Stickman Readers' Submissions April 15th, 2014

Naivety Of A Grand Scale

As a long time reader of Stickman I have often felt like contributing but apart from my poor grammar I have thought my few trips to the Kingdom were of little interest.

After Stick recently gave a heartfelt rebuttal comment to a recent western woman basher I thought that the appalling personal position I find myself in now may serve as a reminder to what can happen to the naive, hard-working family man in
the West.

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First, a little about myself. I’m 55 years old, still running and doing gym, been self-employed most of my life, worked hard to give my two daughters a private school education (I’m uneducated) and moved from New Zealand to
Australia in 1989. I have had about 5 visits to Thailand and on the first one visited for 7 months on a B-class visa staying in Chiang Mai for the most part. I have never really found the mongering thing very fulfilling.

Anyway, my story as follows is from when I was divorced in 2001. I made the mistake of not tidying up my finances. Fast forward to August 2011 when I secured a $120,000 p/a FIFO security job in Western Australia. My ex-wife who we had been
completely amicable to this stage emails me a day before I fly home from work telling me there’s a letter from her lawyer waiting at home regarding the splitting up of our assets (four properties).

Upon my return the letter was very harsh and when I tried to ring my ex-wife I was told by one of my daughters that her mum didn’t want to speak to me. So I engage a lawyer and we 18 eighteen months fighting over the assets and finally
through forced mediation from the courts reach an agreement almost identical to the outcome proposed by my lawyer and offered 6 months earlier. Approximately $25,000 it cost me and in hindsight a lesson I needed to learn in that unless your finances
are completely signed off on then you really only have yourself to blame.

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December 2012 and all assets were rubber stamped new mortgages in place. I had a free hold property in Perth close to the ocean and a rental property with a mortgage of about $150,000 on total assets of $900,000. I was I thought about 2 –
3 years from have the option to spend my later years in the Kingdom where my rental income would have given approx 55,000 baht plus per month.

In April, 2013, (four months after property settlement) my daughter with her 2 young children visited me from Canberra on my return one week off from work. She had been having major problems with her in-laws and her husband, and we had a
wonderful 4 days here in Perth. She returned to Canberra earlier than planned, and I flew back to work.

Four days later I get a call from my daughter asking me why I did it. I’m absolutely shocked and asking do what when she says if I admit to it with three days of counselling a week for three or four years I might be able to be saved. My final words
to her were I did nothing to my granddaughter (she is 3½) and if you don’t believe me then I suggest you go to the police. Ten months later I have been charged with two counts of indecent dealing with a lineal relative. The major charge
saying that I got my granddaughter to masturbate me whilst bathing her. My lawyer is puzzled that a tiny little 3½ could actually do this. I have had my security licence revoked and can no longer work. My employer has supported me 100% but
can obviously do nothing. I had to make a deposit of $26,000 up front to enable my lawyer to take me on.

Now for anyone thinking maybe I’m just a sick fxxxer, I assure you I’m not. I love the ladies of Thailand but I don’t see three and half years olds as a sexual option full stop and my history would support that I really loved this
little girl as any grandfather would. But that means sweet nothing here I have basically been treated as guilty already. The next twelve months I will be fighting the fight of all fights trying to avoid a conviction which would lead to a certain
length of incarceration.

wonderland clinic

I truly believe that Western women of 40+ that find themselves divorced are truly a group to avoid at all cost. I think most Western women are decent when they are young but when they get older they really can get nasty. I have no doubt my
ex has played a large part in the position I find myself now in. She displayed so much animosity towards me during the nasty property dispute and was rather pissed off when at mediation she didn’t get what she wanted. Granted, my 28 year
old daughter is that of a rare type and has had major behavioural issues of the past, but she has a law degree and in her mind I’m just a sick fxxxer.

Approximately 15 years ago it was not possible for a three and half year old to bring a charge like this to the courts. Now here in Australia there’s no age limit, as long as they can answer some questions confirming true or false,
i.e. is this book red in colour, regardless of their cognitive development. Also, of all the false child sex allegations, 70% fall in the age group of between three to five because that’s the age that children are most suggestible to influence.
My daughter has had ten months to get my little grandchild to make a lovely video (yet to be viewed) so that charges could be laid, as there is no collaborating evidence because nothing ever happened.

If I can avoid being found guilty by jury later this year then I am seriously thinking of selling what assets I will have left and finding a little spot in the Kingdom, where Western women don’t frequent.

Guilty of naivety on a grand scale.

Stickman's thoughts:

Assuming these charges are made up, the person behind them up should be incarcerated for the period in which someone accused of such charges and found guilty of them would expect to spend behind bars. To wrongly accuse someone of this most heinous of crimes is vile, the work of someone evil and poisonous and one of the very worst things a person can do. To be accused of such a crime is potentially ruinous, regardless of the outcome and frankly if someone was falsely accused of such a crime, I could understand that person seeking "the ultimate revenge".

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