Stickman Readers' Submissions February 4th, 2016

The Perfect Mate


In this submission I would like to discuss a Star Trek The Next Generation episode titled The Perfect Mate. The episode features a beautiful woman by the name of Kamala who is an empathic metamorph, genetically predisposed to suit the desires of any man she is with. She has the ability to sense what a potential mate wants, what he needs, what gives him the greatest pleasure and then to become that for him until she reaches the final stage of bonding, where she must imprint upon herself the requirements of one man, to serve as his perfect partner in life.

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Kamala causes quite a stir around the ship and wherever she goes she stirs feelings of affection, adoration, and lust in the hearts of male crew members and visitors. This is due to her being in the final stage of her sexual maturity, where her body produces an unusually high number of pheromones which are very provocative to members of the opposite sex. Because this is the final stage of her sexual maturation, she must also bond with whoever she wishes to be the most like for the rest of her life in a very short time.

The episode is fascinating to me as Kamala's behaviour is so similar to the behaviour of the beautiful bar girls and ladyboys of Thailand. I have spent quite a lot of time now in red light areas in Pattaya and I have gotten to know several ladyboys very well. These are people I now class as friends and in one particular case – almost as a partner. I feel a deep level of desire towards this one ladyboy in particular whos behaviour is so incredibly similar to Kamala’s.

Just like Kamala – some of these Thai ladyboys (and genetic women) are able to morph into exactly what I as a western man wants and needs and in a very short timeframe. Like all men – I am driven towards female beauty and I find the Thai women and ladyboys to be stunningly beautiful. They are fascinating to me and I believe they also find me fascinating and of course – find my wallet helpful to their lifestyle requirements. A perfect match.

I have never once met a western woman here in the West who has behaved in the manner Kamala does in that Star Trek episode but I have noted some western women behaving in a watered down version of that manner when attempting to hook a man into marriage.

The power of the Thai women and ladyboys is that they can so convincingly become exactly what we western men want. It’s as if western women have forgotten this incredibly useful skill or perhaps the economic reality of life in the West under institutionalised feminism and gender equality has repressed this alluring behaviour in them. Note carefully the behaviour of western women in farangland. How strikingly opposite this behaviour is when compared to Kamala's behaviour. Yet these women can’t understand why they cannot successfully find a man. Where have all the good men gone they exclaim!

Think back to your 20s when you were first starting to go out to nightclubs and bars. How many times did you meet a woman that behaved like Kamala? I hazard to guess it would have been a very rare occurrence. Women are however capable of behaving precisely in this manner – when they really want to hook a man. Or – more accurately – when they have identified a man they believe will be the best resource provider for them.

Consider and then compare and contrast Kamala's alluringly feminine behaviour to the toxic, man hating behaviour that you are much more accustomed to in the West.

Feminist dogma is the overarching policy in the West which afflicts the entire society. It has spread like an infection – it truly is a virus of the mind. Just like religion. The Western world is an uncomfortable place to be for a western man when compared to places like Thailand. Women like Chanty Binx (Google her) have reached the highest echelons of western government and society. Perhaps not women as extreme as her but the parallels are frightening. Even more frightening is the idea that feminism is female nature politicised. Think about that statement for there is much wisdom in it. The western world is a highly mechanised and technologically sophisticated society with a high level of economic development and when these conditions are present we get feminism in all it’s forms as women “don’t need men anymore”. The developing world is less mechanised and it clearly shows in the behaviour of women. It truly is frightening to think though that even the women you meet in Thailand – would they be so compliant or available to you if the economic conditions were similar to the West?

There are forces at play in western society which negatively affect us as men and sometimes the only thing you can do is to leave the West and go to a different society to experience a different culture where the values of the people are different or the economic situation keeps women in check and ensures that feminism is less prevalent. Respect, tolerance, taking care of men – I see, hear and experience that a lot in Thailand from both women and ladyboys. Not so much here in the West though. The forces that shape society shape its participants and I don’t like the dating options I have in the West in comparison to Thailand. I just don’t like how western society has created such a highly entitled western woman. Their empowerment has disempowered me. Women marry up and in a society of equals my only option as an average man is a below average woman. Sorry – but that is unacceptable to me and I’m voting with my feet. Western men who choose poor, uneducated bar girls in Thailand vote with their actions that they too don’t like the situation on the ground in western society. The only escape I see is to expat and with each passing day I feel more and more inclined to do exactly that. I’m 36 years old now and it’s really just a matter of time before I ex pat to Thailand. As a participant in the Pattaya nightlife – I represent a member of the youngest demographic. Few sex tourists begin before age 40 and most are late 40’s to mid 50’s so I got off to an early start when I made that first trip when I was 33 years old.

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I will leave you with a few thoughts which occurred to me during a recent trip to Pattaya. If it is men that are the true romantics disguised as idealists and women who are the idealists disguised as romantics. So when a man falls in love with a woman he falls in love with her person-hood – not what she can do for him and when a woman falls in love with a man she falls in love with the image of him – she falls in love with him as a utility – for what he can do for her. He falls in love with her for who she is. She falls in love with him for for what he is. There is a big difference there and it was my sexual experiences with the ladyboys of Pattaya, Thailand that raised my consciousness to this uncomfortable truth of female nature.

When a man and a ladyboy fall in love they both fall in love with each others person-hood. A man sees the physical beauty of a ladyboy and is stunned to discover that just like him she is a romantic at heart (which is very different to when a man sees the beauty of a genetic woman, falls in love with her but then finds out that she is really an idealist at heart.)

I would like to encourage each of you who have an interest in Thailand to watch the Star trek episode The Perfect Mate and let me know your thoughts. It’s available free online. Consider it required research for your Thailand adventures:


All the best gentlemen!

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