Stickman Readers' Submissions May 11th, 2013

The Love Boat

For fans old enough to remember, The Love Boat was an American television series in the seventies and eighties. Most recently, I heard it as term to describe the Bangkok to Angeles flights from Tiger or, rather, SEA Air.

Normally, at on at least the two occasions I flew it from Thailand to Clark in the past month, the flight is dominated by elderly men seeking the inexpensive warmth of the Philippine ladies they can talk to and experience as much GFE as they can digest. The night and day contrast to Pattaya seems to be coming more into focus for punters like this old boy.

He Clinic Bangkok

Sometimes we hear and see only what we want to I suppose. Isn't that human nature? After ten years of playing this game with pretty much official commercial sex workers, one can see differences in service and, by this age, hopefully one has few illusions about what sort of transaction is actually happening.

To get the big contrast served up, I decided to go to the latest rage Walking Street gogo bar Sensations a few nights after returning to my home base in Pattaya. Man, there are sure a big number of self-adoring trophy young Thai girls. For me, it is best if they refrain from speaking as I find that ruins the fantasy their appearance can create. "How long you stay Thailand?" and other such sales person qualifiers leaves me bored and wondering how I can get her to leave. Usually, a mai ao kap and waving her away works. Unless, she is more desperate and then I get a waitress to tell her to look for greener pastures. But, hey, she is just working and doing her job. We want to respect all people in life, but after sometime we would like it returned. Buying several drinks for a girl for 500 – 1,000 baht and then contemplating a 1500 barfine for an experience likely to be cold and hurried and another 2,000 short time fee or whatever amount her guile is seeking is something a non tourist has little interest in enduring.

Yeah, I know my attitude is poor, but I come by it honestly. Those morning breakfasts in Angeles sitting upstairs at Phillies meeting other older sexpats seem to be consistently ripe with men expressing their being fed up with the attitudes in Thailand. It isn't only the huge price difference (and it really is unless you want to try lower Fields and it's attempt to duplicate Pattaya's Walking street with their own version), it is the willingness to communicate and the obvious acceptance that you too are a human being rather than the perception one gets from uneducated Thai girls who seem to believe we are sub-human. We were good enough for Thai girls it seemed in the early 2000s, but now it seems they have enough customers that we are not important. Part of me says, ok, good for them. But, I like passion or at least a moderately convincing performance.

CBD bangkok

Have some of you other boys been hearing about those FK places in Europe now? They sound like nice spas with beautiful girls and prices lower than Pattaya, or Bangla Road, or Soi Cowboy, or many of the local venues. Men tell me they spend a hundred Euros in a full day of pleasure with food and fun in those places and the girls are excellent. None tell me the girl wants to watch channel 7 and for you to hurry and finish.

Maybe I am lucky to be getting older and the sense of urgency gratefully is waning. Now, at 67, going to the sin strips is not an every night crusade as it once was for this writer.

Now, I know many westerners are not here, or so they say, for the reasons I discuss. I guess they like struggling with an Asian tonal language and not ever being accepted. So, to them I offer my apologies for the subject matter, and I hope any delicate sensibilities are not offended. But, when I see foreign men in their 50's and 60's offering a wai to a 20-year old hottie, I wish I could tell him to wake up and smell the coffee.

So we came here for female warmth and that girlfriend experience, but now many of us are going elsewhere on vacations from Thailand which is beginning to feel like where we came from a decade ago. It is not only about money, at least it is not for myself and many others. We are waiting for the infrastructure to improve, and it is, in both the Philippines and Cambodia.

wonderland clinic

But all is not lost. Today is Saturday and the Kinaree serves up outrageously good food and the clean atmosphere full of freelancing beauties is on the agenda today! Feeling fresh from avoiding Walking Street last night and Viagra makes it look like a nice afternoon in a classy brothel today.

It ain't over yet here. But, like the great investors say, "the trend is your friend" and it is not trending in a good direction with Coyote girls, contempt for farang, and hyper overpricing.

So, that 's my rant and I am sticking to it, unless a miracle comes along today – and it just might.

Going to have to transition my attitude or move on, it seems.

I guess things could be much worse, I could be living in the homeland! Ok, I will stay longer and will try and be a good guest.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's interesting to hear the thoughts of someone who has really enjoyed the industry and who I think it's fair to say has been a serious player now finding that the allure just isn't there, at least here in Thailand. Such comments are heard more and more from those who have been around a while. Still, first-time visitors seem to enjoy themselves immensely…

I'm glad I had my fun years ago.

nana plaza