Stickman Readers' Submissions June 4th, 2013

Bilbo Baggins Does Thailand

Last marriage I played their game, I gave her EVERYTHING she asked, and I got f@#$ed over HARD. This time (2nd marriage) I demanded we go slow, the same as Thai people.

A Thai man doesn't marry a women unless he knows her a year, and he certainly doesn't buy her a house, unless he knows her a very long time I expect NOTHING less than what a Thai would bring to the table.

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The problem is that LOVE in the eye of a Thai woman is a WEAPON, that she uses, your LOVE for her is YOUR worst enemy.

At the end of the day, it's probably better to keep them guessing, to keep a relationship in the 'promotion stage' as long as you can Once she knows she has CAUGHT her fish, then she'll start demanding BIG stuff, and if you don't deliver ASAP your world crumbles QUICK.


Well, after 7 years here, and on my 2nd Thai wifehaving had many girlfriends, all professionals, (advanced degree) sure & have had many-many of occasions of else in betweens.

Here I just ramble, later I want to report about losses in detail as it's fascinating when I came here I had a rule "I WOULD NEVER MARRY A Thai GIRL". Well, they caught me 🙂

Money, even my current wife, who the first 6 months was an angel (aren't they always the in first few months), but now it's just like the last money is about the only time she talks with me.

7 long years… I speak Thai fluently, and I'm still in good shape and still good looking for a 50-year old guy and still live up country.

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Now my question for newbies is "How many houses have you bought?" My first Thai wife cost me a 1 million baht sin-sod and 3 million baht for the house. I didn't leave, I ran from the situation after 3 long years of HELL.

Sex, I came like all of for sex having not gotten any from post-menopausal farang women.

It's all here just like it was obvious all along. I have lived all over Thailand. I only hang out with Thais, I always stay far from farangs – they're dangerous.

My current wife stopped the sex suddenly about a month ago. The first year was excellent but soon 'promotion over' as Thai women like to say.

Last wife got the house that way sad 'sex will return if you build house', well I built house, and then she said "you sleep on 2nd floor, I sleep on 3rd'.

New wife wants a house now but I didn't pay sin-sod this time and I'm not going to buy any more houses. I told her that.

Girlfriend's having had a many one was even a medical doc same as always after about 3+ months of great sex it stop's cuz they want something, and they decide you ain't going to provide it.

It's all too predictable, never really tried to have a whore for a girlfriend here, as it's always too nasty about the money. Regarding the university girls that others likes to promote, I find them to boring so I focus on 25 – 35, but prefer under 40.

Most fascinating as I speak fluent Thai, is that it's the same for Thai men, I have only met a few Thai men here in all my years that say that their wife loves them. The reason that there are so many whore houses in Thailand is that most Thai men aren't getting any at home. It's normal here that once the girl gets what she wants the sex ends. That goes for everybody.

There are exceptions. If you're in the right places I guess you can beat your wife or what not but I'm not going to go there.

For a retired farang, I still like Thailand. It's a great place to ride a bike all year, and just have a beer (50 baht) with a local on a curb.

It doesn't matter what you do for Thai women – they always want more.

I can go to and have dozens of girls in any city on any visit, but after 7 years, it's always the same. Maybe this is the "game".
Sure, I can play the game, meet them, hang for a few days, enjoy great sex, make great promises and never see them again.

But gawd forbid, should you, could you decide to stay more than 6+ months with the women or live with her they will always make you crazy and wish you were alone.

I travel a lot, seen it all here, go live at wats and speak slow, and all Thais enjoy me. I stayed with my farang wife for 25 years. The problem in Thailand is, like I said Thai, men aren't happy either and that's why the majority of Thai men love their 'whiskey'. It's because behind all the smiles most of the men are broken-hearted.

If you can PLAY the game and you're not looking for love then enjoy Thailand. But if you're looking for love, the truth is very ugly.

Farangs have their game, but so do the Thai girls, and their game is get a 'thing' as quick as they can. I liken the place to a 'cargo cult'.

Regarding the assertion about curious girls versus money girls, there is no difference and even the curious migrates to money in time.

Sex in Thailand is seen as a resource. The pussy is never free, and there is always a cost.

Like the man said, the cheapest pussy in Thailand is pay for play.

Last note: In all my travels, my favorite place was Ban Phe near Rayong. Back behind the wharf there are dozens of whore houses, and they're all full of beautiful Myanmar girls for 300 baht. Never see a farang there, but they let me pay the Thai price.

Like when I came here all the experts advise of such after 2 Thai wives I have spent probably 5 million baht for very little pussy. That money could have bought soapys for life.

The best sex I have ever had in Thailand after my time here was from girls in Cowboy, takeaway girlfriends, 1,000/day, and unlimited sex and lots of fun. Thai wives tend to have more excuses not to have sex than farang wives!

If you want to learn about Thailand, then learn about Thai men and understand why they go outside for sex so then the issue comes down to keep a woman home for what? Most Thai men after 50 live alone if they have the financially ability.

Remember Thai men have a better advantage over farangs, and know more than us, and they get screwed over 90% of the time, so the farang has no chance at all to have REAL LOVE.


Let's cut to the chase, a Thai woman with a farang is seen as an act of desperation by Thai society.

Even a good girl will always be embarrassed to be with a farang. My opinion is that farangs are chosen for money, and power, as in their view they can control a farang. Thai men don't like to be controlled.

I remember a Thai male friend asked me about my first wife. "Can you control her?" I didn't know how to reply, as a farang I never think to control a woman.

Well now I know post divorce that that woman controlled me like a fiddle, and I never controlled her.

A wise Thai man will tell you NEVER take a Thai woman you cannot control because you will lose. They will take it all.

Generally a Thai woman that allows herself to be controlled does so for lack of confidence, or economics or whatever but it's essential for a man to have CONTROL otherwise the Thai woman will NOT respect you. In Thai culture once the woman doesn't respect you, that's when she takes you to the cleaners and cheats.

Of course not all 'cheat'. My current wife doesn't cheat, and my last Thai wife didn't cheat; all made it clear post marriage they hated sex no thought in their mind to find sex, they only want money. If they were to 'cheat' it would never be because they enjoyed sex, only be a business action to catch a new fish.

Probably the most common relationship cycle in Thailand is you meet the woman, and give her what she wants, and then she shits on you, and you leave her, and she repeats the act with another man. It's an endless cycle.

For me I always go into a relationship with a fixed budget here, and once that's HIT, that's it, and of course the SEX stops. But what else can you do, they'll clean you out, not on purpose, just by habit.

The house is NEVER big enough, the car is never new enough, their skin is never white enough. For a BUDDHIST culture, the inability to sit in an empty room (Pascal on Oriental's) is crazy.

The happiest farangs I have met in my 7+ years living continuously in Thailand, are farangs that live alone.

No offense to Stick. I have read occasionally and never posted before. Someday I would like to tell my HORROR story but being FREE is so happy for me and I don't want to dwell on the past.

Stick quite often apologizes and says OH, bar girl or OH bad but both my Thai wives came from GOOD families, and both had Master degrees and everything PERFECT.

But deep inside, I always see the same recurrence is NOTHING you do makes them happy, and they always want more. They're always sad.

Even when they have a GOOD JOB, and their own money, they always want YOUR MONEY. I can live in Thailand on 100 baht/day happy as a PIG (I live very far north :)) and almost all Thai women I know spend 1000 baht likes it's rubbish.

That's why at the end of the day it's best to live alone, and its best to RENT, if you need sex.

I know for myself I have 100s of interests – guitar, math, music, hiking, biking, martial arts etc.

What I find in Thai women is the ONLY interest is 'white skin'. They're never seen reading books, rarely have hobbies. Why I'm saying this is because BOREDOM is the root of all evil.

I'm happy as a pig to drink a 50 baht LEO everyday, play my guitar, ride my bike, and say hello to the locals in town. Work on math problems, take a nap, work out in the morning, take a long bike ride at 5 PM.

But the girls are always worried about what people think and worried that they don't have enough.

I'll sign off, I look forward to POSTING some stories about HELL. I have much to say about HELL – I lived with the devil for 3 years 🙁

All I can say to fellow FARANG is when you first meet her, or at any time in the relationship, if something is wrong or doesn't seem right, LEAVE! Don't wait, LEAVE. The WORST thing that farangs do here is stay too long and wait for HER to KILL them, or the FAMILY kills you. My last wife, one of her brothers talked about killing me. I mentioned that to my lawyer and he said "Did you go to the police". I told him they were the police. 🙂 The lawyer quit asking questions.

GOD forbid don't PAY SIN-SOD and DON'T build her a house cuz then you will stay too long. I'm of the opinion now if she's good and sweet for say 3 years, ok I'll build a little 1 million baht house but there is NO way in hell that I'll build a house that's NOT in my name for someone I just met. We would NEVER build homes for other people in our country, WHY DO WE DO THIS HERE?

The way Thai women play the game is they make you miserable so you leave – that's how they SAVE FACE. But only after they get the gold, phone, bike, car, and the house.

A Thai WOMAN is a MASTER in making a HELL in a man's mind. I have had old Thai man friend tell me long ago to leave, and I didn't finally when I did leave this old 80 year old doctor said to me "If you don't leave now your mind will die" hard stuff, but he had traveled the world and was Thai, and seen it all. His opinion is so long you have your mind you can travel and be happy.

A Thai woman is like a SNAKE think COBRA with venom that can destroy a man's mind, and reduce his self-confidence to zero. Didn't happen to me because I'm tough as shit. But I have seen 100s of FARANG reduced to drunken worthless, broken idiots in my years here, living all over Thailand too broke to even return to the home country. Most blokes here lose it all in the first 6 months. They go upcountry from Pattaya, build a house, and BAM the 'brother' (ex-husband) moves in. The sex stops and the next thing you know you're asked to leave. Think it only happens to guys who marry whores? NOPE seen it happen to too many.

I love Thailand. I love Thai culture. I love to live at wats, I speak Thai I like all that is Thai, I simply have found that Thai women are HARD-WIRED to mind f@#$ men.

SEX we talk about sex, we come here for sex but its funny that PUSSY POLITICS is an art here, I used to joke that when I saw my ex-wife's snatch I saw her mouth, good for me the mere sight turned me away. She taught me to HATE pussy 🙁


I still love Thai woman and eventually when I have to leave my current Thai wife I'll find another, as even now DAILY I'm asked 'You have girlfriend?' You're never a day away from a new woman in this country but smart guys live alone. Go figure, I came to Thailand for sex, and now it's not so attractive.

A good relationshop and a loving Thai woman can create incredible JOY, but in the same day they can rip you apart. My last Thai wife liked to say "I like to make men crazy" – a very honest Thai woman! I should have taken her word the first year. Yes, she did like to drive me crazy. She loved it when I lay on the ground crying and writhing in insane wanting to RUN AWAY from a bad situation.


My current Thai wife thinks that if she makes me crazy she can get more money. The funny thing is they'll stay with you so long as they think they don't have it all yet they never take your word they always think "IF HE LOVES ME I CAN GET MORE MONEY"

Personally I never fell for this argument if a woman loves you she gives you sex, and vice versa.

I have 100s of Thai men friends and have had this conversation enumerable times, but it's clear that ALL Thai women from all social classes FEEL that their PUSSY has economic value.

In farang we have sex for fun, and the boy / girl just screw because they're attracted, but EVERY time a Thai girl screws there is an agenda, a PLAN.

The HARD-WIRING farang/Thai is so different..

Even Thai man is same as us. They just want to get their rocks off.

Thai women tend to be very careful about who they screw and they always have a plan. The trouble is the sex always starts quick and is always FUN but once they decide they're finished 'PROMOTION TIME', they can make you hate quick. One day your the happiest man on earth, the next day your wishing you were never born.

Another thing: living younger in a FARANG country, I would have NEVER put up with any of this kind of SHIT, but we're in their country, and here we have to put up with the shit to get the pussy (while it lasts), but if I was still back in the farang country, and our women were like this I would have quit pussy at 16 years of age.

I guess we come here for sex, and we try to beat the system and by the definition of insanity just keep doing the same think over & over, until we drink our self to death.

Lucky for me its just one beer a day.

In general I find I hate the bar scene after the first year here. If I have to have sex, I suppose I would just go to PATTAYA soi6 and get to business, with no bullshit. Seems like anywhere else it's all bullshit. I hate Chiang Mai and Bangkok but I do like Hua Hin. 🙂

I'm an optimist, until I die here I'll keep looking for the HOLY GRAIL (a Thai girl that loves me), but from everything I have studied, there is some kind of hard-wiring, that they're incapable of LOVE in the sense of our way of thinking. A man for a Thai woman just makes her a baby, and then 'take care of her'. (MONEY)

"ESSENTIALLY Thai WOMEN DON'T TRUST MEN" but this is the problem, this lack of trust prevents permanent real love.

Of course it's only after we come here that we learn that Thai women really don't like sex that Thais have sex much less that US or other farang country's, that if you really want sex, you should go to South America where folks (women) love sex. (Brazil is a sex paradise, Thailand is NOT)

The problem is that Thai women are taught that SANUK (fun) is bad and ergo sex is bad and sex over 40+ is very very ugly blah

The problem is the window under 30 years they're too boring, and over 40.. they're slowing down the window is very narrow here.


I always hear this stuff about 'success' but like I said, even after interviewing many Thai men the consensus is always the same and that it's not normal for a Thai man to live with woman that loves him. So what in the HELL can a farang expect? How can we expect to find the elusive LOVE here, when even Thai men can't find it?

The fact that Stick alludes he has found permanent love good for him.

I stayed in HELL with my last Thai wife 3 years and now I'm in the first year with the NEW, I'll try but how long can I stay in a sexless marriage? For what?

They want you to cheat, that's the game but I live in a small town not an option, not my habit.

Last marriage I played their game, I gave her EVERYTHING she asked, and I got f@#$ed over HARD. This time I demanded we go slow, the same as Thai PEOPLE.

A Thai man doesn't marry a women unless he knows her a year, and he certainly doesn't buy her a house, unless he knows her a very long time I expect NOTHING less than what a Thai would bring to the table.

The problem is that LOVE in the eye of a Thai woman is a WEAPON, that she uses, your LOVE for her is YOUR worse enemy.

At the end of the day, its probably better to keep them guessing, to keep a relationship in 'promotion stage' as long as you can once she knows she has CAUGHT her fish, then she'll start demanding BIG stuff, and if you don't deliver ASAP your world crumbles and QUICK.

Stickman's thoughts:

I might agree with the odd point, but many of your generalisations are just that – generalisations – and as such while they may be true for your experiences, they're not necessarily going to be true for others. I don't know what sort of people you've met along the way, but it seems to me there were some questionable folks. Too much time spent in Pattaya, perhaps?

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