Stickman Readers' Submissions June 6th, 2015

Older Men With Much Younger Thai Girlfriends, What’s The Attraction?

A lot of the girls here, working in bars, and sadly all over the world, are desperate for any attention from any strong male figure due to growing up with unknown, absentee, or totally uncaring fathers that ignore the daughters and give praise, attention, and affection to any male siblings and girls are considered a waste of time except when it come to Sin Sot time.

And then there are the fathers that are sexual predators.

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Ironically the longer the predation goes on the more attached to the predator the girls become. Some, but not all, convince themselves, in their youthful mind, that this "secret time" with their fathers is a good thing as it's the only time the fathers spend with them and the only attention they are given by anyone.

They are so young when this normally takes place some of them convince themselves that they are having fun and begin to enjoy it. And are subsequently devastated when the father abandons them and moves on to normally a younger female sibling. Because of their youth they are convinced that they did something wrong and caused the father not to like them anymore.

A lot of them later in life crave older male attention to replace daddy's love and actively seek out older males for companionship. They can be quite convincing in their attempts to entice males that would not normally seek out or look for much younger girls for companions. And of course the males then begin to enjoy the attentions of these cute little things.

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But that is not to say there are not males that seek out younger women for their own base reasons but it is not always the case.

Bar girls in particular are lonely people, especially the ones from upcountry that come to the confusing "big city" and get lost in the new lifestyle and stumble along without a clue to what is going on. They have no close friends and are in competition with their co-workers and are really lost in the big city.

If one speaks Thai and is in their bars often they can become very open and actively want to spend time with strong males. I go into the bars frequently and see the same girls over and over and after they make their "sales pitch" and I decline politely, and don't make them loose face with my decline of their offer, they are content to just sit and bullshit with me just like old friends. Even when they know I'm not trying to get in their pants and knowing usually I'm not buying them drinks they just want to sit and talk just to have anybody but the other girls in the bar to talk to.

One girls was over at my place and she said something telling she said "You live alone and I like that because I live alone too" I was totally confused because she had told me that she lives in a tiny apartment with 7 other women. So I asked "what the heck are you saying you are not alone you have 7 other women around you all the time" her reply was to tap the side of her head with her index finger and she said "in here I'm all alone".

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In most cases they are particularly clueless to modern life and struggle with minor inconveniences that city people take for granted. So I give them simple advice that they continue to rely on because nobody else offers to help or they don't know who to turn to.

In an extreme case there was one particular lady that was a bar super star with guys coming in from all corners just to get a look at her. She was a short slim stunner with the best rack around ever.

Anyway we had a fling and she even lived with me for a short time but eventually we parted and remained friends. I then got married to another lady and when going into bars, with the new wife, we would see her occasionally and the new wife knew of my history with her.

On the few times I went to her bar by myself she would come running right over even if it meant jumping off the stage in the middle of her set of dancing and subsequently being cut by the mamasan and throw a big hug on me and say "I miss you so much." I told her she had to stop doing that shit as I was happily married to someone else and she would run away crying. She eventually married some guy and was gone out of my life or so I thought.

About 5 years later my then wife, out of the blue, said "have you seen her lately?" and I told her not for a long time since the last time we saw her together in her bar when we were there together. I asked why have you seen her or something?

She then said "she called me you know" and I was confused and asked why would she call you?

She said no not recently but shortly after we got married (several years prior to this conversation) she telephoned me and begged for my permission to "just be friends with Adviser and maybe talk to him on the phone sometimes because he is the smartest person I have ever known and I still need his advice"

Naturally the wife declined and I never knew about this for all those years. Which illustrates that if you give them a bit of your time they are attached for life.

I have had more than ten times bought a card, cake, or inconsequential small gift for the girls in bars on their birthdays and to a one they have all said "I have NEVER in my entire life had ANYONE do ANYTHING for me on my birthday". They are overwhelmed with emotions over tiny acts of kindness from anybody.

It's hard for us to comprehend going your entire life without anyone in your family doing something or celebrating our birthdays but it is a very common occurrence for them here.

The best birthday party I ever had was in early the 2000's, the last time I was single, and in the bars every night for a solid year. Unbeknown to me several of the girls got together and on their own organized a birthday bash including inviting the competition…. girls from other bars that I talked to or took home at one time or another.

On that day, early in the morning, I was woken up out of a sound sleep by several girls on my doorstep carrying massive amounts of food and booze and telling me "we are going to celebrate your birthday in style."

Girls continued to arrive all day and I ended up surrounded by 30 bar girls some I had take home at various times but the majority were just friends from several bars I had made just sitting there listening to and helping with their problems. We had a nice barbeque with them making all kinds of food from the supplies they had bought with their own money and drinking the beer and liquor they had also purchased.

I still have a video tape from that day but it's sad to watch because three of the girls, that were there that day, later in life committed suicide.

They got me totally drunk on their money and we all took off for the bars so some of them could go to work. That night many declined to go to work and got cut because we were in their bars and they just wanted to hang around with our group. It was awesome walking around into and out of bars with an entourage of 20 girls.

The next day the owner of a couple of the bars involved read me the riot act because some of his bars were short on girls, that spent the night in my entourage instead of going to work. When I told him I had no part in the planning and throwing of the party, and their decisions to not go to work he was mollified but for several months would bust my stones by saying "you planning anymore parties tonight?" "How about next time inviting me?"

All this, including not letting me pay for any drinks at the bars, the entire night, and some of them somehow getting my totally drunk butt back home, took my clothes off, and into bed with a few of them, that potential fun night was wasted because I was passed out.

They did all this for me just because I sit and listen to them and celebrate their birthdays with them.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that simple acts of common courtesy, politeness, and giving them the make company is what they are lacking in their lives and if you give it to them they are eternally grateful and it's not always the man that is seeking much younger girls. These younger girls can be really persuasive when they come after the older men, for their own reasons, and it takes a particularly hard man to resist their efforts.

And by just being nice to them provides untold benefits like my birthday party and some of them knew my routine and would ambush me on my way home, so none of the other girls could see what they were doing, then offer to go home with me for free just to spend a night in a clean, safe, A/C house for one night.

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