overseas. Your place is here as a worker under control. A slave with a white collar.

But just like in the movie Fight Club – I'm finding out more and more that I'm not alone.

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There are more of you who just like me have been making these independent trips to Thailand and you too are having similar problems in your personal and professional lives. You report the same effects. You work in different industries to me, you do different things. You're surrounded by different people and yet the effects are the same. You experience hostility from those around you because you're free and they're not. In many cases the people in your life are trying to get you to conform, do what they are doing and live your life in the same manner as they are. Your mindset however has changed due to your Thailand trips. You too have become disconnected from your society, its values, customs and belief system. There is nothing the people around you want more than your compliance. But you're an outsider now. Your heart and mind has been touched too deeply by the Thais. You know that you don't have to live the life that was prescribed to you by your parents, society and others who had a hand in raising you. You can go off and do your own thing. These trips have awakened something inside of you and you have become more in touch with your masculinity. This of course is a threat to those around you in the feminist infested western society. Look – a free man! He must be destroyed lest he give other men dangerous ideas of living a life on their own terms and not doing what we want them to do for our benefit.

MGTOW men and those of you who are highly independent and make these independent trips to Thailand have to be very cautious and on guard as most of society is out to attack us. Men are desperate for sex so that makes many men our enemies as they will do almost anything to obtain approval and get sex from women. We all know what that entails, how much it really costs and what we have to do to obtain it in the western world. Women want emotional and financial security so you can't trust them and they won't like what you have to say as the truth doesn't bring them any security and is a threat to their agendas to manipulate men into a long term sex for resources contract – i.e. – commitment and monogamy. Something they can see only too well that you understand and want to avoid at all costs.

Here's a short story for you – I had a call recently from a very good friend who told me that his girlfriend doesn't like him hanging out with me. She essentially didn't like me due to what I had to say. Anyway – he told her he will associate with whoever he likes and if she doesn't like it then that's too bad – for her. He is a man of principles which is rare in this world. I came to realise after this happened that it's not the female or the ladyboy relationships that is at the heart of our association as men going our own way in Thailand or our association with each other via these Stickman submissions – it's freedom, non conformity to western societies (mostly women's) expectations of us and the need to be ourselves and be true to our authentic selves. These are the things that we western men who love Thailand all have in common. The common threads that weave us together. Women want to control us and realise they can't do that so we are a threat to them and the female collective therefore we must be silenced lest other men see what we are doing and become influenced by us. Leadership is influence and having a media mouthpiece like these Stickman reader submissions is a threat especially when you start hanging out with people you have met via your writings. Behold – free men. Looks like a grouping of them. A men's club! Nothing is more threatening to the western females need to control, manipulate, subordinate and extract resources from.

Each of you who contact me through Stickman's website the story is always the same – you want freedom and to be yourselves and you can't get that in the Western relationships you are in or have experienced. Some stupid women think we hate them but that's not true – our problem is we are hyper aware of male and female nature and we talk about it openly. Some of you are younger than me so you don't yet have the ability to fully outwardly articulate exactly what you are feeling based on how you are being treated in western society. This ability I assure you will come to you with time. Some of you like myself have been with ladyboys and you see even more clearly the issues and that can be very confronting and as my boss at work said to me recently about my topics of interest: 'you're making people reevaluate their lives'. Therein lies the problem, gentlemen. We are the glitches in the Matrix so to speak. We are the anomalies. Like Nero in the Matrix movies.

If you think about it – I have experienced the ultimate Poindexter's revenge. The nerd who was always an outsider has come into his own and I have been able to use this disconnection from the western collective to my ultimate advantage. By not being defined by those around, by not conforming to other peoples expectations of me I have been able to go my own way and define for myself the life I wanted to live and the man I wanted to become. I feel lucky to have seen the Matrix for what it is, to have met the Architect and found the exit door. I'm not the only anomaly. There are other Myers Briggs INTJ westerners in Thailand. Whilst we are rare – representing just 1% of the population – we are especially rare in Thailand and rarity has value. I have seen opportunities in Thailand which I could engage in which could bring me a lot of influence but which could also ultimately lead to my demise and possibly my incarceration. Big risks, big rewards personally but maybe not so much financially.

I would like to leave you with a personal anecdote. My ex fiancé loved the Beyonce song 'Single Ladies – Put a Ring on it'. It became a sort of running joke between us. She was constantly on to me about getting engaged and putting a ring on her finger but I was always hesitant. This week something fascinating happened – a colourful friend of mine from Pattaya who I spent the best New Year's Eve of my life with was on Australian television as a lead singer and dancer (I have provided the link to her performance at the end of this submission). And guess what song she was singing and dancing to? There is something very satisfying about this. My colourful, beautiful friend never asked me to put a ring on her finger. Like myself – she loves her freedom far too much to ever do such a thing!

Who would have thought that breaking up with my ex, going my own way to Thailand, experiencing the most incredible four years of my life would bring me into close contact with people like this! This life I have been living is so far removed from the monogamous, under control and manipulated man that I was there is just no comparison and there is no going back. Newton said, “If I have seen further then it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. A big thank you to the MGTOW giants who came before me who have made such a large impact on my thinking and have contributed to the man I am today. A big thank you as well to Stickman for this website and for all of you who submit articles here for your knowledge, wisdom and your life experience.

Enjoy the videos in the links below and until next time – all the best Gentlemen!

The Pretender


The Matrix – Architect Scene

Ladyboy Superstars Morning Show Australian TV Performance

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)

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