Stickman Readers' Submissions May 23rd, 2016

Put Your Money in The Meter

Baby, so it won't run down. But, got caught in a squeeze play on the cheesy side of town. Those words come from a favorite (of mine) rock group Little Feat, and the song "there's a fat man in the bath tub with blues".

It reminds me of life as a monger and a recent event. I was playing a game with a high maintenance real beauty, of course controlled by her mama. When they want you to meet their mom it isn't for the noble intent of courtship, but financial qualifications being judged. After as subtle of a battle as I could put together, they figured out I was able but not willing to be a big time donor. So mom instructed the daughter to empty the meter. And cut off the entertainment without a word.

mens clinic bangkok

In this great environment there are so many nurses to help heal the wounds so I just turn left and go on to the next case. It surprised me I could so easily walk away because this girl was as enchanting as I have known. Her whole body would shake during sex and she had perfect proportions and a stunning face. I know some buffalo will be taken down by that lioness.

Over a long haul at this hobby I have enjoyed so much and learned exit routes so well it seems to have been a good move to come over in 2002 and retired in these environs.

Rather that hang around golf courses or having bought an RV to hit the roads I already knew, I had ridden a motorcycle to many glorious landscapes in the US over a long time.

We come from a place where we are raised to be civilized and kind, deferring to women on many issues. But when we are trying to enjoy our seniority with beautiful young women we have to be stronger than the way in which we treated women growing up who were usually our age.

Back home one can walk around wealthy areas and see older guys with young hotties, but we know that guy is loaded with cash or his daughter or granddaughter. Here we can all play Hugh Hefner, or something like him.

Really, I think most of us just want a beautiful young woman to wake up next to or hang out with, it is safe to say.

When we have one though, it is best to be careful what you wish for as she wants to shop and has no capacity for interesting conversation unless it is about what she wants. And how much does that interest a guy wondering how much it will cost for surgery for a new knee?

Here in Angeles City it is either Marquis or SM Mall. And if she has one of her breasts mashed into my arm she has her mind on shopping, not the glorious sensation of my 70-year old triceps.

wonderland clinic

We have choices. We can hook up with a beauty and pay the tariff or settle for an older one who is panicking, or yet another choice. Be the butterfly and pay as you go.

I have to say after some 6 girlfriends over the past 15 years, I like the euphoria of new. But after a few months I realize that I have very little to discuss with them other than our reactions to a TV show, so why not just not worry about making her happy?

Have you ever noticed how girls walking with a foreigner who is taller will check you out and smile at you since she knows he cannot see her face anyway?

They are just like us.

At least in the butterfly you don't have to promise things you don't want to deliver anyway.

At 70, I just don't care enough to be plugged in because I've learned that I am not willing to let women control me, thanks to ten years in Thailand and several here in the Philippines.

Under this dire poverty I understand mama's motives as there are few paths to wealth here so mama would be so inclined and so be it.

The same thing that offers us beautiful English speaking women is the same thing that makes schemes happen. Poverty.

I always pay enough and sometimes too much, but it is what it is. Just be nice enough and no real trouble happens. Too nice and you'll be cleaned out.

I lived ten years in Thailand and had great times in the early years. I'm still having great times here in Angeles and Subic. I don't really understand what happened to Thailand but I no longer enjoyed life there.

So, greetings friends and I hope you all remember the meter is running. Understandable, but reality 🙂

Make sure you have enough to put in the meters you want to:)

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