Stickman Readers' Submissions February 27th, 2016

You Can Never Be Too Old To Be A Fool

In recent submissions I told a story of returning to Thailand after a 4-year absence and how I enjoyed the GFE experience that only Thai ladies had perfected. I also wrote about how I was picked up by a stunning 29-year old Thai lady at the airport, who showered me with expensive gifts and how she treated me like royalty and never asked for a satang. When I left, I put an envelope into her purse with a thick wad of 100 dollar bills. A month’s worth of wages for a week’s worth of work.

Upon my return home and reality, I was seduced with Line messages of our extraordinary sexual exploits and how special I was. Let’s face it, when you hit middle age and you have been married to the same woman for almost 2 decades your love life is not the same as a new sexual pursuit. A Thai working woman knows how to get you excited by whispering sweet nothings in to your ear or holding you a certain way. I couldn’t help myself but the week with her reminded me when I was a much younger man who was able to organism multiple times over the course of an evening without taking anything artificial and instead just using the power of lust.

He Clinic Bangkok

Now let’s take stock of the situation. I’m an old Asian hand with over 20 years of experience having traveled to the Land of Smiles more times than I can remember and I’ve lived there for years at a time but I can still fall for the same game. We’ve all heard of the expression that only fools think with their little head instead of their big head so I must be one of these fools because here I go again.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who this has happened to and I probably won’t be the last. So what is it that overpowers our rational thoughts and how can I deceive myself that a continued relationship with a lady who I met in a freelancer bar would have a happy ending? How delusional can I be that a 29-year old stunner would want anything to do with a mid-50s overweight man. We all know it’s about the money and how much can they rake in over a period of time. Yet this one is so good at the long game that she never asks for money but I believe she knows that I will take care of her above and beyond her normal customers.

After a week at home I get the message that Mom was admitted to the hospital and of course their family does not have enough money to cover the bill. So here comes the knight in shining armor to save the day. At least I got pictures sent to me with Mom in the hospital with the family. Maybe they are previous pictures and it was an elaborate con but I really do not think so. I remember the sick water buffalo stories from yesteryear to get money but at least this was a human family member.

CBD bangkok

What I find interesting about this lady is that she has a small business that sells beverages in a market which she pays a Burmese man to run. She is a university graduate with impeccable English and a decent family. Her Dad is a retired teacher from Chang Mai. Her problem like so many Thai women in Bangkok is that she wants the pseudo hi-so life style with the LV bag, the newest smartphone, constant facials but what she earns doesn’t even come close to covering her expenses so off she goes to Spasso to make up the difference. There are many stories about the perils of the bargirl lifestyle and her lifestyle isn’t quite as bad since it’s not a constant day to day job of working in a bar but it still takes its toll.

I’m writing this submission at 30,000 feet somewhere above India returning back to Bangkok for business and guess who is meeting me at the airport? I’ll be here for another week so hopefully the spell from my little vixen will start wearing off so I can return back to normality.

What’s also interesting is that I already had the mid-life crises in my 40s where I divorced my Canadian wife and I married a Thai woman. In actuality, my marriage is good but I just can’t help myself to not indulge with beautiful Thai women. I’m not looking for a divorce because we have 3 wonderful children together and we get along really well. So tell me why am I such a fool to ruin what I have for some hot piece of ass.

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