Stickman Readers' Submissions August 18th, 2015

Thailand Bar Girls, Gogo Girls, Freelancers, Hi-So Girls, Escorts And Any Other P4P I Forgot

I have been an avid reader for years like others on here. This is the first time I am submitting.

I have read with utter disgust and fascination all the different sorts on here. The ones that like to fleece girls out of their money, the ones that have taken a Thai wife and life happily ever after.

For the life of me I cannot see the difference to what happens here to what happens everywhere else in the world. Most of the men that are being taken advantage of do it to themselves. They are paying for companionship, bottom line. That is their choice. Don’t get mad at the girls who struggle daily to live by laying down with men 2 – 3 times their size and please them for the most part way more than most others will ever, and try to make extra money (who doesn’t?).

He Clinic Bangkok

You guys try to hold the girls to a higher standard. What is the difference between these girls and what they do and what happens in hot spots all over the world?

Las Vegas (4 times the cost but same same).

New York (5 – 6 times the cost but same same).

CBD bangkok

Miami (who the hell knows how much there but same same).

Amsterdam (looking glass beauties 75 – 100 bucks, go ahead and fall for one of those vixens and see how fast your bank account goes down).

Any other major city that has hot spots for P$P, it is the same same everywhere in the world!

Go be a sugar daddy to some sex goddess in one of the above and you’ll be dying penniless if you’re not careful.

wonderland clinic

But, no, instead of realizing what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, understand that these girls lives for the most part suck in every aspect. There will always be a small population that does drugs as with anywhere else in the world. There will always be the conniving ones. There will always be sad stories. There will always be exaggeration. There will always be lies. There will always be another one like the one you got messed up with last time, however there are more good ones then bad ones in my opinion.

They are beautiful, simple, desirable women who make us feel good no matter what we look like. Is that any different than the women who ply this trade everywhere else in the world? No it is not, but you want to hold them to a higher standard because they are in Thailand. Please get a real clue about what you do. You will pay for 5 lap dances ($100) in a strip club with a buxom blonde who has no intention to doing anything for you but use you like an ATM. Yes, she is doing same same – drugs, single mom, supporting three kids or whatever else.

But then complain about 3000 baht long-time with girls who are 5.2, 105 lbs, have gorgeous smooth skin, and will make you feel like a man. There will always be girls who play games – what’s the difference between the games they play and the games your ex played. The difference is they got a crap load more of your money for a lot less fun and enjoyment, more headache and more heartache.

The girls are here for various reasons, ranging from single moms, to taking care of parents (which is the way in society, they don’t have social security or retirement plans, the parents retirement fund is whatever the kids can afford to give them and this is the culture. If you don’t like the idea of helping a girl with her aging parents whose means of support are minimal to nothing then simple, have your fun and walk away).

Not every girl is a good girl, but not every girl is a bad girl.

I have been partaking in the delights of Southeast Asia since 1990 when I first went to Subic Bay and it was me love you long time, $10 for the night. I am back over here working and again enjoying their company. Yes, the prices are higher but come on, man, where do you get girls to spend the night with you who look like little Athenas for 100 bucks and you get to wake up to them. I don’t think it gets much better than that!

Sometimes I go to a bar and have a good time, buy drinks, and buy ladies drinks and it is still cheaper than any 2 hours at a strip club in various countries. I play with the girls, don’t always bar fine, but I have fun, they have fun and I have never not been welcomed back.

No matter where you go in the world these activities cost money. It is nice that it costs just 25 – 35% of other places and you definitely have a better choice of women to choose from.

After all, you didn’t come to Asia, single on vacation to meet American women did you?

Be nice and they will be nice. Keep your heart in check, enjoy their games, don’t take advantage of them, and take your safety precautions like anywhere else in the world. Would you bring a hooker off the streets of New York to your hotel room? You want to pay $500 – $1,000 for all night with a girl from Miami? The bars are meant to be fun, and it is up to you to treat it as such. If you come to Thailand to find a beautiful exotic wife, do your research and understand what you’re getting into.

Okay, last statement. Remember where you are, who you are, what it looks like. Don’t take them somewhere they will not fit in or be comfortable. It is an insult and they will lose face and thus turn on you like a rabid dog. They will then hate you and will try to extract whatever they can get to get even. Think about where you’re going and whether or not they are dressed for it, can take the scrutiny, won’t be embarrassed. Be nice and considerate and you will be rewarded. In 25 years (9 times Pattaya, 3 times Bangkok, 1 Hua Hin, 4 NST, 5 times Phuket) I have never had a bad experience, been ripped off or been taken advantage of. (Don’t think I am a sicky – I am retired US Navy, 80% were free trips.)

Thanks so much Stick for the articles and info over the years.

Hope everything is working out for you and you’re in a happy place!

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