Stickman Readers' Submissions December 31st, 2014

Anal Wart Removal at Pattaya International Hospital


Today I would like to discuss the subject of anal wart removal in Pattaya. I believe this subject may be of interest to some of you in Thailand who are involved in the naughty nightlife, particularly those of you who are engaging with ladyboys. As per Stick's request – I am keeping the graphical details of this submission to a minimum. I will discuss my experience undergoing CO2 Laser Surgery at Pattaya International Hospital in Pattaya to remove my anal warts, which are a symptom of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which I contracted in Thailand in November, 2013, after receiving penis on anus foreplay (skin on skin) contact from an HPV infected ladyboy. Despite the ladyboy having no visible symptoms – I was still infected.

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For the past year I have battled with anal warts. They have very much negatively affected my life. These warts became very itchy and were very bothersome and annoying. My doctor back in Australia gave me a referral to a specialist and he advised me that I should have the anal warts removed for my health, my well-being and also so that new partners were not infected. I do not however have private health insurance at the moment and I was put on a waiting list for surgery. During my time on the waiting list the anal warts became much worse, increasing in both size and number. Since I was travelling to Thailand anyway for a holiday and business purposes I decided to send a few emails to hospitals in Pattaya before I left Australia to see if I could get my condition resolved whilst I was in Thailand.

I received replies from a number of hospitals and I decided to arrange an appointment with Dr W at Pattaya International Hospital in Pattaya. This hospital is a short motorcycle taxi ride away from the hotel that I was staying at. I arrived at the hospital at the appointed time, identified myself and the receptionist advised me to take a lift up to Dr W’s practice. Upon arrival my blood pressure was taken and I was then asked to wait a few minutes as I had arrived quite early. I took a seat, enjoyed the sea view in the distance outside the large floor to ceiling windows and observed the other waiting patients – an elderly couple and a group of mid 40’s attractive Russian women having a discussion in Russian. I was then shortly after taken to a room where Dr W took a look at me and diagnosed my condition. She advised me that she could remove the anal warts with a C02 laser in just one appointment. She then asked if I would like it done that day in 2 hours time. I was amazed – no waiting lists here! I advised her that the following day would be better for me if that were OK with her. It was and I came back the next day.

Immediately upon arrival my blood pressure was again taken and then I was lead into a private room where I was directed to undress and put on a hospital robe. A local anaesthetic cream was then placed on my anus. I was advised to wait for 45 minutes until the anaesthetic cream had numbed the area enough to operate on. I had a good look around the room during this time – it was very clean and bright with all very modern equipment. I was amazed as shortly before my trip my mother was in a public hospital back in Australia – this facility here in Thailand was much higher quality than back home!

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After the 45 minutes was up and the anaesthetic cream had kicked in I was directed to another operating room. Dr W and two nurses then came in. Dr W explained the C02 Laser removal procedure and I was then given further local aesthetic directly into the affected area via a number of injections. Dr W then went to work removing the anal warts. I was directed to move position a number of times whilst Dr W and her nurses worked as a team. There was very little pain during the procedure (just a few stings with the injections and a little heat sometimes from the laser). The whole procedure took around 45 minutes.

After the surgery was completed I was taken to the reception and then to the lift by one of the nurses. I admired the large paintings on the wall of the hospital's founding doctors. The nurse remarked to me in the lift about how lucky I am to have such nice facial skin. I took that as quite the compliment considering I was at a dermatologist’s office! The nurse directed me to take a seat for a moment in reception downstairs and gave me a number. My number was called after about a minute and I was directed to pay approx. 9,000 baht or around $300 AUD. Incredible – the same procedure back in Australia I was looking at around $3,000! I noted that an ATM was right there next to the cashier – talk about convenience. I was then directed to pick up my medication from the chemist. Amazingly – the chemist window was right next to the cashier window. I was handed my pain medications and antibiotics, which had all the instructions I needed to follow in English and wished all the best. I walked out of the hospital, hopped onto the back of a motorcycle taxi and went back to my hotel room to recover.

All up – it was around 2 and a half hours from the time I left my hotel room to the time I arrived back. My recovery over the past few days has gone extremely well. I have taken my antibiotics and used the pain medication as directed. There has been pain but this was to be expected – the pain has been manageable with the pain medication I was given. The pain was actually much less than what I experienced when I first contracted HPV (you can read about that unfortunate episode here.)

Given my very positive experience, I would highly recommend Pattaya International Hospital to Stickman readers who have contracted HPV and need genital warts removed. HPV is extremely common and the likelihood of acquiring the virus is very high especially for those of you who are engaging in receptive anal sex with ladyboys. Despite careful precautions I still contracted this virus from what was only a brief penis on anus rub during the brief time that my ladyboy partner was not wearing a condom. HPV is easily transmitted from genital skin on skin contact.

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I plan on travelling to Thailand regularly in the future and my experience has convinced me that I made an excellent decision undergoing surgery overseas. I was treated faster and I saved myself quite a sum of money whilst enjoying a holiday at the same time. I only wish I had undergone the operation sooner! If you are reading this and you too have contracted HPV and anal warts my advice to you is to get the warts removed. Also – try to avoid using Proctosedyl as despite it providing much needed pain relief to the area it will cause your anal warts to grow and multiply much faster.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or queries about my experience.

Kind Regards,

The Pretender

PS: Aldara can be purchased in Pattaya at local pharmacies for around half the price you would pay back home in the West. It is still very expensive though at 3,000 baht for 10 satchels. Aldara did not work for me unfortunately. Some people get great results but my anal warts were far too numerous to treat effectively with Aldara.

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