Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2016

Nerds And Ladyboys Are A Natural Fit For Each Other


In this submission I would like to discuss why nerds and ladyboys are a natural fit for one another.

Both ladyboys and nerds are socially ostracised. Both therefore have a very good understanding of what it is like to be excluded from the majority and the mainstream social collective.

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Both nerds and ladyboys do not conform to social expectations. One might say that both violate social conventions and make mainstream people nervous and uncomfortable. The nerd makes people uncomfortable because the nerd is more intelligent than they are and people find it very difficult being around people who are more intelligent than themselves. The ladyboy makes people uncomfortable because she does not fit into the prevailing male or female gender norms and she dresses and behaves like a woman despite in most cases still having a penis. People can be hesitant around ladyboys and not know what to expect if they have never dealt with one before.

I have noted that ladyboy bars here in Pattaya have western men hanging around who back home would be described as nerds. I too am a nerd and I have found that nerds and ladyboys go together very well and are a natural fit for one another. The ladyboy doesn’t view the nerd as a nerd the way a western person would. Many nerds (being persons of high intelligence) don’t view the ladyboy the way a Thai person would and nerds maintain an open mind and open heart towards them. The nerd seeks to understand people and society and views the opportunity to meet and interact with a ladyboy as a learning opportunity. Maybe even as a personal scientific project of sorts. Certainly in my case I sort to understand the nature of women and indeed – my own nature as a man and ladyboys were the perfect way to gain this understanding particularly on the level of the heart – which is not available in a textbook.

Nerds like to gain success by applying their minds to solve difficult problems mostly in academic, scientific, engineering, management or information technology related disciplines but can be found anywhere that offers a challenging working environment surrounded by other nerds with high IQ’s. Gaining status is of less importance to a nerd as nerds understand that status will be a natural byproduct of succeeding in solving problems.

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Ladyboys are limited in occupations due to societies prejudices and general idiocy and can be mostly found in the entertainment and sex industries where they are very much appreciated for their outgoing nature, their beautiful appearance and accepting personalities. They can be seen wowing audiences at cabaret shows or turning the heads of tourists in red light areas in Bangkok and Pattaya with their beautiful and striking appearance.

Nerds and ladyboys are both used to not fitting in. I myself am a Myers Briggs INTJ. The prototypical scientist. We INTJ’s make up just 1% of the population. I have very few close friends and those I do count as close friends are of unusually high intelligence or are doing or working on things or in industries of particular interest to me. I do have a number of celebrities as friends but these people are doing exceptional or very unusual things and I don’t usually go out of my way to meet most celebrities that appear in the mainstream media.

I have mentioned to a few ladyboys now that they will almost certainly find the acceptance and respect that they are universally looking for in the arms, hearts and minds of a scientist or nerd and both the nerd and the ladyboy will be very happy to be there after being treated so poorly by mainstream society. Nerds and ladyboys are a natural fit for one another and I encourage any of my fans who are nerds to consider dating a transgendered person as you may find like I have that they don’t view you as a nerd and many will give you the acceptance, respect and understanding that mainstream society doesn’t unless you are a high status nerd in a position of authority or power over people and have gained wealth and resources.

Ladyboys can have a lot of friends – or more accurately – acquaintances – being so open and socially connected due to the nature of their work in the entertainment and sex industries. The most beautiful can have thousands of friends and followers. A nerd can offer a ladyboy many gifts apart from money – the most important being the ability to help the ladyboy to understand themselves and their nature and why they are the way they are. High IQ nerds – in other words – scientists have the analytical ability to study difficult and abstract concepts and some scientists also have the gift of the gab and can explain these things to the everyday person on the street in a way that they understand. I rather enjoyed discussing the difference between the male and transsexual brain to a more educated ladyboy friend of mine and I could tell that she was interested in discovering more about herself.

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Anyway – to those of you out there who are nerds and interested in ladyboys – open your hearts and minds and see what you find. You might just find like I have that both you and your ladyboy friends will be very happy to know each other.

Until next time Gentlemen – all the best!


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Stick’s thoughts:

Interesting topic which got me thinking about the profile of guys who go for Thai ladyboys. I’ve stuck my head in ladyboy bars while doing the rounds and am happy to admit I enjoy a few drinks at Cockatoo – the one ladyboy bar I genuinely feel comfortable in (which might be because I used to be known in there and was left alone). I’ve never really noticed a pattern with the profile of the customers. You get some guys who look effeminate, some who look macho and some who look like they were bullied at school. You don’t see many “lads” and my guess is that the average age of guys in ladyboy bars is a smidgen higher than in the bars with ladies only. I’ve never noticed a lot of nerds, but then I have not been looking that closely.

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