Stickman Readers' Submissions June 30th, 2014

Internet Dating in Thailand

Okay, this is a story I have never heard about before on this site or any others but it did just happen to me.

I was a bit bored on Friday having finished work. Sort of getting sick of the Nana scene and finding it increasingly dangerous when on your own. I’ve had pickpocket attempts and people stalking waiting to do whatever lately. So I went online with ThaiCupid.

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Okay 18 – 20 year old girls are looking at me for marriage / romance. This is purely a numbers game thing. They hit up enough old men up maybe somebody is going to start sending money. If I hit enough up maybe I’m screwing a teenager cheaper than I can do in Nana. Eventually, I come across someone that didn’t jump out in the photos but we ended up messaging a few times and we could actually have some sort of conversation. She is a very reserved person, never married, no long time boyfriends, has worked her whole life and put herself through uni (very proud of this). After I explained it was very safe for her to come visit me and we spoke on the phone a couple of times, she agreed. Her written English is better than spoken or I can understand it better when you don’t have background noise.

So the day came and I was expecting she’d pull out. Surprise, surprise, she called me and she’s where we are to meet. And she’s early. I hurriedly jump through a shower, whack on some clean clothes. I hate to keep people waiting and rush off to where we are to meet.

I get there and I’m looking around and thinking I have to call her to see where she’s at exactly and what she is wearing and tell her what I’m wearing.

Then suddenly she’s there. And an absolute stunner! Dressed nicely, not too much makeup.

She sees me first and introduces herself first. Then she is also with her aunt / cousin. Which she did she say she had to take to the hospital, then I thought, well, I have heard they do have chaperones on the first couple of dates and she did pretty well say no hanky panky. I’m happy with that as I’m just looking to get away from the bar girl crap.

So she's all smiling and asking where we are going. I work up the street but know a little bar 5 minutes’ walk. So off we go. She’s holding my hand and tickling it while walking, giving a little dance when we walk past CD shops. Conversation is minimal at this point because of the crowds but the aunty is translating and they are excited to see me. We get just before the restaurant.

My phone rings. I’m thinking oh piss off it’s a mate knowing I’m on a new date, it’s about work oh it might be family I’d better answer it.

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“Hello where are you”

“I’m at XXXXXXXXXX” (I do know the number but I am suddenly confused.)

Me very dumb “Aren’t I with you now?”

“I waiting XXXXXXXX.”

“Hang on I be there soon.”

Now I am trying to ask / explain (and this girl is smoking hot and does not look like any street walker), so you are you, I not talk to you online. All I’m getting back is “Oh, you have other lady”. I’m trying my best at this point to work out what has happened and not offend anyone. I have briskly walked these ladies 500 meters through crowds to get somewhere quiet where we can relax and speak while leaving my date sitting at the original place.

In the end I tried to explain the best I could and rushed off to not leave the original date waiting. And yes I found her and we had a nice polite evening which was expected. She was very good looking as well and neither of them looked even close to the photos posted.

The question just remains what was this other smoking hot one doing as it’s not an area known for freelances and I have not been approached before. If the original girl called 5 minutes later we would have been ordering drinks and then food.

Only in Thailand…

Stickman's thoughts:

I can see this happening in Bangkok for sure. There are a few favourite hot spots around town where those who had met online met in the real world for the first time. These folks stand out like a sore thumb because they've made just a little more effort to look good without it being totally obvious, and they are standing alone, playing with their phone, but with a little more nervousness than the average person, along with a little excitement. The main entrance to Terminal 21 is probably the most popular spot but Starbucks branches up and down the skytrain line are also popular spots. I wonder what happened to the guy the first girl was supposed to meet?!

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