Stickman Readers' Submissions March 15th, 2016

Thai Freelancers

My last submission was about my recent trips to LOS where I developed a relationship with a Thai freelancer who I met in Spasso. During my last business trip which lasted about 9 days, I spent most of my free time with her. She is incredible in bed and it felt so comfortable hanging out with her that I really didn’t mind not playing the field looking for another piece of ass. She didn’t look like a whore because she prided herself dressing in the latest fashions looking sexy but not like a slut. For me this is important because I really enjoy going to fine restaurants around town and she never feels out of place.

I’m sure we get some looks because she is young and hot while I’m in my 50s and a little overweight but this is Thailand where it is almost normal. <I'd not say normal, but would rather say it's "not uncommon" in a handful of tourist areasStick> I’ve seen over the years plenty of older Chinese Thais with incredible young ladies perched on their arm so why not me. I’ve been traveling to Asia for over 20 years and one of the things that I like about Asian women (not just in Thailand) is that young ladies have no problem going out with older men if they believe they will benefit from the relationship. In the States this is too much of a cultural taboo unless you’re a rock star or extremely wealthy.

He Clinic Bangkok

After spending a bit of time with this woman, I am definitely not in love and the relationship is manageable. I would say it’s purely about the sex and I mean some of the best I’ve had in a long time. Multiple times a day where anything goes. When I return home we communicate daily by Line which is fun. If it ended tomorrow I would not be heart-broken but I get the feeling she may be hurt or maybe she is putting on an Oscar performance. I’ve helped her out financially because her beverage business is not doing too well and truthfully she is quite lazy.

From what I’ve seen of her freelancer friends, they are one by one hooking up with guys and leaving the scene. Her best friend just got married last week to a Swiss businessman and off she goes to Farangland. Another friend who is pretty hardcore is also leaving this week to ply her trade in Hong Kong for the first time. For some reason my babe has not travelled to make money and she is not hardened like so many girls who have been in the business for a while. There is some sweetness still left inside but she is switched on and can smell a man’s bullshit from a mile away.

There have been some recent changes in my business where I need to travel to Thailand every 4 to 6 weeks so it’s not bad having a my lady pick me up at the airport and take good care of me while I’m in town. I’ve worked it out that I’m probably saving money by not hitting the clubs and paying for long time. No matter if you’re married or dating it will cost you money to be with a woman and especially if she is hot.

CBD bangkok

What’s interesting about these ladies is what they are in to and this particular one loves to go out to nice restaurants and take pictures of our meal to post online. Another thing we do is go out to the movies especially the VIP cinemas which have couches to lay on. What an incredible movie experience to see a great flick with a cute girl cuddling by your side. I’m amazed about how little she knows of the world especially world history. To sum up what she and her friends like are designer cloths, bags and shoes. Expensive restaurants and especially seafood. Going out to clubs and sitting in the VIP section with an expensive bottle of booze on the table. Sleeping late and getting facials, manicures and spa treatments. I’m lucky because this one loves sex and plenty of it and I mean all the time.

Another Thai cultural phenomenon is that she goes to a woman who tells her about her future. The latest session I was featured prominently where this lady said that we had unfinished karma from a past life that needs to be worked out in this life. Until it’s played out we will be together which she predicts for about 3 years.

I ask myself if there is any harm in these type of relationships where two consenting adults form a relationship where we both get what we want. I’m honest about my family life and I don’t make promises that I cannot keep. She seems to enjoy the time while I’m in Bangkok staying at an expensive hotel and being wine and dined plus she is earning some money to supplement her income. In American terms it seems like a win : win situation.

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