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Update From The Pretender

Dear Stickman Readers,

My most popular article by far on Stickman is on the subject of my experiences with Pattaya ladyboys. I get many emails from Stickman readers about this article and as such I would like to bring you all up to date in regards to my recent experiences with Pattaya ladyboys. I do apologise in advance for using the word "she" to describe ladyboys as I know that it upsets some of you.

He Clinic Bangkok

It has been a year and a half since November 2012 when I engaged in promiscuous sex with ladyboys in Pattaya, Thailand for the first time at the age of 33. I just now celebrated my 35th birthday and I have been back to Thailand twice since November 2012 and on both trips I continued my engagements with Pattaya ladyboys. These trips have only been possible of course by my refusal to enter into any entanglements or a relationship with a western woman back home. I now view all women here in the West as impediments to me continuing to live my life the way I want to live it. Any involvement with single, western women that I do not know is kept strictly to a minimum. I know that most, if not all western women want security, monogamy, family, children, commitment, marriage, home ownership, dedication, love and devotion. Sex is not a woman’s driving force and any romantic involvement by me with them will lead me to lose my freedom, peace of mind, independence, time and possibly my current and future money, resources and wealth. When a woman looks at me she sees me as a resource provider first and foremost. When I see a woman I see her as a sex object first and foremost. For me to get sex however I will need to jump through her numerous hoops and tests and I just can’t be fxxxed with doing that these days. I neither have the time nor the inclination. I am just not interested. I have mastered by sex drive and found my solution to living a free life which is to live in a voluntarily celibate manner here in the West, avoid relationships with women, work as hard as possible and enjoy myself in Thailand 3 times a year engaging in paid encounters with ladyboys and the occasional woman.

My promiscuous behaviour with Pattaya ladyboys has been somewhat muted on my last two trips as I have concentrated on having sex with and developing a form of friendship with 3 ladyboys in particular who I get along well with. Each has different attributes and personal qualities and each of them gives me a different experience.

Ladyboy One: 26 years old, 6f2” tall, beautiful and easy going

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Ladyboy One is very easy to get along with and is overall an easygoing person. The sex with One is very good and it is always a fun experience with her. We go out together to eat Thai food mostly at cheap restaurants at Central Festival Plaza shopping centre. It really feels like the ‘girlfriend experience’ with One.

This is the ladyboy I talked about in my previous article “Taking a 6f2” tall ladyboy out for dinner in Pattaya”. I must admit that I do really like ladyboy One the most.

Ladyboy Two: 29 years old, 5f11” tall, extremely slutty dresser

Ladyboy Two and I have great sex together – very passionate and fun. Two is a very understanding person who never argues with me about me seeing other ladyboys. I just meet her at the bar, have a drink and a great chat and then have a fantastic sexual experience with her. It is perfect really. I doubt however she will work much longer due to her age but I will still try to catch up with her when I am in Pattaya. Two does not take a lot of female hormones but is very feminine looking with makeup on. Without makeup however Two can’t pass very well as a woman.

Ladyboy Three: 22 years old, 5f10” tall, stunningly beautiful

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Sex with ladyboy Three is on another level of intensity – it is unbelievably great. By far the best sex I have ever had in my entire life. Incredible sex, which I have never before experienced with any western woman, Thai woman or Thai ladyboy. Three has problems getting an erection due to the large quantity of female hormones she keeps taking. She has been taking female hormones since the age of 13 and has essentially avoided going through a male puberty. It is incredibly passionate sex that Three and I have together. Three has issues however – she is a very jealous person and does not like it when I am seen to go with other ladyboys. I have explained several times to her that freedom is very important for me and for her given the nature of her profession. I never bring up the fact that she has many other farangs but she constantly brings up the fact that I have other ladyboys. “Go – go to your ladyboys” she says to me. I say – “OK fine – I will – you go as well – go, go to your farangs”. The whole situation with Three is ridiculous as lets face it – she is a prostitute and she is getting irritated at me for going with other ladyboy prostitutes. I kept thinking to myself whenever she gets irritated at me “I hate to remind you Three but you are a prostitute and you have no right to get angry at me for my behaviour”. It just seems pointless however getting into a discussion about this subject as an argument would ensue and she would lose face which is a big no no in Thailand. I am at the point of just cutting her off to be honest, as she has written several messages to me telling me to fxxx off which is unacceptable behaviour and very disrespectful to me. This despite the fact I have never said a bad word to her and I have treated her with kindness, acceptance, tolerance and respect.

Sometimes I think the mix of male and female hormones makes these ladyboys unstable. You have to be very careful around them at times. Ladyboy One has a real authentic gun and has mentioned that if she wanted to she could kill me. I don’t think that she would try anything but what can I say – this is the first time I have developed a friendship with someone who owns a firearm which was apparently given to her by her parents in case of getting into a bad situation with a crazy farang. I am cautious when dealing with each of my ladyboy partners as experience has taught me to be on guard and not to lose control of myself or the situation. I certainly don’t trust any of my ladyboy partners as far as I could throw them. This doesn’t stop me from having a great time with them however.

My ladyboy partners are at a very different level of human development than me. I am a university educated professional and I have worked in scientific research for 15 years and I also run my own start up on the side. In terms of intellectual stimulation – none of my ladyboys are my intellectual equivalent. That being said – I find this a relief, as my relationships in the West with western woman who were my equal were fraught with difficulties, arguments and pain. One night I was sitting in Sensations Bar in Action St with ladyboy One and thinking to myself how simple things were between us and we have nothing at all in common with each other. I am a paying customer and she is my service provider but we have a level of respect for each other as human beings and this is important. I accept her and she accepts me. I give out respect and acceptance – two things that ladyboys find very difficult to find in society. This is why I believe I am seen as a magnet for them and why word gets around so quickly in Soi 6 when I am seen with one. The gossip amongst them is incredible and I have been astonished at how quickly word gets around.

Each of my ladyboy partners I have on my Facebook page. I have in effect put some of my rules aside for dealing with them and I have opened myself up to them. They know my real name and my business. This is a double-edged sword as it could backfire against me badly if they ever got really pissed off at me and wanted revenge for whatever reason. I have very good business and personal reasons for establishing a form of friendship with these ladyboys and ladyboy Three in particular – despite her lack of respect – has been extremely helpful to me with understanding transgendered issues and in allowing me to observe her experiences in undergoing breast augmentation surgery and recovery in Bangkok.

My life back home in the West now consists of working extremely hard at my day job and my business, living alone and avoiding short and long-term relationships with women – essentially I am living as a voluntary celibate. It is incredible how much time I have available and I have achieved much more in my day job and my business than I ever did when I had a girlfriend. Three times a year I take off to Thailand to engage with Pattaya ladyboys and to meet up with western ex-pats who have decided to make Thailand their home. I have found these ex pats to be very helpful to me personally in understanding Thailand, understanding what it takes to pack up and move to a strange, exotic country and the complexities involved with relationships with ladyboys. I find catching up with them meets my intellectual needs. My last trip all I did all day long was work from my laptop in my hotel room and then at night I went out for dinner at the Pattaya Beer Garden then caught a motorcycle taxi to meet up with one of my ladyboys in Soi 6, then I came back to my hotel room for sex with them or went upstairs at the bar they worked at to have sex with them and then after that I would go out and catch up with my ex pat friends. I found this lifestyle very satisfying. It really did feel to me like I as a man could ‘have it all’. Pattaya I think has this effect on many men. It is great to spend time in a place where the men are smiling so much and seem so genuinely happy. I never witnessed any of the aggression that I have seen here in the West in Pattaya. I put that down to the men being so sexually satisfied – it mellows them out.

This last trip to Pattaya was important for me to see if I could work effectively from my hotel room. Overall – I was staggered by the volume of work that I was able to get done, as I did not have any interruptions from other people. I now know that I could indeed move to Thailand full time and work productively from a small condo and communicate with my team in the West via Skype. I doubt that I will do this full time but it is perfect for short-term trips.

My next trip to Thailand will be from July 31st to August 14th 2014. I will be in Pattaya from July 31st to August 10th and in Bangkok from August 10th to 14th. On this upcoming trip I plan to have some new experiences with new ladyboys. It is time to have some new sexual experiences with ladyboys that I have not met before. This is important so that I do not become too emotionally involved with any one ladyboy. I want and need my freedom and freedom is so easy to lose in this world. The price of freedom really does seem to be eternal vigilance.

I remain as always open to catching up with Stickman readers in Thailand so if you are interested in meeting with me please email me and we can arrange a date and time.

Until next time gentlemen, all the best!

Kind Regards,

The Pretender

Stickman's thoughts:

If anyone meets this guy, let me know… I'm mildly curious as to whether his tales are genuine or otherwise. For me, the jury is still out on that one.

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