Stickman Readers' Submissions May 21st, 2013

Response to: Totally I Fell in Love

Yes, you are stupid to believe she loves you. Most Thai girls can cry on demand, they will tell the Farang they love him, they will act so convincingly that they really care about him and the Farang in most cases will believe this innocent sexy cute and feminine Thai lady. Farangs are nothing but walking ATMs to most Thai men and women. MOST Thais just think of us that way, it is in their culture. Again, most Thais, not all.

I have dated regular girls (4 now) and hi-so girls, (2 now) and taken out tens and tens of bar girls. "MY Experience" with all of them is the same…. They want money and more money… Sure, they will like you or they even believe that they love you (and for sure you will believe they love you too) but the bottom line is this : money!

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The bargirl wants to send money home to support her Thai kid / kids and her mom and dad, lazy brother and her drunken, druggy gambling Thai boyfriend.

The middle income working girls want a new iPhone, nice make up, some nice cloths and may be a car.

The hi so girls already have a car, want a LV bag, Chanel perfumes, a condo <a hi-so girl will already have a condo so the girls you were dating weren't hi-so at allStick>, travel to the west and maybe get a millionaire idiot to marry them and support them for life. They can now show off to their family and friends that they have "made it big time".

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Thai society, generally speaking, is all about showing off. It is a facade society. Look at their movies, series and commercials… It is all the same, showing off white, beautiful silicone nosed / chinned Thai girls driving nice cars and living in spacious condos…

I have lived here for about two years and been coming for visits for over 5 years. I have Thai friends from all walks of life, including two friends who are connected and very rich. One of them, my best friend, past away in a tragic accident. He was a rare man in that he was very rich but was very nice and hardly showed it off. All the others I know are rich and they show off and brag about it to the lower class Thais. They never do that to me the farangs, but I have seen how they treat lower classed Thais. Oh and by the way, 100% of these men, including my rich friends daily driver / errands boy have one or more gigs (girls on the side) AND on mia noi (2nd wife). The driver, who is not rich by most Thai standards (he makes 10k a month), had one girlfriend and TWO gigs

If you believe your bargirls loves you, you are an idiot. They love the 200,000 baht you spent on her in less than a few weeks. That was more money than most Thais make in years…she got it in a few weeks of opening her legs and making you feel good.

She will never leave the bar business. Bar girls, in my opinion, are completely damaged goods once they go into the bar business. They are but an empty shell that hunts for money and nothing else. Sure, they are nice and friendly and cute and sexy, but that is how they get the feminized Farangs to give them money in exchange for 20 minutes in bed….

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Don't get me wrong, I have also seen Thai men, older rich Thai ugly men, do similar things as Farangs do i.e. support a "gig" for a long time. One my of my rich Thai friends had been supporting a beautiful Thai girl since 15 years old and now thru university. The three of us were having dinner at a nice restaurant. He introduced me to her and he asked me to convince her to speak some English. She can speak it but was very shy…We spent a couple of hours having a great time. I got her to open up and speak some English and she was very happy to do so. She was in her final year at a famous university in Bangkok. My Thai friend had to go to the bathroom. The moment he disappeared into the WC, she had her hand on my leg and gave me her phone number! I could not f@#$ing believe it! He is one of my best friends, and she knew it, and here she is hitting on me. She was beautiful and I would have shagged her in a minute, but she was my best friend's gig and I lost any and all respect for her….I never called her. That was a turning point for me about MOST Thai girls….

Again, I am not saying all Thais are like that, but for me, it painted a sad picture. And so far, after about two years of living here (18 months out of 24 months), I still experience the same thing with regular girls, hi so girls and of course bar girls.

If you think it is my choice of women, so be it. I mingle with Thais of all walks of life, I am NOT an expert, I have not lived here for 20 years, but so far, I have stated my experiences and so far it ain't pretty…

Am I complaining? Yes, I am but I have the right to speak about what I do not like in ANY country I live in. I am from the west, and I do complain about my own country stupid things, but I still love my country and I vote…LOL! So, I have the right to complain about Thailand's stupid things just like I have the right to speak fondly of Thailand's great things such as, ironically, their women and their food!

I come to Thailand and I spend money here, as millions of tourists / expats do. We contribute to Thailand's economy, hence I believe we have the right to complain.

So, back to you Mr. Farang who totally fell in love with a bar girl…BIG MISTAKE….never ever fall in love with bar girl nor with a regular girl UNLESS you live in Thailand with her 24/7 and can keep an eye on her…I guarantee she will stray on you the moment you go back to your country. Sure, you may find one that really loves you with her heart and body, but she will still open her legs to make more money weather she is a bar girl or a girl who is seeking to "step up" financially in her own little micro world with her family and friends…

This is harsh I know, but the subs on this site and many other sites seem to point to the same ramblings. Again, there are exceptions to all the rules, but as I said here before, I am talking generally speaking and this has been MY experience, yours may vary!

So, Mr. Farang, get over it, leave your bar girl in the bar. There are thousands of more beautiful girls to have in Thailand. But be prepared to be deceived, lied to, and to fall in love with these beautiful brown skinned Thai ladies. You have been warned!!

Best of luck to you…

Stickman's thoughts:

I agree that bargirls are generally the worst options when it comes to a relationship.

I think you've made the classic mistake so many make of projecting your bad experiences with a very specific type of girl (who I would describe as farang-hungry (exactly the type of woman I warn people against getting involved with)) on to the entire population. You've dated a small sample of women and you admit that most of them were hookers. What do you expect?!

My experiences dating Thai women have not mirrored yours at all. There were a good number I have dated who would have made as good a life partner as one could hope to find. I never dated a hooker, and I was aware that the best Thai women are NOT those found on websites or in bars (non-naughty nightlife venues) or who have had a string of Western boyfriends.

In summary, you've spent a lot of time with exactly the type of women that should be avoided. If you really do want a genuinely nice girl to be your girlfriend, a new approach is necessary.

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