Stickman Readers' Submissions July 20th, 2013

Other Opportunities For Finding A Friend

You hear ex-pats and especially tourists referring to Thai girls and saying “They are all available if the price is right.” I get so annoyed when I hear this, as nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there are lots of girls available as one-night partners or as a companion for a week or more. The vast majority of young Thai women, however, are very conservative, often very naive and the idea of them becoming involved with a farang on a temporary or permanent basis would be unthinkable for them. I work in a large organization and I am surprised how little partnering happens between the farang managers and Thai junior employees.

There are, however, possibilities that may not as obvious as those in Nana or Cowboy. The young lady with whom I have more short-time meetings than any other in Bangkok, I met at her place of work; my local supermarket. She is a cashier there and we got in to conversation while waiting for a price check one afternoon. I suggested a meeting and she has been coming to my condo about twice month for the last two years. She tells me that several of her friends have farang 'boy friends' that they met at work, but they have never even been to a pick-up bar.

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There are many girls who look with envy at the bargirls who are making money with little effort while they are working 50-hour weeks for 10,000 baht/month, but they could not bring themselves to become a bargirl. The idea of the 'meat market' and the chance of being hit on by some old, fat, disgusting farang stops them from taking this route. If they could do short-time work but have full control of things they might try it and they do look for opportunities. I see this in Pattaya more than any other place.

As I age my short distance vision is declining. Luckily both eyes are the same and I have one good pair of glasses that I keep at home and when I am out and about I carry 200 baht glasses that I buy from street vendors. Every year I like to get my eyes checked so that I can buy the correct model.

I picked an upscale optical shop in Pattaya. They all offer free testing in the hope of making a sale. I went in and said I that I would like my eyes tested, but I would prefer to pay for the testing as I was not going to purchase glasses. They waved this aside and took me to the testing room. The lady who does the testing came in. Tall, elegant, classically beautiful face, skin tight uniform—a real OMG moment. She did an excellent job and wrote down the number of glasses that I needed. Again I offered to pay and she waved it aside. I went back in to the main part of the shop and bought some cleaning material as I felt I had to spend some money there. As I was paying she and a girl-friend were walking out carrying their purses, obviously going for lunch. I immediately offered to treat them to lunch and they accepted. What a great lunch, both bright, intelligent women with good English. They claimed to be university students who had taken a year off to earn some money. When we had finished, I asked Mon, my eye-tester, if I could see her one evening. We exchanged numbers, which is often a polite way of rejecting advances. But not so, the following week we met and went for dinner. I wondered if this could lead to her coming to my hotel and she made this easier by telling me that she could not come to my hotel that evening as she was in uniform.

When we met the next week, she pointed out that she was not in uniform. Sure enough after dinner we went to my hotel room and had a great time. Money was never mentioned and to this day has never been mentioned but as she dressed I opened her purse and put money in to it. She smiled and thanked me.

From that time we met almost every week for many months as I used to go to Pattaya every Friday to play golf. We always 'dated' went for dinner, to listen to music, to Chamber of Commerce meetings, dinner with friends. I was just 60 and she was late twenties and neither of us had any illusions about a permanent relationship. Every 'date' finished with sex and a payment. She finished her degree and I paid for her to take an extra book-keeping course and she was promoted and moved to Chang Mai, her home town, to manage a shop there.

These women are the best, no coarseness, less pretence, no hysterics, I have had no demands for extra money. Look for them, the direct eye contact test is your best guide.


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