Stickman Readers' Submissions April 30th, 2014

A Possibly Atypical Bangkok Bargirl – Part 8 – Come Together And Then Some

I left off the last part relating how well Nat cooked for me. Nothing like a nicely done meal cooked for you by a woman who is clearly in to you. Mmm, mmm. I start to get up. Nat motions me to stay seated and takes care of the kitchen
cleanup while I watch. She catches me looking at her. That smile … I remember what Thomas said. When Nat is just about finished, I get up and walk that short distance. Just three steps. So near and yet so far. The magnetic poles of attraction.
I wrap my arms around her from behind. Nat purrs and insinuates herself into my arms. That little movement girls do. I am mesmerized. I remove the hair from the side of her neck and sniff there. Her passion comes to the surface as she turns
her face to meet mine and we, uh … we … sorry your program is being interrupted, that’s all the prurient details allowed.

Nat is definitely not thinking about her boyfriend. Neither of us are perusing the photos on the wall. But wait, she does not want to host me overnight in her apartment. I can’t say I blame her, I’m actually glad, that bed may
look comfortable, but not for two. We clean up. Step outside. It’s a nice warm evening, not too hot or humid, good for walking. I don’t know any hotels outside of the Sukhumvit or Silom or Thomas’ neighborhood areas. She doesn’t
want to go anywhere in her neighborhood. I don’t want to go anywhere near Thomas’ apartment and neither of us is interested in Sukhumvit so Silom it is. May not be that easy or that cheap as we are last minute walk-in customers.
We find some of these places want an arm and a leg. After some walking and referencing a guide book, I find a decent hotel that will only cost me an arm.

As soon as we are in the elevator we hug very closely again. Wow, this jai yen farang sure has her number. We get into the room. The clothes come off. I sense an urgency in her. Always wanting me as close to her as possible.
I give her the best that I’ve got. We eventually fall asleep in the classic spoon position. Later I wake to find my arm mostly asleep so I roll over away from her and shake my arm out. As I fall asleep again, I feel her spooning me from
behind, her body pressed close, her arm wrapped around my chest. Still later, in the early morning darkness with only the light from the street streaming through the curtains, we go again. It takes me awhile this time, but she stays with me.
Exhausted we fall asleep. Mid-morning, I wake and look over. She smiles. Everything’s alright with the world.

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Real life intrudes in the forms of plans already made. I am flying to Chiang Mai late that afternoon and have to go back to Thomas and Nong’s apartment to pack. They are not there as mentioned before so I have nothing to explain.
I don’t want to go just yet. We clean up, don our clothes from the night before. We are so famished we nearly put a small Thai restaurant out of business. I thought I was a big eater, Nat can sure put it away. Those hungry Thai girls.
I accompany Nat back to her apartment. She says “call me”. I tell her I will be returning to Bangkok later that month. That smile to go with yet another really close hug.

I have to do a brief detour here: I enjoyed Chiang Mai a lot. The touristy stuff. Chatting up the local expats. Did the visa run on a van to Mae Sai/Tachilek via Chiang Rai. The driver was actually sane and under control. That was a relief.
Toured the temples. Took a bus to Dol Suthep. I wasn’t really looking for it, but I met a nice crumpet not a working girl who shared my hotel room for the remainder of my stay after a few days of courting. An interesting one, that. Let’s
call her Ai. Ai is definitely not Isaan, I reckon she is a mix of highland Thai and Bangkok Thai. Ai was originally from someplace a few hours away from Chiang Mai, then she worked for a farang factory someplace else for several years. She
had been laid off the year before during the global economic downturn. No seniority, the factory lopped off the most expensive workers like that. So she landed in Chiang Mai at the urging of a friend. A tad further along in the smarts department
than Nat. She had more years in school and had no problem singing karaoke. Enjoyable company. A real niceness to her made her very appealing though she was not the most beautiful Thai girl out there. I swear I must have a talent for attracting
the well-behaved Thai girls given all the Stickman submissions about the crazies out there.

I might write a shorter tale about my time with Ai. Another time. Nothing so involved as this tale starring Nat. But there is one thing you readers must have noticed: just as Nat was unfaithful to her boyfriend, so I was in turn unfaithful
to her. Like that. Tiger Woods country. Sure I could have taken Nat from the boyfriend. But I could also be tempted away from her at the drop of a hat. For those of us used to Farangland ways, it can be shocking how easy that is here. Believe
you me, I thought about that one. Thought about Thomas’ position given his marriage and his son. I really understand now why he is counting the time until his job relocates him back to his preferred haunts. Nong will be dragged kicking
and screaming away from Bangkok, but that is his problem, not mine.

Time to leave Chiang Mai. I will definitely keep this city in my short list of possible retirement destinations. Ai accompanies me to the airport. As we arrive and walk in, she asks me if I have many girlfriends? Note the wording, she
is assuming there are other girls, she just wants to know if there are many of them. I joke with her, I say “pramaan saam phan hok roi!” with a smile. She jumps and yelps, gobsmacked. Hits my arm. And then smiles, knowing I am having
fun with this. So, did someone hit on her as soon as I was gone? Ai is sad to see me go, but I have her phone and email address. No idea when I return, but I promise myself I’ll be back.

But first to act on the promise to see Nat again…

To Be Continued …

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