Stickman Readers' Submissions November 22nd, 2013

Thai Time

Having just returned from another adventure known as LOS, I could not stay away with the insights and implications. As with many adventures, each has its own theme and demonstrative outtakes from the Kingdom. This one was no different. But by all accounts, they are ALL different. Do the math!

Our adventure started with the flight from around the world. Somewhere in the 26-hour range of stopping and going on flights to the tune of 9000 miles – give or take. I startled to find out our flight was going to arrive 45 minutes early…that is what the guy who claimed to be the pilot said, “45 minutes”. I panicked. This is NOT Thai time. Forty five minutes in Thai world is like a day everywhere else. Accused of always being late to everything imaginable, how would the airport respond to this dastardly early arrival?

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I immediately feared the worst. Imagine longer lines than already experienced, bags arriving hours later, airport folks ‘running’ around in dazed and confused. Early? Really? Well, it actually went like clockwork. In and out of the terminal in record time! No lines anywhere (usually a plethora of planes arrive at the same time). They were in position, fully staffed and ready. Wow. Kudos to the airport! Capture the taxi and two toll ways later in the heart of the city. Again, wow!

My adventure always seems to dwell around things that I learn on this site. Written experiences by others over the years seem to drive me to prove, or possibly disprove, generalizations and assumptions constantly presented here. Don’t get me wrong, without the trove of information on this site I would have fallen prey to many a bargirl and the musings of LOS. This site has saved me sanity, money and dignity (where possible). I know it has kept me mentally and physically safe over the years. That is why I try to reciprocate where I can, for the good of the order.

My comments during this excerpt are pretty amazing actually. Thai Time. The Thai are seldom on time for anything. Not only the airport, but two dates and a tour – Bingo! It was actually very ‘out of body’ at some points, as if watching myself from outside. It is kind of like the first experience when you saw Walking Street for the first time. It takes the air out of your lungs and you have to pinch yourself. After several trips and verifications of the Thai time, this trip was a complete reversal of every experience I have had. Really strange.

CBD bangkok

Next was the Thai bargirl. A perfect used car salesman presentation on the front end. Once you get the car off the lot you are not sure what you are going to get. Many times you can’t return it. So the Bangkok leg I end up with a bargirl (wait staff) that is young and likes to hang out with her “mother”. Now, “mom” is a very striking woman all by herself. In the end, we had a great time – karaoke, dinner, dancing and no payout. Just good people hanging out having a great time! Of course, I paid for everything, but it was actually cheaper than hanging out in a gogo bar. They took care of me and four months return to the States and no request for money from broken cows or sick farms. Nothing, but hurry back and let’s have more fun! Hmmmmm this too is a new one. Is this some new form of really long term cat and mouse – bar trick?

Went to Patts and ran into the same thing. Met a nice bargirl in the corner with her arms crossed and a grimaced look on her face. The place was empty and they were defiantly bored. I bought her a drink and the game was on. As we travelled from place to place I made a game of buying a drink for any girl with her arms crossed. Had a great time and spent the minimum allotted days authorized by the Stickmanites (no more than three) and had a great experience. It was not all about the money – or was it? No worries, mates, not in love. Again, no drama in the months after leaving. No torrid e-mails or Facebook about how a sister, brother or cousin is in need of a heart transplant or anything. Just happy genuine reports of life and interest. What the heck is going on here? Three bargirls in two cities with the same outcomes? None of this is computing.

So far, I have been to LOS half a dozen times and this site has been right on the mark with everything from scams to tricks to general daily life in the tropical land of happiness. I have seen the curtain pulled back, watched the exact results outlined time and time again on this site! Here I am in the Twilight Zone, or land of OZ, and nothing is hitting me?! OK, time for a reset. Maybe I am missing something? Maybe I need to be moved up to an advanced level of this forum. Wait, we are all here on equal ground. What the hell?

Now, for the nonbelievers – stick with Stick! This site has literally saved my life, not to mention my sanity. The preparation for my next trip is already ongoing. One item is a review of the last trip and the results. Not trying to be too analytical, but the bargirl experience and the time warping is just too much not to investigate. Maybe an anomaly? Maybe I did something different? Wiser? Older? Pick’em better? Well trained? I may never figure it out, but I am going to have fun trying!

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