Stickman Readers' Submissions May 5th, 2014

A Vietnamese Adventure Part 1

This is my first submission and I have given it much thought. I will try and keep it short, but being the first, it might be a bit long.

Let me start with some background. I am a western man, well-educated, attractive and born in the 60’s. I have travelled to South-East Asia as well as Latin America on business and had my fair share of bar and non-bar girls. Thus, I am not an amateur. I would say, based on my business partner's comments, I am lucky because I have had relationships with some bar girls and never spent a dollar on them for sex. Granted, yes, I have paid for some, but they are some of the hottest women on the planet. My philosophy, I am an educated and attractive man so if you want to have a good time, I tell the women, this is a 2 way street. I cannot tell you how many times my business partners take me to a massage parlor and I walk out with a cell number, email, Facebook page and a date for later that night or the next day (no money required). Yes, I have pissed off many hot women, especially from South-East Asia. I do not care. Why? I always try to weed out the ATM lovers from those who need the money, but actually have a heart. So I understand many of the submissions here, the South-East Asia bar girl is spectacular and so difficult not to fall in love with, at least that is what you might think.

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I have never been to LOS, but I am sure a visit will be in the near future. I am writing this submission for those who find themselves in love with South-East Asian bar girls and compare their actions to a non-bar South-East Asian girl. So let me begin.

For those who have read submissions about the Perfect Vietnamese wife etc., this submission will hopefully provide you a different story so you can compare to your little princess, if you think she is that. I have met many Vietnamese girls, both bar and non-bar. The bar girls, the same, do not waste your heart on them. Yes, great for sex, but leave it at that and do not get attached. Why? Find a non-bar girl. Through some Vietnamese business professionals and online dating, I ventured into dating educated Vietnamese girls.

As my adventure started, I met many Viet girls and learned many things about the single scene in Vietnam. Granted, you cannot trust anyone because dating in Vietnam is no different than in the west. You have to approach it the same way. Women are women and if you want a decent woman, it is hard work. Just like here in the west, the dating scene in Vietnam is full of dishonest people, both men and women. The one difference is that you can go to a bar and buy sex any time, real dating and getting sex for free takes work. Just remember, the bar girl does not love you, no matter how great she makes you feel.

After many emails, phone calls, texts etc. one of the Viet girls I met seemed a little different from the others. Many of the girls were nice, would talk with me, but just did not seem to hit it off. However, there was one that was always there. Whenever I wanted to chat, email etc., she would find time for me. She was very kind and spoke good English. Funny thing, soon after we met online, we had a video call. So for those who get the rejections about video calls, I was like, hmmm, this is interesting, she is willing to have a video call, no problem, no questions. For me, this is a good sign, a video chat with enthusiasm.

So we have a video chat and wow. She looked better in the video than in the photos. We definitely were attracted to each other (I later found out she was just as interested as I was in seeing how the other looked other than in photos). Afterwards, we did many video calls and got to know each other. Granted, I am not showing any major interest at this point, just being friendly, just like you would with any girl you meet (non-bar girl that is).

During the next few months we chatted off and on and did video calls. I was traveling a lot and having a great time in South-East Asia. She tells me a lot about herself, family, education, career etc. About 4 months in, she starts to tell me she likes me. I like her, but never really tell her. I just tell her that I enjoy her company and that I will visit her when I get a chance. Well, that time arrived after 5 months and off I go to Vietnam.

Granted, I am still holding out here. I have never met her or her family in person. Everything has been based on our long distance communications. I am enjoying my life so I am not looking for love, just having fun. Funny thing, one of the bar girls I met in South-East Asia wanted to meet at the airport in Vietnam and I said ok. Remember my background, I do not pay these chicks if there are follow up dates. She meets me at the airport, we go out to eat and then I tell her good night. She looks at me and asks why she cannot sleep with me. I tell her that we previously had this discussion, I am not paying you because you are not working. Besides, I have a girlfriend here in Vietnam so whatever you were thinking, not happening. She tells me she understands, smiles, then gets in the cab and goes home. Trust me, not easy because she is smoking hot.

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Next day I go to visit my friend. What can I say? She looks even better in person. A typical Vietnamese girl. Slightly taller than normal, slender, great curves, beautiful skin, and attractive at 24 years old. Let me tell you, not all Vietnamese women are attractive, there are a lot of ugly Vietnamese women. So all you guys seeing those Viet bar girls outside Vietnam, do not be blindsided, they are the exception.

My new found friend tells me she is very happy I came to see her. I tell her she looks more beautiful in person and she tells me the same. She is panting and about to faint, what you would expect from a real woman. After she calms down, she invites me to her house for lunch. We go to her house and she prepares lunch for me. I meet some of her family, but not all. This was informal and just a nice lunch. I am just taking this all in and just observing. Everything is pretty normal as one would expect from a normal relationship perspective.

We finish lunch and time for her to go to work. I take her to work and meet her co-workers. Yes, she has a real job and works for a major international company. So far, she has been honest about that. A professional job and her co-workers are professional, courteous, respectful and kind. I leave her at work and off to the hotel. I check in and am happy with the hotel. After she finishes work, we spend some time together and had a great time. We talk a lot and about many things. When night comes, she goes home and I go to the hotel. That is right, no sex, not even a hint. Again, another good sign. So far so good. I keep waiting for a mistake, but none yet. This is no different than dating in the West.

On her day off, we spend the day together. Remember, I have only been to her house 1 time and it was just for lunch. We ride a motorbike everywhere and yes, I drive always, with her on the back. We go everywhere and she is with me all the time she is not working or not sleeping. Again, very different from the Perfect Tale. Our days and nights are just like dating in the West. Actually, it is better. Why? She never asks for money or expects me to pay all the time. As a matter of fact, she paid more times than I did. Funny thing, it never felt strange or odd. She did it without reservation, as if we had been together for years. I would say to her, you do not have to pay, I do not mind paying. She says no problem, I want to take care of you and tells me all those sweet things that Asian women say to their men. Like I said, it is so genuine and not odd. I was very impressed. Now, what really got me was on our day trip. Her boss lets her change her work schedule so she can spend time with me. Money is not an issue here. She did not hint and I did not offer money for her time off. BTW – everyone works in the family except Mom. On our day trip, she paid for just about everything. So when I got money, I offered to help pay and extended the cash. What happened next amazed me. She looked at me with this face and said “If I take your money, I will feel farther away from you”. “My money is our money”. Read that a few times and let it sink in, it was one of the most profound statements I have ever received from a woman.

Now for some of the expectations of what Asian women want. You better make her proud of you. If you fail at this, you are toast. Making them proud is with EVERYONE. Her family, friends, co-workers and even interactions with the public. So because I am well educated, attractive and live an international life, this was not difficult for me. <Man, you're my hero... – Stick> To see the smile on her face when she tells me how proud she is of me, I know I have done good. Of course, she will ask you the same, are you proud of her and better be ready to respond with a heartfelt yes. Now I am a man that enjoys life and laugh a lot. This really helped in this department. Making people laugh and being happy, a huge plus.

Now the sniff kiss. Lucky for me I read these submissions. I made sure I was squeaky clean everywhere. What can I say about the sniff kiss? I love it. This girl sniff kissed me 24/7, even in public. I had to laugh because it is so true. She was sniff kissing my body like no tomorrow. I do not know about other western men, but I loved it. Very sensual and sexy. Yes, I did the same to her, I sniff kissed her entire body. Both of us were very happy. She smelled so good and that soft, delicate, beautiful young smooth skin is to die for.

Let her clean you. When you take a shower, she will be happy to bathe you, soap you up and rinse you off. Do not be a dummy, we all know why so just enjoy it.

I am not going to say much about the intimacy between us out of respect for her. But I will say this, you should know if she is or is not a bar girl. I have had many of both and I can tell a bar girl from a non-bar girl. That does not mean a non-bar girl will not do the same things as a bar girl, it is the way she does it and how things happen.

Being prompt and keeping promises. When you tell her or promise that you will pick her up at 8, you better be there by 8, actually, you should be a little early. If you are late, be ready, that is all I have to say about that. Keep your promises. Asian women are lovely, but do not get them mad.

Phone etiquette. When she text you, you better be ready to respond immediately. If you are late like 1 minute, to her that is eternity! She will tell you that you leave her. These Asian princesses need attention and a lot of it. Even if your cell phone dies, get on that laptop and send an email or get Viber or borrow a phone. Trust me, if you have a problem with your phone or laptop, finding a way to communicate to her will win you brownie points like the lottery. I know the western man might find the constant attention overwhelming, but for those of us who are accustomed to it, it is not a problem and I actually enjoy spoiling my princess. For those in South-East Asia, you understand why kkkkkk.

Be a gentleman. I cannot stress this enough. South-East Asian women like a gentleman. That does not mean you have to be over the top, just be respectful and treat her like a lady. Be respectful of her culture. For example, even though I would open doors for her, she expected me to go first. I felt a little strange at first, but when I see her smile as she follows me, I know I am making her happy. She has no problem with this and expects me go to first. So do not be difficult, understand and respect her. Your main job is to make her happy.

Meeting the parents. Even though I spent a lot of time with her, I did not meet her parents formally. I was only at her home 2 times and both were short visits. I only said hello to them because they did not speak English and it is just too early for a formal meeting. Funny thing, when I was at her home, I sat in her living room and when she sat down, she sat across from me, not next to me. When I asked her why she did not sit next to me, she said she could not and gave a look that basically said it all, it is forbidden. Again, you have to respect her parents home and customs. I had no issue with it. I actually thought it was a good thing. Again, very different from the Vietnamese Tale.

Touching. Ok, this subject is very important if you have a real relationship with a Vietnamese princess. The Vietnamese like touching more than you can imagine. For some western men this may be an issue, but not for me. One day we are out and I see a couple sitting at a table, they have removed their shoes and their feet are like glued together. I think, very cute and wonder why my princess has not done this. Very funny, the next day, we are sitting at a table and low and behold, she takes her feet and starts rubbing my feet. Same can be said when you are walking together, your princess should be glued to your side and either holding your hand or have her arm wrapped around you. You better be ready to reciprocate or you are going to, well, just reciprocate!

What she wants to hear. You better be prepared to tell her how special she is and that she is the only one for you. You need to make her feel like she is the only woman in your life and that she is the one for you for life. Not only do you need to say it, but you better make sure she feels it.

Does she really love me? This is the magical question for all of us. Well, I got to know one Viet man well during my time in Vietnam and he repeated what others have expressed here. To know if a Vietnamese woman really loves you, you have to wait until you die. Why? He said that even for Vietnamese men, they do not know if their wives really love them until they die. They have a saying, you will know your wife loves you if she stays with you until you die, that is when you will know that she loves you.

I think I will stop here as I have written a lot and need to take a rest. There are many things that happened that I left out, but in a follow up submission, I will say more. So compare notes to the bar girl stories vs. my girl. I did not meet her in a bar, she is educated and has a professional job. The bar girl's friends are more bar girls or bad people; my girl, all professionals. Despite knowing this girl for almost 6 months, I still have not sat down with her parents, just not the right time. When I was in Vietnam, she spent all her free time with me and there are no unsavory characters or times she disappears. No, if we are not together, we are on the phone or texting or sleeping, constant communication. Unlike the bar girl from the Vietnamese Tale, my girl was with me all the time in public and I was never at her home. She wanted to be with me and be seen with me in public, all the time. Sex in the home, absolutely not, she could not even sit next to me! Bar girls are always asking for money, sick grandma, getting robbed etc. My girl never had any such stories and never even hinted at wanting me to pay for anything. She paid for most of everything and with sincerity. Trust me when she would not take my money and told me she would feel farther away from me, I was just floored. If you could have only seen her face. I read submissions where guys meet bar girls and they say they communicate every few days. My girl, even from the west, the only time I do not communicate with her is when she sleeps and works. But I communicate with her for hours and hours and hours every single day. Every day we talk or chat until late until she falls asleep. She wakes up, she text me immediately and I better be ready. Even when she is getting ready for work, we chat up to the time she works. When she has a break, we chat. I know her schedule and she knows mine. Trust me, when she is on break, off work or at home, we are chatting. Is it a lot, you better believe it. I only get a few hours break during the day because of the time difference when she is sleeping. Then I get a few hours break while she works between her breaks. Look, if you are looking for a non-bar girl, this is what you need to do if you want a Vietnamese princess, constant communication and when you are with her, constant touching.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, but I think some Western men would not get it. But if you want the most amazing and incredible experience that no western woman can ever give you, you better be ready to give to get and I will leave it at that for now.

I will be going back in a few months and when I return, I will follow up with part 2. Until then, good luck gentlemen and I hope my submission gives you some insight into a South-East Asian princess. Am I convinced, of course not, it will take a life time, until I die.

Vietnam Prince

Stickman's thoughts:

I really do wish I was as well-educated, good looking, wealthy, smart and as incredibly knowledgeable on women in South East Asia as you are.

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