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Tales Of A Pakistani Punter

10th April, 2013, was the day my visa for Thailand finally arrived. And on the 13th April I am on a plane going to Thailand unaware that these 4 days will change me forever.

I am Kartoos from Pakistan, 27 years old and not at all handsome. I was searching for the best destinations to travel to for a single man. After reading about Thailand and its naughty and active nightlife scene I decided to give it a try. It was not that I was frustrated or had had a break up with my girlfriend (actually, I have never had a girlfriend in these 27 years and I am happy) or looking for love, but I wanted to enjoy an environment that is open and you do not have to think about others before doing anything considered taboo.

He Clinic Bangkok

I was both excited and afraid when landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Afraid after reading many negative blog posts on how Indians and alike face discrimination and rude behavior from Thais. I am a typical Pakistani / Indian looking guy of average height. I was afraid whether I would be accepted and what would happen to me in bars. Am I going to waste all this money I spent on flights, the visa and other things and come back home with bad memories?

Day 1

Finally with all these thoughts in my mind I landed at 7:20 AM. A car and driver were ready outside the airport to take me to hotel. Driver (Kong) was very friendly and shared with me many things. I didn’t know that it was Songkran starting from 13th. He told me to keep my gadgets wrapped because “Sir! water everywhere”. I was having a good time talking to him. He asked me about Pakistan and shared some Thailand culture with me. My first experience with a normal Thai person was good.

CBD bangkok

At around 8:30 AM we reached the hotel. Early in the morning during the Songkran holidays, Bangkok was not what I read about. It was quiet with very few people on streets. I was disappointed and got afraid because I didn’t want to spend my 4 days in a city like this, just like I had in Dubai few years back.

Check in time at the hotel was 2PM so they requested me to wait in lobby and they kept my luggage at reception. At 9:00 AM my private tour guide arrived to take me to Ayutthaya. It was a full day tour including visits to Bang-pa In Summer Palace and many temples of Ayutthaya. Around 11 or 12, I could see children and adults in the streets throwing water. It was the first time I had experienced such a festival and looked like so much fun. The tour guide was super friendly and took care of me very well.

We were back to Bangkok by 4 PM and it was not the same as when I had left in morning. Sukhumvit was now filled and people were throwing water on everyone passing. Soi 4 looked like a water battlefield. Farangs and bargirls were throwing water from both sides of the soi.

I crashed after reaching the hotel and woke up around 9PM. I went to Soi 3 to have some Pakistani food. There were many freelancers (street hookers) including ladyboys standing on the sidewalk. Some of them were very good-looking. After having dinner I went to Nana Plaza. I tried entering Lollipop bar but a woman refused to allow me to enter, saying “No sir members only”. No problem, I was ready for all this. I told her “I will have drinks inside and also buy lady drink”. She smiled and allowed me in. Yay!

wonderland clinic

I had great time inside with a girl. I barfined her and had the very first sexual encounter of my life. She was, I think, 23 or 24 years old and very pretty. She stayed with me for about an hour in my hotel and I enjoyed a lot with her. Her English skills were very poor to zero. She only used to say “Darling darling why why why why”. After finishing the first time I thought that she will now leave but she kept kissing me and said “Darling I want more”. So we had another session. When she was about to leave I requested her if I can take her photo (in clothes). She said yes. I asked her to sit on bed but she came over to me and said now take photo while giving me a big smooch on the cheek and then she left (a memorable photo with such a lovely and beautiful girl giving me a smooch).

Now it was time to pick up a freelancer. I went out and started looking for some freelancers. One hot girl caught my eye and I gave her a smile she quickly came near me and the negotiation started. She quoted 1000 for short time, I said I would give her 800 baht, she thought for a bit then agreed. I had sex with her for 15 minutes and then I discharged. In the end I gave her 1000 and she gave me a very good “good bye kiss”. After that I spent around 2 hours in a beer bar (having cola ;)).

Day 2

I had a group tour to the River Kwai, Tiger Temple etc. Enjoyed some sights and came back to the hotel around 8 PM. I was very tired and just crashed. Woke up at around 12, quickly bathed and hit Nana Plaza again. Went to Pretty Lady and had a good time there with a girl but didn’t bar fine her. As I came out and started looking at other bars a very cute girl (yes, at first I thought she is a girl) stopped me and said “Please come to my bar”. She was from Voodoo. As she started talking to me her voice sounded little strange. Ohhh I realized I am talking to a ladyboy (Sorry I forgot to tell above I have liking for ladyboys too but this experience made me a ladyboy addict). I confirmed with her that is she a ladyboy? First she hesitated then said “Yes, I ladyboy”. She was really hot and good looking. Gave me very good time in bar so I decided to go for short time with her to a room on first floor of Nana Plaza. I had amazing sex with her. She was a post-op. After having this wonderful experience (and getting an addiction to ladyboys) I got back to my hotel. I spent most of the remaining night communicating with my clients.

Day 3

I was free but didn’t have any tours booked. I decided to hit some beer bars. I went to, I think, Hillary bar. I don’t drink alcohol so I always order Cola. After 5 – 10 minutes two girls came and started talking to me. I bought drinks for them so they became friendlier. One was hot but a little old (maybe in late 30s) but the second one was I guess 27 or 28 with ok looks. Both had good English skills so we talked about many different things. Younger one started touching and hugging me from time to time. When I was leaving she stopped me and said “I want to go with you” and started kissing me on the lips but I made an excuse that I had to meet someone and I could not take her. Her lips were so smooth and warm I can still feel them.

In mid afternoon I decided to go to Eden Club. I was nervous as it would be my first experience with 2 girls. Will they make fun of me? Will they make fun of my premature ejaculation problem? With all this on my mind I entered Eden Club. Some girls were sitting outside the club. I ordered a Cola as usual and the stuff started, girls were standing in two lines. I chose one and asked her to choose the other one. Girls were old and not very good looking. They picked up their toolbox and took me to a room where the fun started. First, they gave me a bath. I had the best 90 minutes of my life. I can’t explain it in words. I fulfilled most of my fantasies. I requested them to perform lesbian and they did, although not like porn movies but it was good. Had a great fun in those 90 minutes. I tipped them very well because I was more than satisfied. The girls were super friendly and really professional.

Tired I decided to go for a massage. I entered a massage parlor for an oil massage. It was good, obviously smooth hands of a girl massaging different parts (including private parts) of your body will make any man feel good. She offered me a hand job for extra baht. I agreed and had first hand job of my life.

Spent the evening wandering on Sukhumvit and figuring out where Soi Cowboy is. Luckily it was near to my hotel.

I went to Nana Plaza early night and hit Obsessions and Temptations ladyboy bar. Obsessions bar has a large collection of hot ladyboys but with an attitude because I think most of their customers are Japanese. I sat there for half an hour with a ladyboy who looked like a real lady and had cuteness to die for. I didn’t bar fine her because I wanted to go to Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Temptations bar has friendly but unattractive ladyboys. I had two drinks and bought one lady drink.

After this I wanted to go to Patpong only to check out King's Castle 3 ladyboy bar. Asked a local person on the street how to get there and he told me to take taxi or BTS to Sala Daeng. I took the BTS, it was fun. Reached Patpong and it was quiet. I didn’t like it really. After a few minutes I found Kings Castle 3 and it was full of hot, gorgeous ladyboys. I offered drinks to two ladyboys and had fun with them. They were so cute but I didn’t have a place nearby and I didn’t want to go for a short time room. I sat with them for more than an hour and then left.

Back to my hotel after sorting out some emails and other work stuff I hit Soi Cowboy. Went into a bar (can’t remember the name), had a good time but girls were not attractive enough so I leave in half an hour. Went to Cockatoo ladyboy bar. It has gorgeous and super friendly ladyboys. 5 – 6 ladyboys gathered in front of me and asked for a drink. I chose one very hot and sexy ladyboy. Talked to her for a while, she asked me to bar fine her. She was very sexy so I decided to take her for the full night. I had awesome sex experience with this ladyboy. 2 blow jobs 2 fxxx jobs in the night. 1 fxxx job in morning and then I asked her to go.

Day 4

Spent time doing some work and then I planned to go to Pattaya. I was not sure how to go and didn’t have experience in booking a hotel online so I contacted a private guide. He was professional and did all the work. Came to pick me up by 5 PM and we reached Pattaya around 7. He booked a hotel near Walking Street but in a quiet soi. He took me to the Alcazar ladyboy show and then he went back to come in the morning to pick me up. I only had this one night in Pattaya. Pattaya was really like heaven. Beach Road and Walking Street were full of tourists (including locals) + punters. I tried entering Baccarra bar but the doorman stopped me saying “Members only”. I said “I will have drinks” but still he refused. I walked around a bit, checking out hot girls standing outside the bars. There was a ladyboy in an open air beer bar waving at me so I started chatting with her. She asked to go with me, I told her my hotel is far so she said “I take you to my loom”. I said ok and then we went to her loom for sex. After 15-20 minutes of sex we both were lying with arms around each other kissing and talking. I left after an hour and went to Sugarbaby A Gogo. Doorman stopped me and said “Don’t just sit and look please have drink inside”. I said “Don’t worry man I know”. Amazing bar with loads of girls. Some lesbian show was on. I waved at a hot girl and offered her a drink, she was going to perform show from time to time but tried to gave me good time. After the show was over she sat with me and we had a very nice time talking and cuddling, kissing. After leaving I went to Sweethearts a gogo. Very friendly doorman said “Sir you have a drink inside?” I said yes. A cute girl was sitting free. I said hello to her and offered her a drink. Fun time and then I bar fined her for full night. Had sex 3 times that night and I asked her to leave early morning as my guide had to come to take me.

At around 8 or 8:30 AM my guide came and he took me to some zoo and to see some other things in Kanchanaburi and then dropped me to Suvarnabhumi Airport. I didn’t want to leave but had to as I have many responsibilities back home. This trip made me addicted to Thailand, its girls and ladyboys.

Some notes for fellow Pakistani/Indian travelers

I am not a travelling or Thailand guru, I just want to share few things that I learnt from my experience.

1) Thais DO NOT hate us. Please don’t make your mind by reading blog posts because most of the time people hide their side of story and show others in bad light. If Thais really hated us why does their government give us visas so easily?

2) Prostitution industry is just like any other business. They are working to make money. We are refused entry in bars not because girls don’t like us or we smell or we do not dress well but only because Indians / Pakistanis do not spend well.

Imagine if prostitutes start choosing customers based on looks and dressing I am sure they will not go with 95% of men coming to them. Actually we do not have any bars / clubs in our country so we are not accustomed to it at all. But the internet is changing minds and most of the punters who go are now well aware of how to deal with things.

3) Bargirls will not treat you differently than farangs if you treat her well and she is sure that you will spend same money as farangs do.

4) From my experience bar girls give you same service as she would to any westerner. Once you are inside the bar and buy a drink and also lady drink it will assure them that you know the drill and they will get involved with you just like they do with any western punter.

5) For Pakistanis: If a door man try to joke like “don’t bomb my bar”, don’t take it on heart and really he is not humiliating you he is just trying to have some fun. What else we should expect from others when we have daily news of bomb blasts from our country and our involvement in most of the big terrorist activities around the world?

6) If officers at the airport stop you for checking and questioning (even in Pakistan they do to Pakistanis) don’t think that they are humiliating you. It’s a common security practice and its random (they may not stop you first time but next time you can be checked) so a person stopped think that this only happened to him. When they question you answer them confidently and try to reveal details of your trips and your plans it will make them comfortable that you know why you are here.

Stickman's thoughts:

From zero to 60 in under 5 seconds, wow, it sounds like your life sure has changed since visiting Thailand!

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