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All Eyes On Us – Taking a 6f2” Tall Ladyboy out for Dinner in Pattaya

All eyes on us – taking a 6f'2'' tall ladyboy out for dinner in Pattaya

I would to talk in this article about the first time I took a ladyboy out to dinner.

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I will not mention this ladyboy's name, as she is well-known in Pattaya's naughty nightlife and I would like to protect her identity.

Please forgive me for using the term “her” as I know this upsets some readers who believe I should be using “him” in all references to ladyboys. I use her as a measure of respect as they are presenting as a
woman and would like to be treated and respected as such.

The first time I laid eyes on her in soi 6 I was astonished as this 6f'2'' tall (my height) 27-year old, beautiful ladyboy in high heels came prancing up to me beaming with a beautiful smile, put her arms around my waist
and lifted me up in to the air. The body of a supermodel with the strength of a man. Amazing Thailand!

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I spent time with this ladyboy over the course of a few weeks and I really liked her. She was a lot of fun to be with and I enjoyed speaking to her in both English and Thai and we both felt that we had really good rapport. The sex was
fantastic and we both always had a great time and she told me I was a really good customer for her because I was handsome, well dressed, fit and muscular and younger than her other customers and I also paid her well and treated her with respect
and dignity.

I arranged with her to meet at the bar she worked at in Soi 6 and for the two of us to go out for dinner together. No thoughts of love, monogamy, commitment or any of that guff was going through my head. I only wanted to take this person
out and have a nice dinner and a good conversation and get to know her a little better.

I shower and get dressed up and leave my hotel and make my way to Soi 6 on the back of a motorcycle taxi. I get dropped off right outside the bar she works at. I walk in, pay her barfine and off we walk into the night. I ask her what
restaurant she would like to eat at – “up to you” she says. I remind her that I am new here and I would like to know where she would prefer to eat. We walk together down Beach Road past many bars and restaurants and I
get the impression that she wants to eat at a restaurant in Central Festival Plaza so that is where we head to.

I would like to discuss the walk from Soi 6 to Central Festival Plaza. I was dressed in an expensive nicely fitted fashion shirt, black dress pants and dress shoes. She was conservatively dressed in a dress and high heels. As I walked
hand in hand with this 6f2” tall conservatively dressed physically beautiful ladyboy it felt like all eyes were on us because they were! The entire walk we were stared at by tourists and some of the looks in the eyes of these people
were priceless. The Russians looked like they wanted to kill me and were preparing to gather their forces and arm themselves to the teeth. The overweight, bitter and miserable looking Western women my age and younger that we passed had an
astonished look in their eyes – like I was committing a cardinal sin by not being with them or one of their sisters instead. How dare I choose to go against the sisterhood and use my resources for my own purposes instead of on them.
They couldn’t understand why a white, 6f'2” tall, fit, muscular and well dressed 34 year old western handsome man heading towards the peak of his attractiveness as a man (in their eyes) would dare step outside social norms
and be seen walking around town with a ladyboy. I enjoyed the looks from the western women the most because inside I thought about all the bad experiences I had accumulated over the years with them and how this was my time for fun. No longer
would I care what they thought because I knew that they only wanted to make me into a utility and a resource provider to satisfy their never ending demands for more. We received stares from men sitting in bars drinking. Some of the stares
were warm and I could tell these men were OK with what I was doing. Some of the stares were looks of disgust. Some were dirty looks. I looked around and observed that everywhere we walked we attracted attention. Some people pointed at us,
some covered their mouths and whispered to their friends about us and so on. I kept thinking to myself:

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“This is Pattaya – Sin city – why is this not accepted? These ladyboys are part of the social fabric here are they not?”

“I don’t know if I feel comfortable with this.”

I said to my partner “Are you used to attracting this much attention everywhere you go?”

She said yes – that was normal for her but we were attracting more attention because we were together and I was handsome and well dressed and most people are not well dressed in Pattaya.

Finally I thought to myself: “F*ck em – this is what I want to do and I am fine with being seen with this person and holding their hand – if other people have a problem with this then that is their problem and not

As we approached Central Festival Plaza we were spotted and stopped by two friends of my ladyboy partner – one was a Thai woman and the other a Thai ladyboy. They kept staring at me and the three of them spoke in Thai. I carefully
observed their body language and picked up some of what they were saying given my 600 hours study of the language this year. They had looks of astonishment on their faces and their body language indicated that they found me very attractive
and a good catch and how lucky their friend was to be with me. That was interesting but I anticipated this before my trip as I knew that a western boyfriend was a status symbol amongst this group of people for many reasons including money,
security, maturity and so on. As soon as I opened my mouth and introduced myself in Thai, asked them how they were going, told them I was very pleased to meet them, asked them how they knew my ladyboy partner and so on they were amazed that
I could speak Thai so well. As we said our goodbyes they turned to my ladyboy partner and the look in their eyes could only be described as “hang onto this guy with both hands – he could be your ticket out”. That body
language book by Alan Pease I studied so intently as a teenager came in very handy!

So we enter Central Festival Plaza and we go all the way to the top level to a Thai restaurant. It was really very cheap and I was surprised because I thought that I would probably be lead to Sizzler or one of the other more expensive
restaurants. We ate our meal and had a good conversation in both English and Thai. Speaking both languages was a real help to make things clear and was valuable in making ourselves understood to each other. My ladyboy partner did not speak
much English so we mostly spoke with each other in Thai. I have no regrets spending so much time this year learning Thai – it was vital in having a deeper level of cultural experiences.

After dinner we went out to play pool at a pool hall in Soi Buakhaow. I noted that we didn’t attract too much attention in that place which was great. We played a few games of pool and then went back to my hotel. This was the first
time that I had ever brought anyone back to my hotel before, as I had always preferred to use the short time rooms attached to the bars. The hotel staff and guests stared at me and one of the staff members who looked gay had a smirk on his
face. I kept thinking of the movie Pretty Woman when Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts back to his hotel and all eyes are on them:

[A well-dressed couple observe Edward and the scantily-clad Vivian as an elevator arrives.]
Vivian: Well, color me happy! There's a sofa in here for two!
[The man moves to enter, but his wife stops him. A chagrined Edward
turns to the couple.]
Edward: First time in an elevator.
Woman: Ah.
[Edward enters. The woman turns to her husband.]
Woman: Close your mouth, dear.

I learned that people stare longer if it’s a ladyboy as it takes them a bit longer to figure it out – mentally the thought must be:

“Is that a woman or a man? I think it might be a man. She is too tall to be a woman. She is very beautiful. And look who she is with…I had better stop staring and look away”.

Time it – that thought takes about six seconds. Six seconds from the initial look to the look away.

Cut to Pulp Fiction:

Winston Wolf: If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you to guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So pretty please, with sugar on top, clean the fuckin' car.
(he leaves the room)

Vincent: (to Jules) Don’t be looking at me like that, all right? I can feel your look.

I can feel it all right.

I kept wanting to shout out to people “Yes – this is a ladyboy” “Yes – I am OK with this”, “No – you don’t need to warn me” and so on. After a while it became tiresome.
Better get used to it though Pretender because this is the reality of being seen around town with ladyboys – something you have chosen to do Mr freedom and liberty lover – Mr man going his own way. I imagined walking around town
back in Sydney or Melbourne, Australia and what the reactions would be. Better learn to defend yourself Pretender if you bring a ladyboy back to your home suburb because the lovely, open-minded and respectful bogans that live beside you in
your suburb are just itching for a reason to fight and you better defend yourself faggot being seen with that freak. Fight you pussy – fight!

My ladyboy partner for the night told me that she is spending 3 months out of Thailand overseas in a country that will remain nameless. Looks like she has a sponsor there who likes her enough to fly her over to be with him. Good luck
to them. When she told me the country and area however I was shocked and told her to be very careful. What the hell is this guy thinking taking her out of Thailand to a place where she will be under constant threat just walking down the street?

Anyway – what are the lessons here from this adventure?

What can be learned about people when you are seen walking around with a ladyboy?

Lesson 1: People in general are fearful of that which they don’t understand. Gender is important and transsexuals are operating and living their lives outside gender norms and this generates fear and mistrust in many people.

Lesson 2: Be a bridge – between cultures and people. By learning the Thai language and spending a month with Thai ladyboys you have gained an understanding of these beautiful people with kind hearts who have to fight for everything
they have and for acceptance from mainstream society. It is now your responsibility to help raise the consciousness of others in your life as to the gifts and talents that the people belonging to the third-gender bring to the world. Develop
friendships with them and be proud of being seen with them and in helping them in any way you can.

All the best gentlemen!

The Pretender

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