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The Die Is Cast Part 3

Part 3 Bewildered

After a frustrating week trying to make sense of the behaviour of his Japanese hosts Alan had decided to take the weekend off to escape and recover his equilibrium. He had ignored the early morning knock on his door by his protagonist Osamu until he finally gave up. Once he had gone Alan checked out of the Chonburi hotel and took a taxi to Pattaya. He arrived at the Marriot Hotel around 11.00 am on Friday morning. He checked in and found his room comfortable if not decidedly luxurious. He knew this was an indulgence but it was only for a couple of days and he could certainly afford it. After the events of the previous week he needed to clear his head and make plans for the following week.

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He changed into a polo shirt and tailored shorts he assumed were de rigueur in a seaside resort. He had a look around the imposing hotel then took a stroll around the adjacent Royal Garden plaza. He soon became bored with this temple of mammon so returned to the hotel. Alan collected his swimming trunks and made his way to the impressive swimming pool area. A few lengths of the pool cleared his head. He found a sun lounger and settled down with a book by Christopher G Moore he had been recommended. He hadn’t got very far with it because he couldn’t understand the Thai cultural references and knew nothing of the Bangkok bar scene so it failed to capture his full attention.

He noticed a figure standing in his sunlight and heard a vaguely familiar voice address him” Hello again Khun Alan, I see you have escaped your Japanese tormentors” Alan looked up to see Joe the Thai man he had met in the restaurant the previous week. He was wearing cargo shorts and the most garish Hawaiian shirt he had ever seen. Alan got to his feet and shook his hand “Hello Joe it is good to see you again I thought you would be back in Bangkok by now” Joe gave him an enigmatic grin and replied “We decided to stay for an extra two weeks, or at least our ladies decided, I have no say in such things”.

Alan was pleased to see this entertaining fellow again and signalling the adjacent lounger asked if he would sit and talk awhile. With a smile Joe planted himself down and asked “So what brings you here?” Alan described his latest misadventures with his Japanese hosts and explained he had taken his advice and had withdrawn from the engagement to collect his thoughts.

Joe laughed “It is very rare anyone takes my advice these days I am flattered”.

Alan continued his theme “I think communication is the biggest problem, in all my life my ability to communicate ideas has been fundamental to my success but in this situation my inability to communicate is most frustrating”

Joe smiled and remarked “I can understand I had similar problems dealing with the Americans 30 years ago. I was very fortunate in meeting Edward when he fell in love with my wife’s sister”. He thought for a moment and continued “He was a fiery young lieutenant and I was a green conscript but we became close friends. He got me posted to his unit as liaison. I taught him Thai and he taught me English. Joe smiled to himself before continuing “He trained me in the strange manner of the American mind and I taught him the wily ways of the Asian. We were inseparable until the Americans pulled out of U Tapao air base”.

Joe explained that Edward was transferred to Okinawa and he took Kanita and Rose when was she was only a baby. He described how they kept in touch as they would often come back to Thailand. He laughed “I must have taught him something as he reached the rank of Colonel before he retired a couple of years ago”. Alan was warming to this incorrigible wag. “But the point I am making is maybe you need a native guide”. Alan explained “Osamu has been reluctant to provide an interpreter but if I pushed hard enough I suppose they would give me one”.

Joe gave a wry smile and declared “you need more than a translator; you actually need someone on YOUR side”. Alan jokingly asked if Joe was free for two weeks, Joe laughed then went quiet for a moment “I find your situation interesting so I may actually come with you to the Thai owned foundry for one day, maybe I can smooth out a few things for you”. Joe looked at his watch then said “I have a few things to do this afternoon but what about you have dinner with us this evening?” He paused slightly before continuing “We are eating a little early this evening so meet us in the lobby at 6 pm”. Alan was thrilled at this invitation and excited at the thought he may see the delightful Rose again. He quickly replied “That would be wonderful I will see you there”.

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At 6 pm Alan was waiting in the hotel reception resplendent in what the English consider smart casual wear. At 6.15 he saw Joe and his family arrive and greeted them. He shook hands with Joe and Edward and gave a polite wai to the ladies. He noticed the sisters had dispensed with the scary beehive hairstyles and wore their hair straight and to their shoulders which made them appear years younger. Joe explained his mother in law was staying in the hotel and his daughter was supervising so there would just be the six of them for dinner. An intimate little party thought Alan. They turned right at the hotel reception and walked through the Royal Garden plaza. Alan was delighted that Rose took his arm as they strolled through the mall. She was dressed in a blue and white hooped top and a loose knee length summer skirt with a small floral pattern. With only the slightest make up on her pretty elfin features she looked soft feminine and absolutely lovely.

Once out of the Mall and on to Beach road they all jumped on a baht bus that took them the few hundred yards towards Walking Street. A few Sois before the illuminated entrance they all dismounted as Khae paid the driver. They walked through Pattayaland until they reached Palmers bar a rather modest but welcoming establishment. Rose explained her father insisted they eat farang food every so often and although it is English owned he considers this bar the nearest to home cooking you will find in Pattaya.

They took seats on a round table facing the Soi. The menu boasted a good selection of British dishes and Alan chose the roast beef dinner which turned out to be surprisingly good. When the two sisters had exhausted their discussion on family matters they turned their attention to Alan and asked him about his life. With typical understated modestly Alan described his business back in UK. He had hardly begun his account when Kanita asked “Khun Alan are you married?” Alan smiled and replied that he was not married; she quickly continued “have you ever been married?” Alan blushed slightly and clarified that he had never been married, Khae immediately asked “are you gay?” At this point Edward stepped in and admonished the sisters “leave the guy alone you nosey devils”.

Alan had never married he almost got engaged in his 20’s but his college studies prevented it developing. He met a girl a few years later in his 30’s but with the death of his parents she got bored when he immersed himself totally in his work. By the time he thought about it again he was in his 40s. He felt he lacked the social skills to attract the modern breed of woman and he also felt conscious of his Ginger hair although he preferred to describe it as Sandy.

To spare his further blushes Joe explained Alan’s current predicament at the Hirota plant and the problems of communication he was experiencing. Joe stated that he was going back with Alan on Monday to meet the Thai owner of the foundry in order to help him. The ladies became very attentive to the story. After a few days together they were in need of a distraction outside their family interests and this conversation offered an interesting diversion. Edward asked Joe and Alan “Can I be of any help?”Joe laughed and replied “no not this time my friend, this task requires diplomacy, not nuclear warheads and blanket bombing” he smiled at his brother in law and declared “I thank you for your offer but Alan’s problem needs a subtle approach”. Joe dodged the bread roll Edward threw at his head and they laughed together.

Alan was pleased at their interest but did not want to bore them with his problems. At this point Kanita piped up “why not use Rose as an interpreter, she can speak Japanese Thai and English” Giving her daughter a scornful look she continued “She has nothing to do since she gave up a good job at the law office”. The idea of the delightful Rose working alongside him had a definite appeal but was unsure how to proceed. Rose piped up “That job was boring just shuffling paper but working on technical things sounds interesting and will be a chance to use my language skills” Alan was delighted that Rose appeared interested. Edward as a concerned father wanted to discuss practicalities but Joe stopped him assuring him that he would go with them to get Rose settled in and sort things out. Edward seemed relaxed that his brother in law had taken charge. Alan was pleased but somewhat astonished that the decision had been made for him without him actually offering a job.

With dinner completed coffees were ordered. Edward suggested the next evening they all go ten pin bowling. Rose gave a smile at this news and her Aunt Khae remarked that Rose loved bowling but always complains that she usually only has her young cousin as a partner. Her sister interjected “well tomorrow maybe Alan can partner you”. Rose clapped her hands with delight.

With the suggestion accepted by all Edward declared he was returning to the Marriot for his beauty sleep. Rose protested that it was only 10.30 and she wished to hear some music in Walking Street. Kanita suggested that maybe Alan would take her. Alan could hardly contain his excitement and exclaimed “certainly if Rose is agreeable” “Oh yes please” she said to Alan.

Edward turned to Alan and in a fatherly tone requested he get her back before 12.30pm. He explained that Pattaya was not a pleasant place late at night. Farewells were made and Rose practically dragged Alan away in her enthusiasm.

Alan was mesmerised by the sights and sounds of Walking Street. He could hardly believe the noise and the throng of revellers. He stared open mouthed at the scantily clad beauties outside the go-go bars telling him he was hansum man. He was totally bemused by the neon and noise and the touts offering unspeakable amusements he hardly noticed Rose diverting him into the Lucifer’s disco bar. Standing just inside the entrance to Alan’s surprise Rose removed the floral skirt to reveal the hooped top was a mini dress. As she folded the skirt and tucked it into her handbag Alan could not fail to notice how the mini dress displayed her long coltish legs to great effect.

Rose eased down the hem of her dress and taking Alan’s hand she dragged him into the large disco area. The place was rammed to the rafters with revellers and the music was techno and painfully loud with flashing lights pulsing to the beat. The venue would not have been his first choice for a date but he acknowledged it would be for the young girl he was with. A waitress approached and Rose ordered some strange cocktail whilst Alan asked for a Singha beer.

Rose disappeared leaving Alan to pay and hold the drinks. It was some time before Rose returned with a pretty Thai girl in tow “this is my friend Aye” she declared “will you buy her a drink?” Alan was mildly surprised but called for a waitress and the two girls ordered tequilas. They downed them immediately then Rose took her cocktail from Alan and departed with her friend.

Alan stood alone for some time supping his bottle of Singha and feeling like the proverbial spare dick at a wedding. He was just about to order another beer when Rose returned alone. “This place is too quiet” she exclaimed as she grabbed Alan’s hand and pulled him towards the exit. Once outside in the relative quiet of the lively street his ears began to recover. He felt himself being gently pulled and told “Come….we go Tony bar”.

After 100 yards or so they pulled up outside a club entrance flanked by two massive doormen. Alan felt like asking if they wanted to check his ID, in the hope he was too old to be allowed in but thought it would be wasted on them. He paid the entrance fee and entered another cavern of noise and mayhem. They stood against a rail near the dance floor as a young waiter took their order. Rose again ordered a strange cocktail but Alan striving to appear less of a dinosaur than he felt ordered a Corona with a slice of lime stuck in the neck of the bottle. He asked Rose if she wanted to dance but she smiled and shook her head. As he manipulated the lime into the neck of the bottle to get at the drink within Rose thrust her handbag and drink at him and disappeared.

Alan placed the bag, the cocktail and his own bottle on the small shelf in front of him and had a closer look at the receipt the waitress had given him. Bugger me was his first thought I didn’t expect to see London prices in Pattaya. Mai pen rai or never mind was his next thought, a phrase he seemed to hear quite a lot since he had been in Thailand. He scanned the dance floor and his attention was taken by an attractive girl in a skimpy top and shorts dancing energetically on a nearby platform. He was a little disturbed to see Rose dancing equally energetically with a young Asian man just beneath the platform. At the end of the number he saw Rose coming back towards him with the young man following behind. Alan saw the youth was slim, well dressed with gelled hair and a haughty expression on his face which did not endear him to Alan. Rose picked up her drink and pointing at the skinny youth stated “this is my friend Kuy will you buy him a drink?” He could not believe his ears and this time replied with an emphatic NO.

Alan saw the glowering expression on the young man’s face and heard the offensive comment he made. Alan recognised the words Gow farang and keeneow (old foreign miser) and assumed his comments also included references to him also being ugly and illegitimate. Seeing Rose pout at his refusal Alan told her “tell your young suitor that this ugly old farang will rearrange his smug features if he doesn’t piss off immediately”.

Rose didn’t need to translate as the boy seeing the expression on the face of a man twice his size decided discretion was the better part of valour and quickly departed. Alan felt more disappointed than angry at Roses capricious behaviour. It merely confirmed that he had been foolish and deluded to think he would be of any interest to a vibrant young girl like Rose.

He noticed the time was almost 12.00 and conscious of his promise to her father to get her safely back by 12.30 pm asked her to finish her drink and informed her it was time to go. Alan ignored her sulk and as soon as she finished her drink put his arm on her shoulder and firmly guided her to the exit. Her silent compliance surprised Alan. As they began to stride down Walking Street she voiced a list of objections but after a few yards realising her protests were falling on deaf ears she surrendered and put her arm in his. As they sauntered towards the Walking Street exit Alan remained enchanted by this delicate waif but was reconciled he was far too old for her. A baht bus took them back to Marriot for an inflated price and Alan escorted her to her bedroom door. He bade her a polite goodnight and left her there. As he walked away down the corridor he thought he heard a door open and observe his departure. He assumed it was her mother. Alan could not help feeling a little despondent as he returned to his own room on the floor below.


Next morning Alan woke at 7.30 showered and by 8.00 was ready to partake of the excellent breakfast the hotel offered. As he entered the dining room he was surprised and pleased to see Joe eating alone. Seeing Alan he beckoned him to join him. Joe asked him how he was that morning and how things had gone with Rose. Alan thought for a moment before replying “To be honest I feel a little foolish. I was clearly deluding myself that a young girl like Rose would have the slightest interest in me". Alan then related the episodes in Walking Street the previous evening.

Joe gave a laugh before saying “Do not be too hard on yourself she is not such a young girl anymore, next year she is 30 which is quite an old lady in Asia”. Joe was quiet for a moment before continuing “I don’t know what English women are like but I understand Thai women and last night she was just pushing the boundaries and testing you” seeing Alan’s bemused expression he continued “I can tell you for certain she likes you, her mother loves you and is already planning the wedding in her mind” Joe lent forward and gave Alan a conspiratorial whisper “Now if you want my advice Rose is looking forward to going bowling tonight so claim a prior appointment and don’t go with them. She will know it is a lesson for her behaviour, I will explain to my wife who will tell her sister who I know will agree”. Alan laughed and declared “Joe that plan is worthy of Machiavelli himself” Joe gave a grin and replied “I have always felt that particular Florentine gentleman could have learnt a lot from the Thais”.

Joe leaned back in his chair and continued his advice “Let her stew for a day then take her out on your own on Sunday evening. Discuss your interpreter job with her but don’t offer her any more than 4000 baht a week”. Taking a sip from his coffee Joe concluded his counsel “On Monday I will drive you back to Amata Nakorn to visit the foundry whether Rose is with you or not”.

Alan spent the rest of the day in aimless amusement and took a walk through the Royal Garden plaza onto beach road. He crossed the road to take a look at the beach but seeing nothing of interest he crossed back and began strolling towards Walking Street. He explored some of the side Sois and got a small taste of the daytime Pattaya. After a pleasant lunch at Palmers bar he made his way to Walking Street. It looked completely different in the harsh light of day but a gentle amble of its length gave him some idea of its geography. By mid afternoon he returned to the hotel for an afternoon nap.

That evening Alan showered put on his best drinking shirt and after putting himself outside a steak at the Sizzlers restaurant made his way to Walking Street. As on the previous evening he was mesmerised by the sights and sounds of this amazing promenade but was not quite so intimidated. He strolled for a while until he reached Soi Diamond and decided to try one of the go-go bars. He walked through the curtain into a different world. He had regularly visited lap dancing clubs in his own town but they paled into insignificance to what he saw before him. He could see about twelve girls dancing around the poles on a U shaped stage and to his eyes they were exotic and absolutely delicious.

Alan took a seat a row back from the stage and was immediately joined by a pretty girl clad only in a brief bikini who greeted him “Hello sexy man you buy me a drink?” Alan looked around him and realised she was addressing him. He suspected he was already blushing so nervously replied “well err yes I suppose so” the girl waved to a waitress then put her slender arm through his and snuggled up close to him. A waitress arrived and his new companion asked him” you want beer Singha or Heineken?”Alan was finding the Singha a little heavy so opted for the Heineken. The waitress returned with the drinks and popped the receipt into a wooden cup she placed on the ledge in front of him. “What your name, Where you from you?” she asked but before he could reply she enquired “you want boom boom me?”He took a closer look at her and saw she had a pretty face with a little snub nose and long dark hair that covered her shoulders. Most noticeable was her wonderful smile. The feel of her soft warm skin was beginning to arouse him. He was definitely interested but did not think the Marriott would take kindly to bringing a bar girl back, at the least they would charge him corkage he thought.

The resulting conversation was somewhat economical “How much? 500 baht short time, how? We go short time hotel, you pay bar I go with you now”. Alan squeaked his ok” and she departed into the toilets. The waitress reappeared so Alan handed her a 1000 baht note. The girl returned dressed in a short denim skirt and a tee shirt and with a “we go now” took him by the hand, led him out of the bar and a few yards down the Soi. They walked into a dingy foyer that Alan assumed was the hotel reception and the girl instructed him to pay 200 baht for the room.

She led him down a short corridor to a small dingy room lit only by a bare light bulb completely unfurnished except for a shower unit and a small bed covered by a rough blanket. She helped Alan remove his clothes then nimbly removed her own. Once naked she instructed him to step in the shower. She switched on the shower and proceeded to lather soap over his body. The water was barely lukewarm but the warmth of her soft dark body began to arouse him again. As soon as she considered him clean enough she pushed him out of the cubicle and handed him a threadbare towel. Whilst the girl began to soap herself under the shower Alan tried to dry himself with this flimsy piece of material but was still damp when the girl turned the shower off and instructed him to lie on the bed.

She quickly dried herself and wrapped the towel around her body. She joined Alan on the bed deftly slipped a condom on him and climbed astride him with practiced ease. Only then did she remove the towel to reveal a slim body with tiny breasts. Her pelvic muscle control gripped Alan’s tumescence like a freemason’s handshake and he quickly felt the jester’s toes upon him. His ejaculation felt like a flock of sparrows departing his body. His happy ending complete she quickly disengaged from him removed the condom nimbly tied it in a knot and threw it into a plastic bin at the side of the bed. She had got dressed before Alan had got his breath back. He lifted himself off the bed found his wallet and handed her a 1000 baht note telling her to keep the change. She gave him a wai and said “You nice man, have good heart, you see me again tomorrow?” With that she departed through the door leaving Alan to get dressed alone. As he dressed with trembling hands he looked at his watch. He reflected that the complete transaction from entering the bar to the evacuation of his seminal vessels had taken less than 35 minutes and cost him £35……now that was real efficiency he thought.

He left the short time hotel walked back onto Walking Street and began to stroll towards Beach road. As he neared the illuminated gateway his attention was taken by the sound of familiar music coming from the DAB bar to his left. His foot turned and he entered said establishment to see a full show band on stage playing some old western favourites. Delighted to hear something other than the ubiquitous techno beat he settled himself on a seat near the bar and ordered a Heineken. Now he had been despunked he felt relaxed and as he immersed himself in the music of the Eagles he found his head begin to clear. The tribulations of the previous week evaporated. He found his clarity of thought and sense of purpose returning.

After an hour of pleasant contemplation he took a baht bus back to the Marriot hotel. He climbed into bed and fell into the deepest sleep he had enjoyed for many months.

To be continued.

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